With all that is happening in the world, financially, ecologically, and politically, the presence of spiritually conscious people is a critical factor in what’s outworking on earth today. Spiritually conscious people provide a vibrational ark—a field of consciousness and energy that holds the potential for the future of Planet Earth.

What does it mean to really be spiritually conscious? It has to do with following through to conclusion what is ours to manifest on earth. Being spiritually conscious may evoke images of meditation eighteen hours a day, of living in a cave in the Himalayas or residing in a monastery. But I don’t believe that approach to the matter is all of what is needed today. Because it turns out that the vibrational ark is an energy pattern that’s created by the lives of otherwise ordinary people. It is something that is shared among people, and the creation of it requires follow-through in the manifestation of what is ours to manifest in the earth. And it is in the follow-through and the completion of what is ours to follow through on and complete that the vibrational ark is created.

As spiritual people, I don’t believe we can be content to think lovely thoughts and believe that that alone changes the world. Yes, we need a change in consciousness, a change in our thinking pattern, because without that, how would we know what to do? So there has to be a transformation in what’s being entertained in consciousness. There has to be a transformation of feeling, so that the feelings that go along with the tried-and-true victim experience that is so common for people are transformed and something else is expressed through the feeling nature.

All that is put to the test when it comes to actually doing the thing with integrity that is before us to do. That challenges us on whether we will be stopped or whether we will carry through and manifest what is ours to manifest. It is in the following through that the vibrational ark is created. Not in the hoping for it, not in the dreaming about it, not in fantasy. It’s created in the follow-through. The vibrational ark is the afterglow of people who follow through, who do the thing.

And what is the thing to be done? It is the revelation on earth through man, a living soul, and through all the forms of life about us. It is the revelation of the glory of what is potential, the glory of the heaven, heaven being an ancient word for what is potential to be known in experience on earth.

For that manifestation to be real, all the forms of life around us have to be affected—animate and inanimate, as we think of it. But ultimately it is man, the living soul, that is the point. There will not be a wonderful creation on Planet Earth without the transformation of human beings. Realistically speaking, isn’t that true? Even if you could create something glorious in your life, if you weren’t transformed, what good would it be? That’s the myth of being wealthy and happy. There are many unhappy wealthy people. Something transformed externally and they have a new and wonderful house and a fast car. But if something hasn’t transformed in them, it’s to no avail. The point is that the world transforms creatively when we transform.

There are walls to walk through if that is to occur. There are setbacks to overcome. Anybody disappointed because they haven’t ascended yet? And how about for the people around you? Any setbacks there, any disappointments? Those feelings come up in most people, if not practically everyone. From the standpoint of the human experience, it’s understandable. The human experience is often fact-based: This happened, so I feel that. How about a spiritually based human experience? This happened—I don’t care; I’m undeterred. I’m motivated by something inside me that just keeps saying I’m here for victory. I don’t care what apparent failure there is, what kind of setback there is. It doesn’t really matter, because there’s something in me that says I’m here for the glory of what is potential, and I’m here to manifest it in all its living color on earth. I don’t care what has happened, I’m undeterred. It could be a little discouragement, a little niggling thing; it could be a major health crisis; it could be a major financial crisis. I don’t care. It matters not to me. I’m here for one reason, which is service. Nothing changed, no matter what has happened. I’m not living a fact-based experience; I’m living a spiritually based experience. That’s different. Let’s go. Let’s do it.

If there is one other person who’s with me in doing that, let’s go. If there are a hundred, let’s go. If there are a thousand, let’s go. If it’s the whole world, let’s go. Let’s do this. I have no other reason to be here, really. I don’t believe you do, either. Why else are we here, other than to bring and to experience something glorious?

I know that in the process of life there are setbacks and there are failures. I know there are losses. I know there are forms that pass away. And I’m here for the glory. I believe we are all here for the glory. And for there to be the glory, there has to be diligence and follow-through. The glory doesn’t happen by imagining it. It probably doesn’t happen without imagining it, either, by the way. We probably have to be able to entertain the possibility of something glorious for it to transpire in our life. But if you were like me, you would be the kind of person who can get very excited just by thinking a lovely thought. Do you have that experience? Do you find yourself just thinking about something wonderful, and the feelings begin to flow? For me, I can envision the thing happening. I have to remind myself that it hasn’t happened yet; that for it to really happen I’ve got to follow through and manifest it. I’ve got to do it. I have to be diligent. The glory comes in that. The vibrational ark comes in that. The vibrational ark that we have the opportunity to create, to share, and into which we welcome the world, is the afterglow of our follow-through, of our victory.

David Karchere
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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
August 28, 2011 9:01 am

Undeterred, walk on. That was exemplified by Job. What will stop us will stop us. The root part of the word ‘deterred’ or ‘undeterred’ has to do with the earth (the ‘terr’ bit); but we are here to work in agreement with spirit. We are not without assistance. I have been thinking about the Beetles’ song “Let It Be”….”There will be an answer”, and in the song, “Mother Mary speaks to me”; there is intersession with spirit, mother-Mary, God. We are here to accomplish.

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