You Are a Power of Creation

(This week’s Pulse of Spirit is from a transcript of a Wednesday night service that David offered at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, USA.)

I’d like to introduce what I would like to say tonight by saying that this is a serious message for people who are serious about what we’re doing here together. I hope it will be inspiring and invitational, but I hope more that the gravity of what I’m speaking about is heard and understood and known.

I want to start with this: You are a force of Creation. You carry cosmic creative power with you in your life and, whenever you engage in your world and whenever you engage with other people, you are bringing yourself as a power of Creation to that other person and to your world; and that power that you bring is specific to you. Through a human lifetime there is a common thread to that power that is maybe emblematic of who you are and what you are bringing to the world in your lifetime. It also true that in different situations there are different powers of Creation you are bringing.

We live in a holographic universe. The implication of that for humanity as a whole is that all the powers of Creation relative to this world are being represented. And at the same time, for you as an individual and for me, all the powers of Creation are present and available to us for living a creative life.

There are seven billion people on Planet Earth, so we can say there are seven billion powers of Creation. But for the purpose of this consideration, I’d like to summarize all the diversity of power that is available because we don’t have time to talk about seven billion different powers. So understanding that all power of Creation is a manifestation of one power, there are essentially two powers of Creation that come together to bring life. Those two powers of Creation we can name as love and truth. We can also name them as the great heart of the universe and the great mind of the universe. Those come together in our heart and our mind, and if we’re going to be a whole live human being we have to be able to let those powers come together in us. Those powers of the universe have to come together in humanity, and holographically in us, if the only answer for our life and the life of humanity is to be given.

The only answer for our life and the life of humanity is a spiritual answer. There is no fulfillment of a human life, there is no fulfillment of humanity on any other basis. You can’t figure it out; you can’t be smart enough all by yourself. The power of great love and great truth have to come together to bring the spiritual answer. That answer is a mystery until it is brought. When it is brought, there is the actual working of spirit through human consciousness and through all of the human facility, which impacts the field for which we have responsibility.

Giving this spiritual answer involves not only doing the accurate things from a practical standpoint in our living of life; it involves something spiritually coming through consciousness—the power of life being born because truth and love come together. So it is not just doing the right things practically. It is the dominion of truth and the power of the Holy Spirit that come through the heart. It is the union of those things together, the intelligence and control and dominion of truth coming into the great heart, so that together they can give birth to life.

Through our expression as human beings, the Holy Spirit can come into our field. There is no making right of this world and fixing the ozone layer and rising temperatures and everything else on the planet without the Holy Spirit coming through and the energy of that vibration shifting the patterns in the world in which we live. That is not to deny the practical things that we do to be an instrument of that power. Nonetheless, there is no peace on earth without the Holy Spirit coming through humanity and enfolding all of humanity and coming into all humanity. There is no encompassment of this valley and all the things it contains solely because we put up solar panels or choose not to use chemicals. There are many practical things to be done, I’m not denying that. I am saying that without a spiritual answer there is no encompassment, no proper stewardship of this valley or of the larger world. There has to be a spiritual answer.

I see a great resistance by human beings to accept a spiritual answer. We are so quick as human beings to go to answers that are available in the culture at large, or answers that come from our own supposed human brilliance. And so the answer that is essentially spiritual in nature is all too often ignored. You could well say, Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. The spiritual answer is available from within ourselves, but so often it is not accessed.

Many years ago Martin Cecil wrote an article that was published in a local paper and then turned into a booklet. It was called Spiritual Orientation. Martin was underlining the point that there is no answer to the problems of the world except for spiritual orientation. I take notice of the fact that even in a place like this, where there are words that give expression to the one answer for humanity, there is water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink for someone who is ignoring that water. This doesn’t mean the truth isn’t available. It is always available from within us. The fact that it is available is made plain by the expression of those who know this truth. But it is possible to hear or read words that express it and still be spiritually deaf and dumb.

In a men’s meeting a few weeks ago, I spoke about One Lord—a risky topic in today’s culture, full of the opportunity for misinterpretation. There is going to be an altar call here in a moment! I took great pains to say exactly what I meant. I said that there is ultimately one God throughout the universe, that all of Being comes to focus; that we as human beings serve, whether we know it or not, one reality of Being. I’m not talking about a religious God in any respect, although I have no problem if a religious person comes to know this truth. Not only is there One Lord above us all, but there is One Lord in all of us. The Lord who I am and the Lord who you are is, in truth, One Lord. Differentiated yes, so there is a unique individualized aspect within each of us. But it is still one Lord, one Being. When we know that for ourselves, we know that there is one truth of all of Being, one pattern of Being, one truth that we all share, and there is one love that we share. People want to know one love. They have even written songs about it. But there is no experience of one love among people who experience themselves as separate. As a human instrument, we’re made for the coming together of one love and one truth in ourselves. In relationship to each other, we are designed to come together, to bring one love and one truth, so that we can give birth to one life.

