The Seed and the Fruit

David Karchere

I invite you to a meditation on the great arc of the human story. I intend to include the story of our individual lives but, more importantly, the arc of our story as the human race—our beginnings, our evolution, where we are today, and what we are becoming. So I invite you into that vast space that includes eons of time and all of humankind—all races within the one race, all lands, all peoples.

Through the millennia, we have been on a journey. In the series of articles we publish as the Pulse of Spirit, we have been considering how we have superpowers if we will avail ourselves of them. We have the power to Love, the power of sight, and the powers of compassion and understanding, to name a few. If we have superpowers, we must be superheroes. And every superhero has an origin story that tells how they inherited their powers. Superman came from the planet Krypton. A radioactive spider bit Spider-Man. What is our origin story? How were we given our superpowers?

It is vital for us, as human beings, to know our story and to live from the heart of that story, which speaks to the very essence of who we are.

This article is from my Attunement Meditations blog. Each week, I take a quotation from our Attunement literature and then offer my own reflections. This week’s quote is from Uranda, who founded the Attunement practice:

We stand for the core of things—a recognition of the fundamental realities which unify heavenly things and earthly things, in a realization of what the center of being actually is.

I went on to say this: 

Physically speaking, the center of mass of the human body is approximately somewhere behind the navel. But reading this quotation regarding the core of things, you probably suspect that this is not what Lloyd Arthur Meeker is addressing. 

For lack of any better way of expressing it, I believe that he is talking about spiritual realities in the human experience. And the use of the word core implies layers of our experience, from what is more peripheral to what is most central. 

The most central is the soul—the essence of selfhood, personally speaking. Yes, there are all the peripheral expressions of self—personality, thought, emotion, words, and physicality. Yet, as an individual, what is most essential? Where is that place in our human experience that is the very core of who we are, giving rise to all the expressions of self?

 I’m happy to ask the question without having an obvious instantaneous answer. I’m happy to ponder the nature of my soul without being able to locate it behind my navel or anywhere else in my physical body. 

I do know this. Within the soul is the spark of the Divine. Being true to myself is being true to that spark. It is attuning to it. As I do that, I unify the heavenly dimensions of me and the earthly dimensions of me. 

As an Attunement Practitioner, I am devoted to assisting others to find that spark within their own soul and attune to the Fire and Light that emanates from it. 

As an Attunement Practitioner, I, too, stand for the core of things. How about you?

It seems to be so easy, in our human experience, to get lost in the peripheral. And it is all relevant; it is all part of the human experience. We are having a physical experience, and we like to say, I am not my body—but my body is me. It is part of my human experience. My thoughts are part of my human experience. My feelings are too.

There are so many dimensions of us. And yet, if we do not identify what is most central, which is the very essence of who we are, then the distraction of the peripheral takes over a human life. And then what is most essential is lost.

In the Creation story in Genesis, it is said that the first human became a living soul. The Divine infused us with the essence of selfhood at the very beginning. It is the spiritual DNA of the human race.

This is true in the larger arc of the human story, and it is true for each one of us. That divine spark, the Wonderful One within us, incarnated as our human soul. And how often is that lost in the peripheral matters of the human experience?

When we look out upon the world, it is easy to see that we have lost that spark in so many facets of the human experience. The reality that made us—the very essence of who we are, that is the source of all Love, the source of all Life—has somehow been lost by the body of humankind. The spark is not out. But it has been banished from its rightful place, usurped by all the peripheral matters of human life that people place at the center of consciousness. Thankfully, there have been inspired lights down through the ages that have called us back to the core of our human soul and the spark of the Divine present there.

In the beginning of things was the seed of all we are to become as humankind. You and I carry that seed within us, just as surely as we carry our DNA. We carry this divine pattern of Being that is infused into our selfhood, though often overlooked. This is the seed of the reality that is all we are to become as humankind. Just as individually the Divine has planted the seed of who we are to become within us, so it is with the entire human race.

