We Live the Dream

As human beings, we live in the middle of an unfolding creative process, and that process is transpiring at many levels. The most obvious level is physical form—what’s happening with the people in our life, what’s happening with our money, our relationships, our projects, and our health. But before anything manifests in form in a person’s life, it has been a thought in somebody’s mind, or a belief or a feeling.

Creation is happening at so many levels. We have awareness at all those levels, although for many people it is some kind of unconscious awareness. It affects them as a mood or an unconscious frame of mind. It affects the atmosphere that the person experiences. All those levels are part of Creation and part of the creative process.

Like rain coming down, the creative process emerges from a high place. It is a long way down before rain falls through the atmosphere and lands on the ground, to then flow into rivers and streams, finding its way to the oceans of the world. And so it is with the creative process. Physical form precipitates out from higher levels of Being—from the mental, emotional and spiritual levels and from the Unseen reality, out of which all Creation is born.

People react to all those levels, particularly the outer level—the facts and circumstances of a person’s life. That reaction is often unconscious. Reaction attaches undue meaning and significance to all those levels. So we attach meaning and significance to running out of money, going to the doctor and needing surgery, or having a friend leave us. Of course, such things are relevant to anyone’s life. But what is most relevant is life itself and the creative process that brings life in all its forms.

I’ve mentioned some extremes in regard to the facts and circumstances of our life, but there are far less momentous things that go on—an ache or pain that we wake up with in the morning, or an unkind word from a friend. There are all these things that happen in our life, some big, some small.

There are the events themselves, but there are also layers of consciousness that register as feelings and thoughts that are swirling around those events. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like there is very much relationship between the magnitude of the event and the intensity of the swirling of thought and feeling that can be going on.

In our recent Life Destiny Immersion workshop, I wrote this statement of personal truth:

I follow the Master’s path of victory.

What is that path of victory for you or for me? It is a path through Creation that is oriented in something that transcends all the levels of Creation through which we are walking. The path of victory certainly transcends the events of our life day to day. It transcends what somebody says to us, or doesn’t say. It transcends our bank account. It transcends our projects. But more than that, it transcends any thought or feeling that we’re having on any given day. It transcends our brokenness, our disillusionment. It transcends our mood. It transcends any belief that we might have, any hope or disappointment. All those things are part of our experience of Creation.

Creation is both a form that has manifested and also the process by which form is manifested. It is the resulting physical form. It is the process by which things become manifest and by which things are manifesting at many levels. All those levels are Creation, both in the sense that they are an existing reality and in the sense that they are part of an unfolding process.

The human experience of Creation sometimes makes us happy, and sometimes we find it disturbing.

Creation is in a constant state of evolution. We experience a constant Evolve Expo, an exposition of the evolution of Creation. I’ll be giving a talk at the Evolve Expo in Denver this Saturday at 5 p.m. But more importantly, all of Creation is an expo of the creative process. We as human beings have thoughts and feelings about all that. All of that experience is happening at the level of Creation.

If there is a Creation, there is a Creator. There’s a creative power, and that creative power is Love. All is created by the power of Love, the Father of Creation. All of Creation is held in the Truth of Being, which is the Mother of all Creation. The spirit of the Mother calls all Creation into Her design, Her beauty.

It’s so easy to make other things the context for our life. And yes, our life is taking place in the context of Creation. But just because somebody says an ill word to you, does that now become the context for your life? Because your bank account takes a dip, is that now the defining reality for your life? It doesn’t make sense, does it? We perceive many things. We have many moods and emotions. Do they become the defining reality for your life?

As I pondered these things this week, I thought this: It cannot be that this life could ever be defined by such things. My life, and yours too, is the life of the power of Love living in Creation and creating. My life is defined by that; it originates in that. That reality is like rain coming down into Creation at all levels. It comes down through our humanity. It comes down in the world around us. Are we then defined by all the things that happen along the way? No. We live in the context of Truth, the Mother of Creation, who is holding it all.