This leads me to this question: As a power of Creation, do you find the powers of Creation coming together in yourself so that you are giving birth to life? Do you find yourself coming together with other powers of Creation coming through other people? There is a coming together that has to occur. I’ll give you the alternative. The alternative is distrust, suspicion, accusation, disparagement, vilification, defensiveness and shaming. Shall I go on? You probably know the list. What happens when we know one love and one truth because we know One Lord—one presence of Being that we share in common with everyone? We move from being alienated by the distinctions that are present to being curious about how the diversity amongst us can come together to create something great.

We move from a foundational assumption that there is something wrong with somebody else to a foundational assumption that they are a power of Creation and that there is a reason that they are here. And even if the way that power of Creation is coming through them is inaccurate in some way on the surface, nonetheless, underneath that expression that may be coming out inaccurately, there is a power of Creation. Underneath it all, the Creator is at work. I am innately curious and innately interested in coming together with that power, because I have something to create with that person. I may have something to create at a practical level with that person. Maybe we have a job to do. But, more importantly, we are here to do something spiritual together and to allow something to come through our joined consciousness.

I believe I have the power to make any one of you in this room here wrong. I can certainly do so in my own consciousness. I have the ability to make you wrong and to make you bad. I also have a gift that the Creator gives freely and can give freely through me. It is the gift of forgiveness, which also brings the gifts of insight, of understanding and of intercession, which is the ability to intercede in the negativity that may be going on for another person and allow their experience to change.

I had a conversation earlier today with a friend to look at some practical possibilities. In the middle of the conversation it seemed right to acknowledge that however the practical things worked out, we were doing something together right then. Here tonight, we are creating right now. We don’t have to be out on a backhoe or with a shovel or in the kitchen or at a computer to be creating. We’re creating right now in consciousness. We’re allowing the one spiritual answer to come through consciousness and create something beautiful in the world. I hope what I am saying will become useful tomorrow. But we are creating right now. We always have that opportunity. Water, water everywhere and we’re drinking it! I am a power of Creation. How about you? I have an instinct to come together with the people who are meant to be with me and with whom I am meant to be, so that we can create. I know it doesn’t happen if we are running the other direction from each other.

I want to talk about a sensitive topic, and the topic is safety. There are many issues around safety that come up for people. Maybe I’ll be devastated by your power of Creation. And, on the other hand, Perhaps I will be careless about my power of Creation.

It doesn’t feel very good to be around people who are careless about their power of Creation. So I have great compassion for people who don’t know to be careful about their power of Creation. And I’ve got compassion for people who end up in situations where they feel overwhelmed and hurt. There can be damage done both ways. There can be great damage done by somebody who’s bringing the power of Creation to another person and not doing it in a caring way. By the same token, the power of Creation in us can do great damage when we say about another person, “You’re not safe.” It may be true and may not be true. In any event, all of this dynamic is part of a karmic pattern that goes no place. I’ve been suggesting that we have to have the ability to get to the root of the karmic pattern and let it shift in ourselves if we are to live a creative life. We have to know how to do that personally. We each have the power and ability to think through these issues for ourselves and get to the bottom of our own karma; and when we do, we know how to function creatively, so that we know how to be a power of Creation responsibly with another person.

It has to come together in ourselves as the essential learning ground for Creation. I understand that, particularly at a young age, we are vulnerable and there can be damage done when we create with another person. And still I say that the way to come to the spiritual answer for ourselves is to realize that the truth is that I am a power of Creation and I am responsible for myself. Whoever I am with, I am standing in my own power. I would advise that to anybody. I would advise that to my daughter, and I would advise that to anybody in this room. You don’t have to take it from anybody. If somebody is going to be irresponsible about their power of Creation, that’s on them and it can just bounce back to them. That is my attitude and that’s how I live. And if I am bringing a positive power into the world, I am responsible and I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper. I am responsible to the One Lord that I serve. I am responsible to be an accurate, creative expression of the power that I am, and I am responsible for my brother and I am responsible for my sister.

