The Spiritualization of the World

David Karchere

The mystical story of Creation in the opening chapter of Genesis portrays in symbolic terms what is happening in our lives as human beings. It says this:

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. 

What is “the deep” relative to our own human experience? What else but the deep waters of consciousness, including the human heart and subconscious mind?

And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

So there is a power that vibrates the waters of consciousness. But this is not just any power. It is that primal power that comes forth from the Divine. It is said that God is Love. So, this is the Highest Love that initiates Creation in the human experience by moving upon the primordial unformed substance of Creation, of which we are aware through our mind and heart. That is the beginning of all good things.

There are at least two sides to this dynamic, as there are to all acts of Creation. There is the carrier wave of Love that is the signature vibration for all creative things in this world. We recognize it, we feel it, we know it. Its vibration reverberates in the dark waters of consciousness, which are the other side of the dynamic. And when it does, we recognize it, we feel it, and we know it.

As the vibration of Highest Love moves into the deep, it sets up a resonant pattern in the human heart. And the next thing that we hear is this:

Let there be light.

And we are left to wonder, What is the relationship between Love moving into the waters of the heart and this appearance of Light? And yet, that is how it works for us individually and for any field that we are ever a part of. For anything of creative consequence to transpire, the Spirit of God has got to move on the face of the waters. The waters of the heart have to vibrate with the Highest Love.

The truth is that we are both that spirit of the Highest Love moving into the waters, and we are the waters into which it is moving. We are the consciousness of the waters with something to receive, so we play a vital part in welcoming that Highest Love into our deep. And we are a focus of the Highest Love moving into our own waters and into the waters of the field that we share with others. You might very well say, somebody better bring that focus of Love into the waters, or nothing creative happens in our world. And then there is Light.

What is that Light that appears once Love moves into the waters of consciousness? And why should there be this mystical portrayal of Light appearing after what has just happened? Until we read the code of what is being said, it seems like a non sequitur.

White Light is the undifferentiated focus of all Light that contains all the colors of the rainbow. They say there are seven colors to the rainbow, but the reality is that there are infinite hues possible.

Here is the story being told as it relates to Creation in the human experience. The Highest Love resonates in the deep of the primordial substance of consciousness. It enters mind and heart. And when it does, infinite patterns begin to unfold in the field of consciousness.

Light also symbolizes radiant sight. When the Highest Love resonates in the deep, the pattern of Creation begins to emerge in the waters, and the darkness yields to the Light. So we begin to see those emerging patterns.

If this is a purely esoteric translation of an ancient Creation story, the interpretation I have given might seem tenuous. But consider your own experience. Is it not true that when the vibration of Love has entered your field of consciousness—your personal field or a collective field shared with others—the field lights up? You can see people and emerging creative patterns that you could not see before. It’s true! When the Spirit of God moves on the face of the waters of consciousness and begins to resonate into the deep of the emotional body, there is Light. Yes, white Light, the focalized essence of all Light. Let there also be all the multifaceted colors of Light—all of the powers of Creation of which we become aware—set in motion, working through the field.

We consider ourselves to be conscious beings. Just what is it we are conscious of? Certainly, the physical dimensions of the field—the physical world, our own physical bodies, the physical nature of each other. But our consciousness is also plugged into a field of emotional, mental, and spiritual power. Our human psyche is plugged into that field. We might suspect that we are not only the consciousness for this physical body but we are walking, living, talking consciousnesses for the field. We are this field of Creation being conscious. And we are aware not only of the field itself. We are aware of the powers that are working in this field. Our consciousness plays a vital role in bringing together the field and powers moving in the field.

Sometimes I have an almost palpable feeling of wading into the field of consciousness as Love, vibrating the field. Do you ever experience anything like that? You can feel the field, and you as Love are moving into the field, vibrating it with Love. You are that Spirit of God moving on the face of the waters of your world. We have that Spirit to bring, we have it to receive, because we are both that power and we are the consciousness of the waters that says, “Yes, come into me.”

All kinds of other magical things happen in the story of Creation. And you might say that the entire story that is present in the Bible is the story of humankind. It is a story of our spiritual evolution. That story is all encapsulated in that one little telling of the First Day of Creation: “Let there be light.” Let all the multifaceted powers of Creation come into play, holding and powering Creation.

We associate Light with truth. And the rest of the story—not only in the Seven Days of Creation but then the rest of the story of humanity—is the story of Light building a pattern in the field of consciousness that can hold more and more of the powers of Creation, and resonance of the Highest Love and all that is born from it.

The next thing that appears in the story of Genesis is a firmament—an atmosphere denoting a greater conscious awareness coming into the waters. And then the waters are gathered together into one place. The waters of consciousness are coming together, and there begins to be something possible that would not be possible if the waters never gathered together. And so it is for all human beings, all human culture, and all human endeavor. If the waters of the heart do not come together into one place, nothing more can happen.

One of my favorite hymns, Let Love Command, by George C. Hanson, contains these words:

Gathered here in Love’s domain, we live in one accord.

That is a statement of not only people gathering—physical bodies coming together. It implies to me that the waters of consciousness have the opportunity to come together in one place. Our collective heart has the chance to come together in one place.

Gathered here in Love’s domain…

 On Day Three of Creation in Genesis, it says that the waters are gathered together “under the heaven.” In our immediate human experience, heaven is the field of consciousness where Love’s domain is supreme. And then, under the influence of Love’s domain, in the heaven of consciousness, the waters come together. There can be one heart. But there has to be that field in our consciousness that is Love’s domain. That conscious awareness in which I am not only aware of Love. I am Love. I am Love working in my domain, gathering the waters together into one place.

