The Transparent Heart

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

We have a chance to let love live. But if love is going to live through a person, they must have a transparent heart. A person’s heart turns transparent when they have a radical openness to love in a cosmic context. And if you have the opportunity to meet someone who has that quality of openness, there is something remarkable that comes through them. There is light, there is illumination, there is a joy that seems to be coming from someplace else.

To have the experience of the transparent heart yourself, you have to surrender to what is most important to you. You have to open to the wellspring of your own creativity. You have to decide that is more important to you than anything else. And if anything else is getting in the way, you have to get it out of the way.

There are many good things in a person’s life that can become more important to them than their transparency. Self-protectiveness can make a person cower and shrink from opportunity instead of being strong and vibrant. Personal ambition can dominate the highest calling that stirs in the soul. There are many tendencies and reactions that override our deepest response to the cosmic surround.

What is most needed on earth today is the presence of a transparent heart because, without that, what’s coming out of the cosmic context that would come through a person can’t come. I’m not talking about a sappy and sweet human heart. I’m talking about a heart that’s transparent to the cosmic factors of love that are looking to come through that person. Not just a nice person, not just a romantically loving person, although that’s okay too; not just a cultured person or educated person. A person in whom there is transparency so that cosmic factors are coming through. Does that seem fantastic? I don’t think so. We were made to do exactly that.

The world needs people who bring a transparent emotional realm—a feeling environment that isn’t filled with the usual storms that ravage the human heart. Personal mastery includes the ability to say to the internal storm, “That is enough. Silence. There is something that means more to me than this. There is something that is looking to come through me in blessing to my world and to the people in it that means much more than my reaction to this. My heart is already given to something far larger than this. My heart is given to love in a cosmic context so that could come through into my world, in blessing, so that the factors that bring peace could come into my world.”

Is there peace in our world? There is a war in Afghanistan and in Iraq, and other places too. But the lack of peace on earth doesn’t relate only to armed conflict as we think of it. It is love that brings peace—not just the gushy kind of love but the reality of cosmic love coming through a person. That brings peace to their world, to the people in it, to the factors that are working out.

What the world needs now are people who bring a transparent heart. And we could add a little word to that: together. Where there are people who are consciously in the process of doing that, we have what I would call a priesthood. You don’t need a robe for this priesthood. You don’t need a cap or a special collar. You don’t even need a special ordination ceremony. This is the priesthood of the transparent heart. Where there is such a priesthood, there can be assistance to others, to encourage others to come into their own transparency, which is to say their own maturity—real maturity, spiritual maturity, because there is no real maturity without a transparent heart.

There are no mature human egos. There is no such thing. You could become a very accomplished ego, very successful in a worldly sense, looked up to with statues in your likeness and books recording your accomplishments. But such things don’t represent real maturity, because there is no real maturity without the transparent human heart that allows the cosmic factors that are looking to come through a person to come through.

Many years ago, Martin Exeter gave a series of talks on the true stature of a person, and therefore what true maturity would look like. He said that our true stature is on the scale of this solar system. Our being is that large. Yes, we embody these human, physical frames, and I’m under no illusion about the size of our physical frame; mine is a little under six feet. But when you begin to take into account our mental stature, our spiritual stature, the stature of our being, all of it, what’s readily apparent and what’s not so apparent is that we are beings of cosmic stature who just happened to create a human frame to incarnate in for now.

Does that seem dreamy? Is that wishful thinking? There is a part of most people that thinks that way. But there is a far larger aspect of all people that says that it is much more accurate, it is more real, to understand that I am far larger than my earthly frame. I am far larger than all of what has happened in my life up to now. To let those things define me is not freedom. It is not true. And it is not true for you, either.

We are cosmic beings, beings of cosmic proportion. It is a pleasure and a fulfillment of who I am to be incarnate in human flesh. There are opportunities that we have here that we would not have otherwise. Incarnating in human form should not convince any of us that we are defined by our human experience. We are not. We inform this human experience with the stature of who we are.

