The Spiritual Remembrance That Heals

This is an amazing spiritual path that we are walking as human beings and as humanity. The great spiritual teacher Jesus came to a point in his teachings where he said to those who were close to him that he no longer called them his servants, but friends. They had come to a step on their spiritual journey when it was time to go beyond aspiring to reach God, to know enlightenment, or to serve the Divine. For anyone who desires to live a fulfilling life, they must come to a point of accepting that they are the reality they seek.

In the process of doing that, there is a new experience to be embraced and there is an old experience to be released into the past. That old experience may include trying to be good enough, trying to be spiritual, or trying to do the right things. If a person never tries to do the right thing, or never tries to be virtuous, they may never come to the point of letting go of those attempts to own their divine nature. But there is a point when we have to stop serving the Divine and be it. And if we keep trying, that experience will never come. There comes a time when trying, even spiritual trying, is no longer a virtue—when it keeps us separate from embracing the reality of our Being and from embodying that reality in our living.

We can never be good enough by trying. We were made good enough. We are made divine. It is in accepting that reality as the truth of ourselves that we know the experience firsthand.

There is one divine consciousness that extends throughout the universe. But there is also a plurality in the divine. The Latin words E pluribus unum describe the wholeness of Being made up of all that participates in that whole—“Out of many, one.” We, as human beings, are evidence of the plurality of Being. And still, when we know our divinity, we know oneness with other people who are having that same experience, while there is something wonderfully different about each of us. That is how the universe is made. There is one consciousness everywhere, yet it comes to focus in wonderful, distinctive ways.

What is your belief about the sun? Do you believe it’s an inert ball of gases that are in the midst of a process of fusion, emitting an amazing radiation of heat and light? That is what we’re told scientifically. But do you believe that that’s all that’s happening on the sun? I don’t. The physical sun is an embodiment of cosmic Being. Chris Foster wrote a book called Bearers of the Sun,a magical fictitious parable in which he spoke about Sun Beings who at some point incarnated in human form.

If there are beings that are conscious on the sun, surely we are one with them. But do you have a consciousness of being on the sun? Of course, the range of which we are aware is not the same as for beings on the sun or anywhere else in the universe. There is consciousness everyplace. And yet we have consciousness here that is within the range that it is. Does that make us any less divine? Is this earthly plane any less divine than the sun or anyplace else in the universe?

I’ve heard it said several times recently that a person should claim for themselves that they are God; that we should say for ourselves, “I am God.” I understand that to be the truth of each one of us. But what does it mean? What is God consciousness?

Oftentimes when a person makes a statement like “I am God,” they are referring to a reality that they see as separate from their experience as a human being. They may say, “I am not my body. I am not my feelings. I am not my thoughts. I am God.” This is a way to divorce oneself from a past experience of being imprisoned in the ranges of consciousness that relate to the human capacity.

The act of breaking free of that imprisonment and claiming one’s divinity is a critical juncture on the spiritual path. It can be a stepping-stone to freedom and the fulfillment of one’s destiny as a human being. It can also be a stepping-off place that derails that process, leading nowhere. It can be a claiming of perfection that is a substitute for a real experience of the sacredness of Being. Because the truth is that we have consciousness at many levels. And no level is more or less godly than another. All the processes of becoming are part of God.

So what is the truth behind that statement “I am God”? For instance, does God consciousness include our body consciousness? To the spiritual disciple or aspirant who is longing to know God, if they’re Christian they may believe in the sinfulness of the physical. But even if a person doesn’t believe that, they may believe that they are looking for an experience of the divine that is beyond the body. And so they are saying, “I am not my body. I am not my thoughts. I am not my feelings.”

Traveling this spiritual journey that we are on as human beings and as humanity, it is important for a person to come to a point where they distinguish between who they are and what they are feeling and what they’re thinking, and leave behind a pattern of thinking and feeling that lacks the creative flow of the divine reality that is the truth of all of us. But does that mean we lose consciousness of what’s happening in our thinking and our feeling, and in our bodies? Does that make what’s happening in that range of who we are anything less than divine and sacred? It’s all sacred. It’s all God.

