The Urge to Thrive

Jane Anetrini

The urge to thrive is powerful in us as human beings. As we open to the Big Love and the Grand Will, we touch the creative Urge of Life.

As a chiropractor, I observe how the urge to thrive is present in the human body. When you cut yourself, the body has the urge to heal that wound. When you sleep, your body is cleansing itself, rejuvenating. In the middle of the day, it is digesting food to renew and regenerate your body. It makes more cells of you. That all comes from the seeds of the Big Love.

Anne-Lise Bure shared a childhood story about going to the Maasai Mara migration on the border of Kenya and Tanzania to watch the migration of African herds. They were searching for green pastures after the heavy rainy season ended. It was such a powerful expression of the urge to thrive in the animal world.  

This urge is not just with those grand animals moving across the plains. That urge is of the Big Love within all Creation to thrive. It is our urge—to create together, bless, and participate in the design of life.

Because we, as human beings, have the power of choice, we can pay attention to these creative seeds or choose not to. And so, we can spread seeds that are contrary to the design of the Big Love. These are seeds designed to fulfill personal will that cuts across the Grand Will instead of expressing it.

Paul McCartney wrote the epic song entitled Let It Be. It is an invitation to trust the Big Love amid trouble and brokenheartedness. Another way to say it is Let life have its way. Let the life that you are have its way with you.

This Big Love is my deepest urge, and yours too. If we set aside human willfulness, we can welcome this greatest of all desires. And when we do, we find that we bring an essential, unique, and specific expression to every given circumstance. We allow life to have its way. We let love move into the world because we are present.

In every circumstance, we have a choice. Will I let the experience of separateness in my emotional realm have its way? Will my limited thinking have its way? Or will the urge of life move through these capacities? Will the desire of the Big Love use these capacities so that life has its way? 

These words By Jummah Mubarak represent the effects of that choice:

To those who see with loving eyes,
Life is Beautiful.
To those who speak with tender voice,
Life is Peaceful.
To those who help with gentle hands, 
Life is Full.
To those who care with compassionate hearts,
Life is Good beyond all measure. 
May all our lives be fulfilled with all these Treasures.

We can let the creative urge move through us, allowing our worlds to thrive. Creative magic appears as a result.

This creative urge shows itself throughout nature. It moves the animal herds on the Maasai Mara. In the vegetable world, plants create seeds to reproduce their species. One pumpkin produces about 500 seeds. And one of those seeds can become a pumpkin plant with an average of three or more pumpkins—1500 more seeds!

The average tomato produces 200-300 seeds. A single giant oak tree has nearly 10,000 acorns. Talk about the urge to thrive!

In the human experience, there are seeds of thought, feeling, and inspiration. There are seeds from our parents, teachers, and the culture in which we live. Friends sow new seeds in our life. Just recall a vibrant conversation you’ve shared to know what I am talking about—seeds of love and support as well as seeds of criticism and judgment.

As an adult, we can decide which of these seeds magnify life. If we are wise, those are the seeds we nourish. We can reject the seeds that do not serve and cast out the sprouts of negativity and destruction.

From seed, to sprout, to plant, to blossom, to fruit, and back to seed. That is the progression. Not all the seeds that come our way should come to fruition. As we let life have its way, we recognize life-giving seeds and tend them into maturity.

Here are some words I wrote this morning:

May the seeds of my thoughts inspire my world to create and reveal the grand design with me. 

May the seeds of my heart warm and protect the sprouting shoots in my field and nourish them into their glory and beauty.

May the seeds of my surrendered living, the seeds of my spirit, establish the foundation and the strength of the vibrational cathedral built by the sons and daughters of the Big Love, who are the sons and daughters of God.

We sow the seeds and hold the fertile soil for their gestation and growth with our thinking and feeling and our surrender to the Big Love. Something wonderful is building—a vibrational cathedral.

This cathedral is not a structure that has a completion date. Now it’s done—put away the blueprints and let us just visit it once in a while. This is a living cathedral. It is a vibrational experience. It is constantly having cycles begin and end. Things slide in and slide out. And in that cathedral are the elements that allow creative seeds to sprout and grow.

There is water for sprouting, heat for cracking open, earth for the roots to establish themselves, and air for breathing. This is the fertile ground for life to manifest and thrive.

Letting go to the grand design is fulfilling. When we surrender to the Big Love, we participate in the experience of life being born because we are present. We are manifesters, we are filled with seed, and we are seed sowers. Every human being who is alive has seeds in them that have been planted somewhere in their life before…all those things our parents lovingly said to us when we were little…all those teachers who inspired us to think for ourselves…all those books we read…all those exciting experiences we had in museums, art galleries and on the job…creating art, singing songs. I still remember art pieces I made in elementary school, as simple as they were. These are all seeds that have been planted. Some have created fruit, some have passed on, some are still waiting for the right combination of factors to sprout and grow.