What happens in the human heart is a critical factor in letting the largeness of who we are enter our human experience. Our true stature won’t just come through our mind so that we can think mentally profound thoughts about the universe. The human intellect might like that. We could espouse all kinds of knowledge about the dimensions and meaning of the cosmos. Intellectually that might be an aspiration. But that’s not how the true stature of being enters the human experience. That occurs through the human heart, but only if there’s stillness and transparency.

So there needs to be a priesthood that brings stillness and brings assistance to others, to help them sense and feel and know their own cosmic stature because there is the transparent heart through which it may be sensed. We are the priesthood of the transparent heart. Or, we might say, the Priesthood of the Sacred Veil. Why a veil? Because the emotional experience of human beings has blocked off, veiled the cosmic experience. But it becomes a transparent veil when the true priesthood is present.

So we are forming that priesthood on earth, and we have been doing so in this lifetime—and, if truth were known, for many lifetimes. The Prince of Peace came to gather this priesthood. We came to be this priesthood.

Let love live. Love lives in human experience because there is the Priesthood of the Sacred Veil who lets it live through the transparent human heart.

David Karchere
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Marthachildthese are some i hope you got all eress
Marthachildthese are some i hope you got all eress
October 15, 2023 12:10 am

These hearts was shown to me in time of stressful moments 💔 ✨️ but it gave me calmness peace, since of placement ♥️ I knew everything is OK love brought down to me into definition then came my book of clarification of transparency I literally can see a heart visually through thick lined paper out lined it’s part of book but it’s drawn to me as of its another puzzle piece with answers…I seee so much ! I know thongs I shouldn’t know.. God bless me ,, only whe it’s my time to bless others….. I accept only to accept 😌 what God has me to accept 🙏 🙂 I expect the unexpected in faith and trust and believe on him all will be revealed in him 🙏 ❤️

Staush Jankowski
Staush Jankowski
August 20, 2010 9:15 pm

Hello David: These days, people are inclined to associate “self-protectiveness” of the heart with self-preservation, and may consider running and, perhaps, hiding from what looks like will harm them in some way or other. What you are talking about has nothing to do with a body’s physiological reaction when faced with a potential threat: the ‘Fight or Flight Response’. These days, “covering your butt” when you are associating with others is the glib provided answer, because if you don’t, “you’ll look stupid, or get in trouble.” It is the emotion of fear we consciously and unconsciously chose to rule our thinking and feeling that drive our experiences. This false choosing only serves and has served mankind as a complete stalemate to many an opportunity potentially filled with promise in bringing forth a new reality, the true reality. So then why should a life filled with choices laden with fears be the accepted norm? Because it brings to light: love or fulfillment? Nobody thinks so, and nobody is enjoying themselves, but it is a time-honored tradition. The priesthood, on the other hand I know and have known, recognize what is true and right, express what is beautiful, powerful and fine of spirit, choosing the essences of light and love to emerge through their transparent hearts, releasing that in their actions, driven by clear direction in every situation for all to see, nothing hidden. That is the imperial function the priesthood play in the release of the Holy essences of Being here on earth now, today: consciously trading the tainted thoughts and feelings of fear for what rightly belongs on the Altar of God. . . unambiguous intelligent expression. Thank you in allowing your words to set an alternative choice for mankind.

Suzanne Core
Suzanne Core
August 18, 2010 12:55 pm

This morning I was reading some of Uranda’s old material. In it, he said “let us consider the Silence”. Stillness. He said all that is needed is to still my “mind and outer nature” (human nature?) so that “what already IS may flow out through” me from the Silence within, from who I really am in other words. To do that, I must let go of everything else; nothing can be more important: seek first the kingdom of God. First and only.

You say the same thing. “Surrender.” “Get stuff out of the way.” “Tell the internal storm, Silence.” The only way to access that cosmic love, to let its truth be revealed, to “let love radiate.”

The picture of the Priesthood of the Transparent Heart is most compelling. My heart leaps toward it. (You said there is no special cap but the Cloak of Excellence probably suits.) The phrase alone says it all, embodies it all, letting me be lifted up, calling me to be lifted up (all the while silencing the little goblins yelling “Who? You? Ha! Your ego is showing.”) To transparency. To maturity. This “Transparent Heart” is a stunningly wonderful message. Thank you.

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