The Pyramid and the Capstone

David Karchere

The Great Pyramid of Giza stands on the Giza Plateau, 15 miles southwest of modern-day Cairo. It is the largest and the oldest of the Giza pyramids. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World and the only one to remain largely intact.

The Great Pyramid is a profound symbol for the body of humanity and for an individual human being. So if you will go on a thought journey with me, let us reflect on the Great Pyramid and what it might be telling us about ourselves and about this great body of humankind that we are a part of.

In its current state, the pyramid no longer has a capstone, thought to have been made of gold. It also does not have an outer layer of limestone that it once had. The limestone block has been stripped away and stolen. One of the limestone blocks is on display at the National Museum of Scotland. People envision what the Great Pyramid must have looked like in the Egyptian sun, with its outer casing of white limestone shining brilliantly in the sun, and its golden capstone.

How might that all be symbolic of us as individual human beings and us as a body of humanity? The limestone might represent the radiance of the Christ love that is natural in the energy field of a human being. The golden capstone might represent the spiritual substance at the highest level of a human being—the highest love in the human experience that is the seat of the human soul. This is where the authentic sense of self is known. When that apex substance is present for a person, where there is an assured knowing of self in the context of the gold of the highest love, then very naturally there is the Christ radiance.

I would like to take this metaphor further. Imagine an invisible pyramid inverted, with its apex pointing down, directly above the Great Pyramid of Giza. Imagine that in its original state, the apex of the Great Pyramid connected with the apex of that invisible pyramid. And that a higher reality—the power and presence of it—came to focus at the apex point of the inverted pyramid, which connected to the physical pyramid’s capstone.

Is that lucid in your mind now? A physical pyramid with its capstone in place and touching the apex point of an invisible inverted pyramid that brings to focus the power and presence of a reality that is of cosmic proportion. Now picture that the pyramid is you.

What does this portray? The larger reality of Being, and all the loving energy relevant to you—wherever it may come from throughout the cosmos—is brought to focus, especially for you. You do not have to search the cosmos for it. It is collected and focalized, and given to you. It is immediately available for you. The cosmos focuses its wisdom relevant to you and your life. You do not have to go searching for it. The love that encompasses you, the love you belong to, very specifically as a human being, is right there for you.

The same is true for every human being on the face of Planet Earth. And it is true for all of us collectively as the body of humankind.

Now envision the pyramid of our Being as it would be if it were missing its capstone. Remember that this is the highest place in us, which is the seat of our soul and the home of our assured self and the place of receiving at the apex point of our experience all that the cosmos is ready to give us. But if the capstone is not present, we are not in position to receive what has been brought to focus specifically for us. There is the truth of who we are, the Love of Being, right there. And indeed, there is the higher reality of the Being who we are. But the substance through which it might enter is not there.

In last week’s Pulse of Spirit, I shared this verse from the Song of Solomon:

My beloved is mine, and I am his. (Song of Solomon 2:16)

It would also be true, from a woman’s standpoint particularly, to say:

My beloved is mine, and I am hers.

Here is an expression of self-love—love of the higher reality of the Being who we are, the Beloved. The Song of Solomon portrays the experience when the capstone is in place in the human experience. There is a place for the Beloved to come in. There is a place in us to know ourselves as sovereign souls. And there is the substance in us that touches the Beloved and all the love and wisdom brought by the Beloved. Cosmic powers activate the stone pyramid, emanating from the invisible inverted pyramid above it.

The practice of Attunement generates spiritual substance at the capstone of our human experience, and then we become filled with the radiance of the Attunement current.

In the practice of Attunement, we are regenerating the apex of our own experience, realizing that we are sharing this experience with all humankind, in which the apex is missing—the gold is missing, and the rightful radiance of the human race has been stripped bare.

I am confident that you and I have each had to face this in our own way on our human journey. We have had to face the fact that we inherited this experience from the body of humanity. We have inherited the dysfunctional spiritual habit that creates a state that is out of Attunement. And so, we have consciously intervened in our own lives. We have consciously attuned ourselves and powerfully declared that we are no longer slaves to the state of being stripped bare of our innate radiance. We have consciously reminded ourselves that we are held in the arms of the Beloved.

Now, you may tell me that I have it wrong—that you have sailed through life, never having to intervene in your human tendency to disconnect from love, from your inner knowing, and from the higher reality of who you are. But if you have subscribed to this Pulse of Spirit and read this far in this article, my money is on the fact that you are an awakened human being who has not only creatively intervened in your own life but who has contributed to the awakening of others.

We know what it means to consciously intervene in our own ignorant tendencies. How many times have we done it in our life? And if you get asked to do it once more, will you do it? One more occasion where the human habit of unconscious ignorance asserts itself, one more time when there is the conscious intercession that says I am a child of God? We assert the knowing that I am in heaven. And when we say those words, we declare that we belong to the reality of self that transcends the usual human experience.