As human beings, we have the grand privilege of bringing the great power of Love, the power of the Creator, into the world. We have the privilege of sharing that with one another. It’s a glorious thing when you do that for me and when I have the privilege of doing it for you. And it’s a privilege to hold Creation with the power of the Mother, who holds all of Creation already.

But I say that should we be disappointed by another person, in that moment we have to know and tell ourselves that we are living in a far larger context than the human one. We are living in the context of the Creator, and we have that supreme privilege to live the reality of the Creator in our own life. In doing so, we can delight in the occasions when the Creator shows Himself or Herself in another human being. When we can manifest that transcendent context together on earth, as we’re meant to do, we know that reality in human form.

When a fellow human being fails to follow through on that lofty dream, yes, we feel crunched and broken—and even more so when we fail ourselves. In that moment, we can withdraw significance from that event. It becomes an event in the evolution of Creation that does not deserve to be the defining context of our life.

I am here as the Creator, with other creators. I’m here to share Love and Truth, and to know that with my friends. And where that shows up, and where we have the opportunity to celebrate that and know it together, we become the Creator on earth in human form.

I want to read to you another of four statements that I wrote in Life Destiny Immersion. See if it doesn’t ring true for you:

 I am the nobility and majesty of Man.

If you want to say “Woman” for yourself, please go ahead. I use the word Man both for me as a man and also as a somewhat archaic word for all of us together and the truth of who and what we are as humanity. For me, the word Man is short for Man as he was created to be. It is a word that doesn’t refer particularly to the current state of humanity but to the truth of how we are made and our true potential.

I am aware of my limitations and failings as a human being—and I know I am the nobility and majesty of Man. How about you?

Here is a third statement from Life Destiny Immersion:

 I open to the power of Creation.

I open to the power of Creation, which I know to be Love. In my opening, I relate to the Supreme Source of my Being as the most real dimension of who I am. I have the grand privilege of being that power as clearly and transparently as I am able to be in this moment, in this human form. How about you?

I withdraw all the significance I’ve given to my successes and failures, achievements and accomplishments, the things I judge as good and bad in the world around me, and I open to the power of Creation. I am that power, and I let it fill me. In filling me, it takes away my past. It takes away any disillusionment or brokenness. And I know I am that power and always have been.

My fourth statement is this:

 I share my vision with my friends, and we live the dream.

The dream is the gift that we’re given of consciousness that is reborn, fresh, in this moment. The dream comes with renewed vigor now and in every moment. It is renewed possibility coming into our awareness, renewed potential for what can manifest in Creation. The dream is a gift from God.

I share my vision with my friends, and we live the dream. We act out of the dream that we’re receiving even now. I am privileged to witness friends who, at whatever age, awaken in a moment. In that moment they are reborn and they realize that they have this grand life to live, almost as if they haven’t lived it yet. At whatever age—it could be twenty, forty, fifty, or eighty. It’s magical to witness a friend having that happen for them. Have you noticed anybody in your life like that? You realize how wonderful it is that somebody is having that experience, seeing that within them is the power of Creation, within them is the dream. It’s still there, and it’s always there, at whatever point you are in your life.

We, as man and woman, are put in this most incredible place in Creation, where the dream is given to us to manifest. We get to be the Creator as a human being, incarnate in human flesh. May we never forget that we are the Creator. Yes, we’re in flesh, but we are the Creator in that flesh, in Creation. We are bringing the power of Creation consciously, with wisdom.

As we do that together, we find that there is a context of Truth, the Mother in which we’re functioning with other creator-beings, and that we have a relationship with one another that transcends all of the external factors, all the factors of Creation. It’s magical to relate to someone transcending age, gender and culture.

