The Tree of Life

David Karchere

We are showing up for the birth of a new day for humanity. We want it to happen, we are excited about it happening, but how does it happen?

The Tree of Life is a symbol of Creation. It is a powerful icon present in cultures around the globe.

The Tree tells us many things. You might imagine a mighty oak wishing for progeny, hoping that they would come. But they don’t just materialize, do they? Through the course of a year there are acorns that are dropped. They drop onto the ground in the fall and they gestate through the period of the winter, to sprout and grow in the spring. Not all acorns become oak trees, but many will.

What does that tell us about us as a living Tree of Life, as a human being? Or, together with others, composing a Tree of Life that is a source of new birth? We might want it to happen, but it doesn’t happen just because we want it to. Just like the oak tree, we must harmonize with the way Creation works in our field. We’re not here to produce acorns and oak trees per se. And we have our own human experience of the proliferation of our species. But we are not talking about biological birth, even though the birth of a baby, too, tells us something about the work that we are about now. In biological life there are processes of Creation that must take place. The woman who longs to have a baby generally has to meet somebody first. There is a process. It isn’t instantaneous. There is something to do now, but the processes of life transpire wonderfully and magically over time. We have to harmonize with those processes to give birth to the new.

The oak tree doesn’t determine the seasons. It moves in the seasonal patterns. It moves with the cycles of life and accommodates those cycles—the sun and the wind, the temperature, and the snow. So we must harmonize with the cycles of life that we don’t determine ourselves and are bigger than us. Harmonizing with those cycles, we bring forth a new reality.

The field for the oak tree is the forest and the soil upon which the acorn falls. And children are born within the field of a biological family. What is our field? And exactly what are we bringing forth? The field in which we are working is the consciousness for humanity. We are bringing the DNA for a new world to the field of consciousness. This is the spiritual DNA for what we are becoming as humanity. We allow that DNA to fall from us as the acorn falls from the tree. It comes in the ideas that inspire the mind. It comes on the current of love that moves through the heart. It comes as love-inspired acts in the world.

We let in the love that’s bigger than we are, just as the sun is bigger than the oak. Like the oak tree, we didn’t make the sun. We didn’t make the love that is available to us. But we acknowledge it and we let it in. We let the light of a new reality infill consciousness. And it tells us that the world does not have to be the way it is, that here is the new world; and when we open to it, it paints pictures in the mind of what that new world is. And we pass on the vision that we are inspired to see.

Those pictures are not just some kind of fantasy. It is the light of reality coming into the instrument of consciousness that we are. We are the tree in the middle of a field of consciousness. And so we become passionate about bringing the DNA for a new world—the ideas, the pictures and the feeling essence of a new reality.

Do you have the illusion that just because you sow the seeds for a new world today—an inspiring idea, an inspiring word, an inspiring poem, a book, or a song—that the world is instantaneously changed? Of course, there is a cycle to any birth.

We are the sower of those seeds, and we are also the field into which they are sown. Those seeds are being sown in the field of consciousness. And just as the earth is the womb for the acorn, holding that seed to sprout and to grow, in this field of consciousness we are the womb of consciousness that is holding the seeds of a new world so that they might sprout and grow among us and bring a new culture, a new reality experienced by us.

We have the opportunity to do that in this spiritual community: to receive the seeds of a new world, not expecting them to create that world instantaneously. We have instant breakfast and microwave ovens in the world in which we live. But the seeds of a new world have to be held safe over time so they can sprout and grow. We are holding the seeds of a new world in consciousness. They are precious. Somebody else’s inspiration is precious because it contains the seed of a new world. Our own inspiration is precious to us.

The greenhouses at Sunrise Ranch were afflicted by disease and by pests of different kinds—perhaps a symbol for the field of consciousness in our world. We got through the year; we had tomatoes to serve to ourselves and to our guests and to bring to the farmers markets in nearby Loveland and Fort Collins. But now that the year is over, Ignacio and his crew have emptied the greenhouses of everything. They’ve been washing it all down so that they can start anew with good soil, and so that we can take good seed and plant it in that soil.