Every Thursday at noon, I go to a Rotary Club meeting in Loveland, Colorado. I have been doing an invocation at each meeting for over thirty years. We eat our lunch, and then to begin the session we say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then I do an invocation. Last week, I did not go because of the weather. This week, after I did the invocation, the president said, “We missed you last week! There is nobody here who can do the invocation but you!” I couldn’t find a way to explain that what I say is a simple spreading of holy seed. This is what I usually say: “We give thanks for these friends, we give thanks for this food, we give thanks for the opportunity this service organization offers to serve this community and remind people of the abundance of their lives they have to share.” Anybody could say that. But no one does if I am not there.

My words remind people of the seeds within themselves. Gratitude does that. I speak the truth. I know it can take courage to remind people of the truth of themselves. Each time, I am pointing to the opportunity at hand and reminding my friends of what is real.

When you speak to someone about what is true for them, you may stimulate a seed to sprout. They may need to be reminded and look to you for assurance that what you said is still true and wasn’t just a momentary thing. They may question what happened and wonder if what happened is still true. Seed to sprout, sprout to plant. Something is being established, and you hold an environment of assurance for the plant to blossom. 

On a regular basis, someone in my Rotary club will say, What you said was really beautiful! Something sprouted in them. My job is to assist them to know this is true of them and is in them. The consistency of the atmosphere for the germination of the seeds is vitally important.

The fact that human will, separate from the Grand Will, builds a conspiracy of denial, saying something else is true, doesn’t change the truth. The conspiracy says that if we have enough money, we will all be happy. Or, if we take the right drugs, we will be healthy. Those denials of what is true don’t change the fact that we are designed to thrive and respond to the urge of life.

Happiness and well-being are our birthright. I have never yet seen a commercial that said, Why don’t you take a walk for fifteen minutes. You will feel a whole lot better. Why don’t you make sure you get outside and get some fresh air? When was the last time you drank a glass of water? These suggestions, which really could be a highly effective recommendation for your physical well-being, don’t support the desire of human will to be in control. Nobody will gain financial benefit from you drinking water, so nobody promotes it. That is part of the conspiracy. Human will is interested in itself and not the Grand Will. The Grand Will promotes life having its way.

Let us allow this urge to thrive and become known among ourselves. What happens when we honor this urge?

  • We find ourselves far more present in the moment.
  • We become more aware of the factors and the people in front of us.
  • We see people with the X-ray vision David Karchere spoke of recently. We see right to the core of the Being they are.
  • We know increased joy. More life is moving through us, and our body vibrates at a different rate.
  • We know increased rest and peace because we are participating fully in the life that we have to live that is in front of us.

Our future is in our hands. We can sow creative seeds and let those seeds grow to harvest. We can grow the healthy seeds that have been planted in us. We can weed out unhealthy sprouts that don’t belong. We can enjoy the garden and thrive together.

And there is so much to enjoy! The camaraderie, the luscious experience of being with another human being who is about creating, who is desirous of more life, more thriving, and more beauty. This is how the creative urge gets stronger in the world. The invitation to participate is easier to hear. The reminder of the urge within gets louder. Mother Mary is heard whispering, Let it be. Let life have its way. 

There is so much more to awaken. There is the more of you—the precious parts you have been holding back. They might be parts of you that the world of human self-will might have judged as unwanted.

Give your gifts. Let your precious seeds grow and blossom. Give the world more of you and let the life you are thrive.

Trust the urge within you that says, I want to live!

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Kari Bye
Kari Bye
February 10, 2022 6:03 pm

I thought I could quickly write something to you, Jane, about the urge to thrive. Because the word thrive is so meaningful to me. It is such a natural way for me to live, to respond with a deep wish for my presence to bring something that makes life around me thrive.

I loved to read your text here, and I remember that exquisite hour when Anne Lise and you spoke online, but somehow I could not find words to respond. So I finally thought I would get back to this later.

And here I am, much later….. When I started reading it again today, something funny happened. The whole text suddenly appeared in Norwegian! I printed it out. What you said was so beautiful! And now you have said it to me in my own language….. Seeds for my world, I think !

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
February 5, 2022 7:07 am

To Thrive.

When I broke my leg, I realized my fall could have caused more serious damage; then I felt a whole lot better!

We have the ability to shift consciousness. This gives us an opportunity to thrive in moments of distress. I am sure many of us grew up with the song, “My Favorite Things” – from Sound of Music movie. A simple, yet memorable song allows conscious to shift:

… when I feel sad, I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don’t feel so bad.

Likewise, we can shift consciousness and think of seeds in many different ways. Think of seeds of Joy, seeds of Love, seeds of Gratitude. We can plant these everywhere we go. Then consider the possibility of a truly wonderful world – and, “What a Wonderful World” is another uplifting song!

February 4, 2022 5:57 pm

After reading these wonderful words and reflecting on them I was reminded of the feeling I have had whenever I have seen one of those time lapse videos of beautiful flowers and plant life opening and busting forth to reveal the magnificence and wonder of their design under perfect control in response to the radiance of the sun. This stream of thought and feeling which Jane has provided has unfolded likewise in a perfect revelation
of the truth and beauty of the current of love which we can all give expression to momment by momment. I want to to live!

Thank You Jane

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