There is a particular delight in knowing someone who is radically different from you in an outer sense. And because neither of you are identified with the external elements of your humanity, and because you both are coming from a place of knowing who you are as a creator, and because you both have the intention of being fluid in your humanity, to allow your humanity to conform to exactly what that relationship is meant to be, you find a remarkable, unique way of relating.

So let us live in the nobility and majesty of Man. I feel the already-existing reality of what we’re made to be and of our appointed place in Creation. Can you? Can you feel that place for you and for me, for us all? And can you feel the nobility and the majesty of Being, of our Being, that’s present no matter what’s happened, no matter what anyone has done, no matter what you have done or not done? There’s a reality to know and to live, to be in.

I am the nobility and majesty of Man. I invite you to say the same thing for yourself and, in so doing, to withdraw identification from your humanity that is necessarily broken by itself, and ultimately going no place by itself. We are not our humanity. We have our humanity.

It is one of the drawbacks of language that this word Man has gender implications. And as far as I know, we have no other word to replace it. We can say humankind, and we can say man and woman, and we can say humanity. None of those words carry quite the meaning of that word Man. The word names a precious reality: this incarnate Being, in flesh, as the Creator, male and female, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve in each one of us. Then we have the privilege of being Man together, as man and woman, as men and women. The original Creation, according to the original pattern of incarnation: the incarnation of the Creator, male and female, into a human form as Man.

So I celebrate that reality with you. And I know there are many people around the world who are interested in having this experience and knowing it and being it together, and I celebrate that.

I also know that there are many people who have little interest in this. The significance for me is the Creator who manifests in human beings who are having this experience. And for all who are coming together in the form of Man. So may it be.

David Karchere
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April 3, 2015 8:21 pm

wonderful site!!!!!

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
March 15, 2015 4:45 am

With new eyes, i see a new transcendent nation emerging, ‘owning allegiance simply to integrity in action’; courageous ones (perhaps from the tribe of the red thread) who express Self-coherence and are moving towards living ‘off the grid’ of old paradigms, opening to transcendent ways in alignment with Life. Thank you Jane.

I send you a part of Ben Okri’s poem shared here at GH this morning :-

‘The new era is already here:
Here the new time begins anew.
The new era happens every day,
Every day is a new world,
A new calendar.
All great moments, all great eras,
Are just every moment
and every day writ large.
Thousands of years of loving, failing, killing,
Creating, surprising, oppressing,
And thinking ought now to start
To bear fruit, to deliver their rich harvest.

Will you be at the harvest,
Among the gatherers of new fruits?
Then you must begin today to remake
Your mental and spiritual world,
And join the warriors and celebrants
Of freedom, realisers of great dreams.’

from Mental Fight – an Anti-spell for the 21st Century.

with love, Anne-Lise

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
March 8, 2015 11:12 pm

These are such important words. I’ve been reflecting that my mind’s concept of how it would feel to “live the dream” contains a sustained ease and blissful type experience. My actual experience of it is that there’s often pressure as Life is birthing something within me or others close to me, and there’s a briefer sense of excitement and deep gratitude when the birth has occurred. And then the next cosmic contraction happens. I’ve realised that feeling OK about living THIS dream is what I’m being asked to accept. Let Life work its magic and let me play my part in enabling THAT to happen. If that means what seems hard work to my minds limited ability to comprehend, so be it. It need not distract me from saying “YES, I’m here for this” to Life when I’m asked.

I willingly live THAT dream with you.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
March 8, 2015 10:34 am

“There are so many gifts still unopened from your birthday, There are so many hand-crafted presents that have been sent to you by God. The Beloved does not mind repeating, “Everything I have is also yours.” Hafiz – reminds us too. Thank you David.

I am deeply interested in how we live this dream together, and how to dance together with those who carry this same impulse. It is a wondrous discovery of our individual and collective gifts when we remain centred, and a learning, sometimes an unlearning and relearning, the Way of Primal Spirituality.

My loving thoughts flow to you all at Sunrise Ranch.

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