In the work we are doing, we need good soil in which to plant our seeds. What is that good soil? We are working in the field of consciousness. This is a conscious birth. The soil is the soil of consciousness—our consciousness, our mind and heart, fertile, open, with just the right conditions in which the new birth can happen. We hold the seeds of a new world deep in the dark of consciousness. We can’t let any unhealthy states of consciousness make it impossible for the new seed to germinate and grow.

For Emissaries of Divine Light, we mark our year as beginning and ending on September 16, which was the birth of Emissaries of Divine Light in 1932. We gather with people from around the world at about that time of year. We sow seeds for the coming year and beyond, seeds that are not going to sprout instantaneously. But in those seeds is the pattern of what will be born in this field of consciousness, in this spiritual community, and with our friends around the world.

In our context, we carry the seed of new life to be born as living forms in consciousness. Those living forms bear new life themselves. The oak tree drops an acorn for a new tree. And what does that new tree provide? More acorns! We are interested in growing those trees in our field, which themselves sow more seed, more DNA for a new world.

These are principles of Creation. We are here to be creators, truly, but we have to harmonize with Creation and not expect Creation to bend to our will. There is a process of Creation. We are here to be creators who harmonize with that process, and therefore we become very potent, very powerful. We have a huge impact in the world because we harmonize with that process—not because we try to invent something on some arbitrary human basis.

I am excited by the opportunities we have to sow the seed of a new world into the field of consciousness—a new song, a new poem, a new chant, a new word, a new idea, a new vision. Your words, your poems, your inventions, your seeds for a new world. Our seeds. We are the sower of those seeds, and we are also the fertile ground for those seeds, cherishing them. They are precious.

Some of those seeds are coming without all the bright advertising of GMO seeds that you could buy at the local ag store. Some of our songs might not win America’s Got Talent or Britain’s Got Talent. They are precious, not because they are flashy, not because they meet some commercial media standard. They are precious because they are seeds of a new world. It could be a quiet conversation with a friend. Those seeds are precious because they are the seeds of a new world. When you plant those seeds in someone else’s heart, they might grow. The seeds might grow and the person might grow. Their world might grow. You have an opportunity to sow seeds of a new human experience, a new human world. It’s not going to happen instantaneously.

We could be distracted with all the rot and all the disease. The whole world is doing that, is it not? We could have spent our whole time trying to deal with all the pests of the greenhouse. We are more interested in simply providing the right condition and the right seed for something to happen. We could be so distracted with the rot of our culture that we never provide the fertile soil for the new seed and we never bring the new seed into the world. So many are doing that, never seeing the opportunity they have to be the Tree of Life in this field of consciousness, this human field.

Let us sow the seeds of a new world—the seeds of the truth of love. Not my truth, not your truth. The true pattern of a new world that brings life. The truth of love brings life.

And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.

Spiritual Practice

This week, express something in words or artistic expression that you share with at least one other person. Let it represent your vision of what is possible for a human being or for the world.

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Ngugi Kimani
Ngugi Kimani
January 25, 2019 4:05 am

This is so inspiring that all of us together are creators in the growing and nurturing the TREE OF LIFE!

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 10, 2018 9:29 am

The tree of life. Let us not disregard our own body intelligence. I am finding out more about our “inner doctor” and how it can direct us, through a regard for the symptoms that show up, to shift the patterns of cause and restore health. We no longer need to slap something on the symptom to feel better. Shifting consciousness that shifts paradigms is at work. The idea of fighting disease will cease; fighting brings with it the notion of victimhood, war, paranoia.

We are in the love current. We are attuning our awareness to the cycles and seasons. Planting new seeds of spiritual DNA in world consciousness. This is exciting and careful work. We need never consider ourselves disempowered, inadequate, small.

Thank you for the inspiration, David.

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