Is this not familiar? Is this not what you do if you are raising a family, leading an organization, in a relationship? Any field of creative endeavor requires us to be part of this process.

People can be ignorant of the dynamic forces in the essential process of Creation. They can be unaware of the Love within themselves or another person. They can be unaware of their ability to open the waters of their heart to Love.

But here’s the thing. Usually, there is some awareness of the powerful, dynamic forces at work in a person’s life. There is what seems to be just a glimpse of them—“a still small voice,” as it is put. In fact, we seldom receive a full-blown view of the truth, laid on a platter before us. So the question becomes this: Will we pay attention to the hints the universe gives to us?

Here is the difference between someone who lives a fulfilling, creative life and someone who doesn’t. The creative person hears the hints the universe gives to them. They receive the true seeds that are available to them and plant them in the soil of their human experience. So the seeds have the opportunity to sprout and grow, and reveal the larger truth within them.

The person who lives an unfulfilled life is exposed to the same true seeds. But they ignore them. They don’t trust them. They don’t take them in, and they certainly don’t plant them in the soil of their human experience.

The wise person doesn’t wait for the whole truth to be staring them in the face. By then, it is too late. It means the seeds were planted by someone else. They don’t recoil with resistance or obstinance. The wise person discerns that, even though it is just a seed, it is a true seed. And it is full of potential.

One of the best-known American short stories from the 19th century is Herman Melville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener.” It is the sad story of a clerk who begins to respond to everything that is asked of him by saying, “I would prefer not to.” This continues and escalates through the story until his cold, breathless body is found in the courtyard. It is a stark depiction of the human tendency to ignore the creative compulsions of life.

One of the saddest verses in the Bible is about this. It is about the willingness to be gathered together in Love’s domain, to allow the waters to be gathered together so that we as people come together. It is spoken by Jesus at a critical time in his ministry.

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem…how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! (Matthew 23:37)

There was the activating creative power in the field vividly present through Jesus. We might think that Jerusalem relates to consciousness. So, he was addressing a gathering together in that consciousness. People were exposed to a seed of truth, though it was, no doubt, not fully recognized. But still, there were enough aware to allow the waters of consciousness to be gathered together. And yet, there was an unwillingness to take the steps that would allow a gathering together of the waters of the heart.

We are here to change the story. We are here to bring the vibration of love into the waters and allow our waters to receive it. We are here to bring Love’s domain and to let our waters be gathered by it. Then something else transpires—as the Third Day of Creation portrays it, dry land appears. There is a physical manifestation that can appear when people allow the waters of their hearts to come together. And isn’t this exactly how it works? When you share a unified heart with another person or a group of people, something manifests out of that—a project, a family, a movement, and so much more.

The vibration of Love moves into the water and brings Light, and physicality emerges in season. And now, the Spirit of Love can descend through consciousness into the physical world.

And so, we have the possibility of the spiritualization of the life that we are living—not only all the activation of the feelings of Love and the conscious awareness of light, but now consciousness is acting as a conductor. The Highest Love can descend through consciousness and activate the Spirit of Life in the physical body and in the world, so that Love can live in the world—in your life, my life, and the life we share. Our entire life becomes spiritualized, so that it is not just a mundane thing. Cooking breakfast is not just cooking breakfast. It is a sacred act. Saying hello on the phone is not just “Oh, hi.” It has been spiritualized to fill the ordinary activities of everyday life with spiritual energy and knowledge of the sacred.

I watched Steph Curry play basketball on television last night. He is perhaps the best shooter of all time. He lit up the basketball court, scoring 23 points in the third quarter of the game. It was amazing to see! He was interviewed afterward and asked about what his team needed to be successful. This was his answer:

We just needed to bring a little joy…. When we bring joy and let that flow on the court—and I’ve got to lead that—good things happen.

I believe he was talking about the spiritualization of the physical—the coming together of the waters, and then the spiritual coming down and affecting the basketball game. Joy. That’s just a basketball game, but how about life? How about our life? Is it not the same?

Steph Curry plays for the Golden State Warriors. The Golden State is a nickname for California due to the Gold Rush, golden poppies, and golden sunsets. But it could relate to a golden state of consciousness. I think I’ll sign up and become a golden state warrior—someone who is a warrior for the gold, for the joy, for the spiritualization of the physical, for the spiritualization of the world.

So good to be about that with you, golden state warriors all.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
May 8, 2021 6:46 am

We were giving some thought, recently, to the conversation the Sun might be having with us, here on planet Earth.

John 1:5 KJV “And the light shineth; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

Perhaps, we are not predisposed to comprehend the whole package of light until it has disseminated from the Sun into the waters, and moved into the spectrum of possibility, where human hands and hearts can get to work!

Likewise, we are not all born the same, as clones; we are uniquely made for our individual purposes. We are already spectrum beings. I think difference is something we learn very young – you learn to order your world… mom, dad, food, touch, sound, feeling…. as an infant, even.

In this part of the world, it is autumn. The trees are shedding leaves and their nuts and seeds. There is a great variety in the population of trees in this Fair Cape of South Africa.

I visited the library, yesterday, in search of books for the children I teach, and came upon one called, “How Many Trees?”. How many trees does it take to make a forest? The answer is ONE.

I’m making my forest; how about you?

May 6, 2021 4:50 pm

Knowing that one is loved and cherished is a gift from God. May you and all know the truth of these words. You are loved and cherished.

May 6, 2021 1:40 pm

How joyous to live in a place of Light…

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