I am also responsible to receive the creative power of another person. Yes, where there is inaccuracy or irresponsibility, I don’t have to accept it. But it’s my privilege and it is my innate instinct to find the worth and the value of another person and of the creative power that they’re bringing, and to set aside whatever is inaccurate—to nullify it as much as possible, to intercede so that I find the root of the creative power that is within them, and welcome it and say, I’m here for that, brother; give it to me. I love it. I’m here for that, sister. Give it to me and I will hold it and I will let it be held in this garden of Being that I am.

I decided a long time ago that if I was waiting for perfect people to love and support, I would be living a very lonely life. I think the art of friendship and the art of Creation has a lot to do with finding a way to nullify, set aside, and make of no consequence the limitations and inaccuracies of another person to find the gold. Part of that gold is the dominion of truth, which ultimately isn’t dominion unless truth and love are together. But there are the control factors of truth that are needful for Creation to occur.

Control and dominion, which are aspects of divine intelligence, are huge powers of Creation. Where do you draw the line, where someone is bringing what’s needed in that regard and where what was being brought is just inaccurate and has to be rejected? That’s quite a lot to sort through.

We have police in this country bringing control and dominion, who aren’t always accurate, and they lose credibility when they are not accurate. But still I think not too many of us would want to be in a world that has no police. We are not interested in police at Sunrise Ranch, but certainly we need universal mind at work through human minds and we need the dominion of spirit working in the fields in which we work. Oh, let’s go find the perfect minds and the perfect people to bring that. It is unrealistic, isn’t it?

What’s the difference between moving in an ascending cycle in life, so that we’re creating more and more gloriously, and moving in a descending cycle in which we’re falling apart? I say it’s very simply these principles that I’m speaking of tonight. Either the powers of Creation are coming together in us individually and coming together in us collectively—in this group of people or whatever group of people you’re with—or there is alienation, splitting apart, pointing fingers and all of the rest that goes with that. If the powers of Creation are coming together and the people involved are coming together it is because there is a common spiritual centering and a common spiritual knowing and there has been an acceptance of a common spiritual answer.

The spiritual answer that I’m speaking about certainly isn’t the David Karchere spiritual answer and not even the Emissaries of Divine Light spiritual answer, and it is not the Sunrise Ranch spiritual answer. I have no interest in any of those things. I’m interested in the one spiritual answer for all of humanity that is unbranded. We can try to brand it, but it is unbranded. I care about what it really is, not what I think it is or what you think it is.

In the world in which we live we have, on the one hand, people who are using control as a power of Creation in an inaccurate way, and so are a cause of destruction. At the same time, there is the person who is living a chaotic life and begging for trouble. That chaotic person is a spiritual vacuum into which something has to come. That is obviously true for criminals; they can complain about getting arrested and being sent to prison and losing their liberty, but they are, most often, being chaotic and so they are a problem that is begging for some kind of answer. The real answer isn’t coming because the real answer should be coming through that person. The real answer is the order of Being through them. It is the truth and intelligence of the universe that should be coming through that person, telling him or her to do something different. The real answer is universal love coming through that person’s heart. But if they’re not accepting the real answer, someone is probably going to come along and do something about it with some other kind of substitute answer. So we have to have compassion for the policeman who’s got to carry a gun around with him and bring that substitute answer.

All of these factors come into play for humanity as a whole and for us right here on Sunrise Ranch. There have to be some of us who know that the true answer is spiritual in nature and who know how to bring that answer, because it is all coming together in ourselves to whatever degree and because we are coming together with others to bring the power of Creation into our creative field.

David Karchere
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Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
July 20, 2015 6:31 pm

Your words evoke a powerful “YES – that’s ME” from within me. Strong and humble. Committed through service. Open hearted and unequivocal in direction of orientation. Small & loved yet large and loving. As I step into the cellular knowing that this IS true of me, with all the apparent paradox that my mind has to deal with in accepting this reality deeply, I’m assured by the strong YES in my heart. On that I rely.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
July 19, 2015 11:03 am

Thank you David, as Howard said at our Gate House Service this morning, when the truth channel and the love channel are both on stream, and as spiritual expression emanates again, we will bring the Answer. I resonate with the Sun Seeds (my word) through your beautiful articulation of the Power of Creation, and these seeds lie dormant in the innate instinctual aspect of human beings,( and myself included), and become ignited and fruitful expressions when we transcend our self-centred states. We had a beautiful morning here, thanks to Howard, Miriam, Laurence, Ros and those who joined us at Gate House Centre.

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