If God is a name for the wholeness of Being, then the parts of that wholeness have a relationship with each other, which brings the experience of wholeness. They have a way of relating that is accurate and true to the design of Being, and which is made to be beautiful and powerful and wholesome. We certainly see that reflected to us all throughout the universe, and in the natural world on this planet.

Yet somehow, as humanity, we have fallen out of right relationship with the totality of Being. We’ve gotten something mixed up in consciousness. There has been a spiritual amnesia, and with that confusion. In that amnesia, we may try to be spiritual, however we conceive the spiritual to be. We may aspire to be that, and certainly aspiration is a part of the spiritual journey. But when you reflect on it, there is something odd about aspiring to be what you already are. On that basis, an individual may reach a point at which they reject their past experience of their humanity and embrace their own divine reality as best they understand it. They may come to believe that the thoughts and the feelings they find themselves in the middle of have something wrong with them. Most often they do—those thoughts and feelings may have lost awareness of the totality of Being. But there’s nothing wrong with thinking and feeling, and there is nothing wrong with having a physical experience.

There is little future in the rejection of a person’s experience of the body, mind and emotions while a person remains incarnate. Ultimately, it is crazy making. And I’ve observed plenty of people on a spiritual path who acted at least a little crazy at times for this reason. The point is that human experience is divine when it is connected up with the higher consciousness that is the birthright of humanity.

I received an e-mail this morning from someone who spoke about getting down on one’s knees and worshiping the Divine. Would that be a denial of one’s own divinity? After all, I am God. If I am down on my knees, I must be demeaning myself. I must be somehow saying that I’m something other than God, that I’m trying to relate to something someplace else. It could be so. And it could be that it is the very nature of our flesh to worship. It’s the very nature of our feeling realm to open up to what is most high, not as something separate and apart and different from us, but as an aspect of the whole family of God that we love and appreciate.

It is possible that we can speak for the consciousness of this physical flesh that we have, and for the consciousness that is present in our feeling realm and in our thinking, and speak out of that consciousness and say, “I long, with all my being, to know the spirit of the living God—to know it and to be it, to be the living song of it.” Not because I am something other than the reality of Being that comes through me, but because my very nature is an aspect of wholeness of the Divine and longs to be joined in union with that reality. I am the flute, the hollow reed. I am the capacity through which the spirit comes. I am the servant of that. I am the man of God who worships that reality, knowing that it is my reality.

At the same time, I am that eternal vibration that flows through this capacity that is writing to you now. I am that being of the sun, that angel who has incarnated in this flesh to be here now for this cycle of creation, to express myself and to manifest myself through this human capacity, through this living chariot. I am that being and that reality that creates Sunrise Ranch and all that is present here. I am that creative spirit that holds this planet in love with all of her people.

On Saturday night in the Dome, the musical group HuDost sang a beautiful Georgian lullaby of healing. It was composed as a song to sing to an ill infant. Moksha, the lead singer of HuDost, invited us to send our love and blessing to someone we knew to be in need, or to parts of our own being that needed healing as we sang. She then told us that, if we had a “freakishly large heart,” we could sing to the whole world in the healing current of love. I believe the human heart is easily large enough to do exactly this: to sing to the whole world in whatever way is natural for us to sing, for its healing. That is why we are here.

There’s a very beautiful quote in the Book of Malachi that speaks of the Sun of righteousness arising with healing in his wings. (Malachi 4:2) That is a reference to you and to me. We are that sun that comes with healing in our wings. True healing begins with the remembrance of wholeness. And with that remembrance in thought and feeling, there’s an entry point for the reality of Being that comes into the body and brings healing. We came here for this. We came here for worship that returns our minds, our emotions and our bodies to us for this very use.

This is worship that unleashes the passion within our bodies and minds and hearts, which is their very nature. That kind of worship and passion brings union to all the levels of our Being, from the heights of us to the depths. With our capacities returned in this way to the divinity of who we are, we are capable of bringing the clear, joyful, positive radiation of love and the wisdom of truth that brings healing.

David Karchere
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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
July 21, 2012 11:13 pm

I feel the privilege and grace of being with you, David, and so many friends all over the world expressing our true nature of non-duality, passionately receiving and expressing enlightenment. Hooray!

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
July 21, 2012 2:57 pm

I have a realization that I am here to pedal my bicycle without either the need for, or the fear of being without, the training wheels.

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