Feel the Voltage of the Power of Love

David Karchere

What a simple thing! The primal experience of allowing the heart to soften so that it can receive the fire of Love! And so that the waters of the emotional body may thaw, and things may flow in the human experience. That process is supremely relevant to our relationship with the very source of Love, the fire of Love that burns in each of us. This is not a matter of imagination—it is a matter of Reality. There is the power of Universal Love in the atoms of our body. We know that the power held in one atom is tremendous. And what else is that but the power of Universal Love, burning in us?

And yet, for that Universal Love to be relevant to our conscious awareness, we have to open consciously. Why? Because we are conscious Beings, and that is how we work. And if something meaningful is going to happen for us, we have to open to it consciously. And so there has to be an openness of heart and mind to let Love in.

Of course, the power of Universal Love is there all along. The atomic power did not stop just because we were not aware of it. But to let it into our experience, we have to open our hearts to it.

Here is this primal aspect of the human experience—to receive Love and to give it. Both are such an honor. It is an honor to be Loved. And it is an honor to offer Love.

It is an honor for another human being to let you Love them. If we do not let other people Love us, we deny them the privilege and pleasure of that experience. If we do not bring the current of Love to the people in our lives, there is so much missing for them and us. And all the other wonderful things that can happen in our human life tend not to happen, and then even if they do, we don’t appreciate them.

It is hard to appreciate if the heart is cold. When the fire of Love has warmed the heart and something is flowing, we can appreciate all the wonder of what unfolds in life.

Do you ever have an experience with another human being of perceiving some kind of blockage? Perhaps you are feeling the flow of Love and appreciation, and they don’t seem to be. And you start to wonder, what is happening? I had an experience like that yesterday. And so, simply to understand what was happening and perhaps help the person undo whatever was blocked and allow the fire of Love to work its magic, I asked myself, What is happening? And here is the thought I had.

I think sometimes people decide that they would rather live in the victimhood of not being loved than to be loved. Because if they can live in that victimhood, they can hold it against other people that they have not been loved, or they have not been Loved right. At least in their own mind, they assume some kind of power and control over other people. And they think that that is preferable to letting Love in. Or perhaps they feel protected from all the risks of loving and being loved.

I do not pretend to really know what is going on for anyone but me. But I am curious, and I try to understand so that perhaps I can assist a person in loosening what has become twisted and bound in their experience.

I have had phone calls with my brother and both my sisters individually over the last couple of days. There is stuff up in my family, and it is all going to a wonderful place. I can report that pretty blatantly and explicitly; my brother and both of my sisters just told me they love me. In the middle of whatever is sorting itself out and whatever had gotten knotted up and twisted in our relationships, they pretty much said flat-out, I love you.

Wow. Can you take that, Dave? Just let it in.

It is not often when it seems like that is the thing to say to another person, right? It seems just a little too explicit to say I love you. And they might think, “Why are you telling me that?”

And yet, is it not important to find ways to open up the flow of Love to the heart, from us to another person? Living through a pandemic with lockdowns, masks, isolation, and all the rest, it becomes more difficult to show people you love them in all the simple, usual ways. And maybe we resort to just being explicit about it because we do not have all the usual kindnesses that we might show to another person: a touch, a glance, or a casual word.

We are conscious human beings, and to allow the power of the universe to be at work in our universe, there has to be a deliberate openness to let it happen and let it move. And when it does, you can feel the voltage of that in the circuitry between us.

When that circuitry is fully functioning, it feels pleasurable and wonderful. You can feel the voltage of the power of Love. But beyond that, this is the power of Creation flowing through us. Our life then revolves around that flow instead of around all that has become twisted and blocked among us as human beings.

So don’t you want to create the conditions in yourself necessary for that creative flow?