I am in heaven. I am that I am. Yes, I have a human experience, but I am that I am. I am in heaven, and I am asserting who I am in my human experience. But I am not only doing it for myself. I am claiming it for you and anyone I meet. I am asserting it for the world in which I live. I am in heaven. I am interceding.

Together we have the opportunity to intercede in the usual pattern and function of humankind as it has come to be, and perform the radical act of regenerating the apex of human experience that has become unfamiliar and even scary to people. And if you show up knowing the height of who you are, the people around you are apt to look at you funny. Perhaps they don’t recognize you. They don’t know why you do not fit into the usual patterns of the culture around you. Or why you are shining with an unusual light that they can hardly see. And yet, we know we are showing up to regenerate the apex of human experience.

We are regenerating the apex for ourselves, our friends, our world, and the world. We are banding together to consciously be part of that regeneration.

And as we do, there is the reality of what is represented by that invisible inverted triangle that I invited you to imagine. There is the reality of Being, love and power, and light brought to focus from throughout the cosmos, specific to this planet and this body of humankind. The focus of love is present. And so, we provide this apex substance so that this focus of love may be expressed, embodied, and known by us as humankind; so that we may know we belong to the focus of love, the focus of reality, the focus of Being—to supreme Love. And know that our Beloved is ours, we embrace the Beloved, and we are His.

I cannot imagine this body of humankind, represented by the Great Pyramid, coming together and having its radiance restored—having its wholeness restored, coming to a place of peace, and thriving in the world—without a return of the capstone and a knowing of the inner reality of the Being that we are as humankind. E Pluribus Unum—out of many, one. One reality, holographically known by each of us in the uniqueness of our Being, as colors of a rainbow, of the one white light.

It might seem far-fetched and abstract, and yet it is as immediate as you and me. And I would put to you that we face this issue every day of our life. And this issue is an opportunity to intercede in the regularly scheduled programming of humankind on behalf of what is above. We are disrupting the patterns of fear and bringing the radiance of wisdom and love. We make all things new.

This is my calling. Is it yours? If so, let us conspire together to perform the audacious act of regenerating the capstone for this body of humanity, so that the reality of who we are collectively may enter this body fully. Let the substance of the highest love be generated and known among us. Let the Christ Spirit enter in and radiate from all humankind.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
June 18, 2021 9:31 pm

The symbolism, and perhaps function, of the Great Pyramid as David describes it, creates a strong image regarding man’s place the the cosmic plan.

Having a regard for a grander scheme than a mere mortal existence is exciting as well as freeing. We are all part of a much larger and grander project. So, how can you be aloof or lonely when destined to be part of something? – you already belong and have a part to play; there are no substitute or token roles.

There are schemes in the business world called pyramid schemes where the one or few at the top secure their wealth by all those working beneath, to their benefit. This other model is the heavenly or cosmic pyramid scheme where, as with a hologram, all are integrated and part of the whole; out of one, many.

In the Japanese tradition, the word Ikigai refers to having an innate purpose in life, the urge to live. Take time to consider your mission or calling, your vocation or what you can give, your passion or what you love to do and lastly, the remuneration or reciprocation that comes your way to sustain your life – food, money, friendship, happiness, etc. These become a guide to a long and healthy life.

Another Japanese phrase, ichigo ichie, essentially means what is experienced now will never happen again, so each moment is to be valued, even in the simplest of things. Find ways to be captivated and make the ordinary special. This is the easiest way to build a pyramid, too. It is a time of enlightenment, no longer the heavy blocks of stone of the great pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the task at hand is of a different order. Be joyful, make light work.

Ngugi Kimani
Ngugi Kimani
June 18, 2021 3:33 pm

Hi David!
Thank you for sharing this.
It’s a beautiful illustration of the missing Truth which the architects of the Pyramids wished to pass on to Mankind.
The Gold apex being the quintessence of my spirit Being Joined to the Heavenly being I am..
I am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is mine.
I can’t stop thinking about it.
God bless 🙏 you.
Thank you

Ernie Riedel
Ernie Riedel
June 18, 2021 12:58 am

David, I want to thank you for the wonderful words you just posted in regards to the Great Pyramid. It has so much true meaning and purpose to it, but only if the word(s) are made flesh, In other words, as long as we let these words be our experience, if they are just words, they mean precious little, but it opens up a wonderful opportunity for us to grow in stature and be a part of the movement of playing our individual part of the Salvation of the world that is taking place in the now.

June 17, 2021 5:31 pm

This may be the most important thing we as humans need to remember – how else can we find the energy within to help others with ease and grace – Here is an expression of self-love—love of the higher reality of the Being who we are, the Beloved.

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