Speaking of this for all of us as humankind, you could easily challenge me and ask, How do you know? How do you know that the seed planted within the body of humanity is the seed of the Divine that holds within it the potentiality for everything we are becoming? For our oneness, for one love to prevail? How do you know that there is one life for all humankind and one transcendent soul that carries the heart of all humankind?

What might we call the selfhood of all humanity? The Oversoul? What name shall we give to this one unifying Being that we are all a part of?

E pluribus unum—out of the many, one; and out of the one, many. The Oversoul is the soul we share in common, the soul of humankind. It is the focalization of Being that brings us all together. That reality of selfhood was planted in our collective soul as humankind. And you could ask, How do you know? And I cannot prove it.

This is the seed that is within you and me and within all people. But what is the proof of the seed? What is the proof of any seed? Is it not the fruit that grows from that seed?

The proof of the seed within me is the fulfillment of my life. It is the presence of me in my life. The proof of the seed within humankind is the fulfillment of humankind. It sounds like a chicken-and-egg problem. We have a body of humanity that is not believing in the seed that is within it. But you cannot prove that the seed is there until it is allowed to take fruit—and it does not take fruit unless a human being opens to the seed and lets it be real in their experience.

So we move to the issue of faith—faith in the seed planted within each one of us and in our ability to be true to that seed. Being true to that faith requires that we become aware of the seed and attune everything on the periphery of us to the seed, just as a healthy body is true to its DNA. 

As Martin Cecil was fond of saying, Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. The seed is the spiritual essence of who we are. We tune in to essential matters, not because they are proven to us but because we discern them spiritually and then have faith in them. When we have faith in the seed, it sprouts, grows, and bears fruit. If you want proof, there it is—the fruit. But it comes only after discernment, faith, and Attunement to the seed.

So, we are called upon to exercise the power of faith and the power of attuning to the seed planted at the core of our soul. And then, in our Attunement, we enter a process of becoming, so that the reality of it is verified to us. It is not that we tune in to what we have faith in, and nothing happens. We start to become a living embodiment of the core of our soul. We bring all the power of that Being who we are. All that spiritual influence comes into the world.

This is true for us as an individual, and it is true for us as humankind. That is why we need individuals who have faith in the reality of themselves, but even more than that, a belief in who we are as humankind—a faith in our nobility in the face of all that happens in the world in which we live. Faith even in the face of the daily insult to the honor and dignity of who we are as humankind. The world needs people who have faith in the truth of who we are and who attune to that reality that we share in common. We need those who know our origin story as humankind.

As a child, the best comic books were the ones that told the origin story. They told how Bruce Wayne became Batman and how Superman came to Earth. And I can still hear Marlon Brando’s voice in the movie as Superman’s father, speaking to him as a baby in the spaceship hurtling toward Earth. That is his origin story. We have our origin story, and the reason that story is so powerful is because it is the story of the most essential factor in a human life.

Biblically, the seed and the fruit were called Alpha and Omega. It sounds profound, does it not? I am Alpha and Omega. It is not surprising that the disciple, John, who wrote those words, was familiar with the Greek language—at least enough to know that alpha and omega were the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. It was like me saying I am A and Z. It gets the point across. What was planted in the human race was there at the beginning of things, and it is there at the time of its fulfillment. It is the seed and the fruit.

The fruit of things is according to the beginning of things—if the seed is planted, if it receives all the elements that it needs to grow and develop and become all of what it is meant to be. Yes, I am the seed, and I am the fulfillment of the seed. I am the fruit.

We are speaking of spiritual things, and spiritual things have a manifestation in form. We have physical bodies, emotional bodies, and minds. But what is manifesting physically, in our bodies, in our lives, in our world, is manifesting out of a spiritual field that we are sharing and knowing. It manifests as a result of the spiritual energies moving in this field—or out of a lack of those spiritual energies. Where are those spiritual energies to come from in the body of humankind? Where are they to come from in a human life? We might say that they come from an invisible source, from that divine spark in the core of our soul. And yet, we need those who, as human beings, bring the divine spark to the spiritual field of this body of humanity.

