Primal Spirituality, Table Mountain and the White Lion

Primal spirituality is spirituality before religion. Before there ever was a religion, before there ever was a spiritual path or a spiritual journey, there was primal spirituality. It is the knowing of our being, the knowing of who we are, the knowing of our place in the universe, and our role as an embodiment of the Creator in the Creation.

How is it that we, as humanity, have been robbed of our primal spirituality and have the very poor substitute for it, religion? What would it mean for us to again own our primal spirituality, our own pristine nature as an embodiment of the Creator in the Creation?

Primal spirituality is pristine spirituality. We often think of nature as being pristine. By definition, the earth is a very dirty place. And yet it is, at the same time, pristine—even with all its rotting leaves and other decaying plant life. Even with all the manure from all the animals. Nature is pristine.

The truth of the human experience is also pristine. But how many people really know it? Can you view your own emotional realm as pristine? There may be things rotting in there. There may be all kinds of storms; lots of transformation occurring. But just because there are storms and transformation in nature does not take away from the pristine quality of the natural world. The same is true for a human being.

I have been reviewing my own human experience and observing the experience of people that I meet. I have been reviewing the fact that, for most people, the function of their own humanity is a mystery to them. The workings of their own heart and mind often baffle them and they feel great shame about what they think and feel. The knowing of who they are and their place in the world is mostly a mystery to them. Their relationship with the universe is a mystery. The primal spirituality that is the true normal for us as human beings has somehow been taken away—and there is instead a belief in a power and in wisdom that is outside a person.

There is a belief in the power of big government and big business. There is a belief in the power of the Illuminati or in some elite in some hidden place. And for some, there is a belief in the power of aliens, astrology or unembodied spiritual entities that determine the course of our lives.

There is faith in the knowledge held by the institutions of our world—the universities, the religions and the scientific community—and the belief that their knowledge is the most important knowledge and that for most of us it is impossible to possess it. For many, there is a belief in some almighty god who holds all the power and does not give us any, and lords it over us; and then when we die, he decides how good or bad we have been, in his judgment, and sends us to heaven or hell, or sends us back to earth for another try because we did not perform well this time.

I am not commenting on whether any of these things exist. I am questioning the deep-seated belief that there is something outside ourselves that holds the wisdom and power that is the primary influence in our lives and that we, as human beings, do not. That is superstition, the ultimate enemy of primal spirituality in the human experience.

This dictionary defines superstition this way:

A belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation.

It was that last phrase that really caught my eye:

…a false conception of causation.

Any conception of causation that gives ultimate power to what is, for you, outside of you, or for me outside of me, is a false conception of causation, because the greatest power in our life is within us. Teachings of all kinds, from the academic and scientific to the philosophical, the religious, and the spiritual, often become teachings of disempowerment through which people learn to believe in a causation for their own life that is outside themselves and not within them, and not accessible to them. Even true teachings of primal spirituality get turned and twisted. Think of what Jesus said. The kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Not later. Not after you die. Not in a power outside of you. Within you and at hand.

The truth is that the biggest factor in the fulfillment of a human life is the expression by that person of the potential that is within them. Any teaching that displaces a person’s confidence in that potential with a “false conception of causation” for their life is superstition, no matter how rational it sounds. It is a disempowering teaching and it is not primal spirituality. Primal spirituality brings people to an experience of their own power and wisdom. That experience confirms for us that if anyone or anything has taken our freedom, it is because we have given it up.

Any true teaching and any true religion is one that leads people to know the empowering truth within them and within all Creation. So Emissaries of Divine Light, wherever we are around the globe, are bringing primal spirituality to the world, along with anyone who shares this vision. An Emissary of Divine Light is one who knows freedom and who shares that knowing with the world.

I have spent the past two weeks in Cape Town, in South Africa. This place is called alternatively Cape of Storms and Cape of Good Hope. It is both. It has not stopped blowing since I got here. So it is the Cape of Storms, which I take to mean it is the Cape of Transformation. A storm transforms, and there certainly has been a storm of transformation occurring for people in this place. Because it is a Cape of Transformation, it is also the Cape of Good Hope. We stand here at the foot of Africa, bringing transformation and therefore bringing good hope to the world.

When the spirit of the white lion ascends Table Mountain and proceeds from here, at the foot of Africa in the Cape, and ascends up through this continent, Africa will awaken to its primal spirituality. And when Africa awakes, this whole world will awaken to the truly normal and rightful experience for all humanity.

This is the work that we are about. This story of the white lion is an allegory for the emergence of primal spirituality in all the world.

David Karchere
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