We need universal priests and priestesses who bring the creative elements that grow this field of spirituality and consciousness for the body of humankind. We need individuals who themselves have profound faith, not only in the seed within themselves but in the seed planted in the soul of all humankind.

We need priests and priestesses who bring the superpowers of Love and Light. We are not relying on a God on high to grow this body of humanity, to evolve it, and let the promise within it bear fruit. That is why we are here as awake human beings: to be of service to the world, person by person, which is the only way it happens. We are bringing the spiritual superpowers of an enlightened soul. These are the powers that we inherit as we awaken and then have faith in what we have awakened to. As we allow it to become real for ourselves, we are then in position to minister to the body of humanity, one person at a time, for our collective evolution.

We all play a part in that evolution. None of us as human beings are somehow above it or exempt from it. We are part of this body of humanity, are we not? We did not get a free ticket to sainthood or bodhisattva status. And yet, as we awaken, we begin to come into position to bring the wind and the rain and the sun, and the deep, dark soil in which the seed that is present in a human being may sprout and grow, and so that, person by person, the body of humanity may awaken.

You might say there is something automatic about it all, but the automatic part does not work without us participating in it and being instruments of it. That is our destiny. As we tune in and then tune up between us, we offer Attunement out—the radiant power of spirit moving into this field of consciousness and energy, this spiritual field that we share with all humanity. We face the ignominy of it all, all the rockets and the bombs—literal rockets and bombs and then the verbal ones, and the spiritual rockets and bombs—all the horrific things that insult the honor and the nobility of who we are.

In the face of all that, we tell a different story. It is the story of the seed and the fruit that comes on the tree, which is the body of humanity. In essence, we say, We know who you are as a Being, and we know who we are together as humankind.

Our faith is more powerful than any rocket or bomb of any kind. Our faith is more powerful and more substantial to us—of greater stature, greater import, greater weight, and greater power.

Who are the great ones we look to from out of the past who have brought such things? Perhaps different for each of us. And yet we are here now. We are those ones today. You might have wished somebody else had already fulfilled the promise of the seed—that the tree, which is the body of humankind, had already fully fruited. But it hasn’t. That is left for us.

So, it comes to us to bring that great gift of faith and Attunement, bringing the spiritual superpowers of the Sovereign Soul, who we are, into this field for humankind.

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Cheyne Morris
Cheyne Morris
June 5, 2021 1:46 pm

the truth of our existence, individually and collectively, is embedded in this reality – what is my/our origin story? can i stand as the oak strong and steady, let the essence of origin flow through me, allow the nurturing, life giving essence to nourish my world. See the beauty in the fruits of divine creation, lovingly crafted.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
June 5, 2021 6:56 am

There are many seeds – a wealth of seeds – and so many possibilities. But out of one seed can grow a might oak. I am the product of a seed grown and nurtured to become a living soul, a living being.

How well do I protect and grow my soul? How well do I even respect my soul, know it is there, ever-present?

Socrates, the Greek, recognised he was a living soul. He also realised the importance of respecting and nurturing it – it thrives because it lives in love and truth otherwise something detracts from it. He held this amid a time of great turmoil in Athens. Others, down through the ages have done the same. This is our commission, too.

June 2, 2021 9:32 pm

I stand with you David, in letting this Divine story unfold, in, through, and by my living of it. Thank you for your clarion call unto all who will hear, to join together in getting this job done.

June 2, 2021 9:26 pm

“The Seed and the Fruit” This POS is such a clear and rich conveyance of the reality of Attunement, in its power and expression, from the very core of Being, then fanned out into every aspect of living. The depth of my soul is touched through these words. Thank you so much David.

June 2, 2021 8:00 pm

We know who you are as a Being, and we know who we are together as humankind. Thank you David, when we all know this together it is such a blessing….

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