The Power to Transmute Human Culture

David Karchere

Captain Tom Moore is a British veteran of World War II who was recently close to his hundredth birthday when he decided that he would raise money for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. And so he went around his garden on his walker and had people commit to donate money for every lap that he made. He hoped to raise £1,000, as a ninety-nine-year-old man going around his garden.

By the date of his hundredth birthday, Captain Tom had done a hundred laps and raised donations of £30 million for the National Health Service! He lifted the spirit of a country. Captain Tom gained recognition from the prime minister and the Queen. His recorded rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” raised still more money and topped the music charts in the UK.

Here is someone who changed the morphic field of the United Kingdom, and indeed the world. He didn’t do it all by himself. But because of what was moving in his mind and heart, and his willingness to act on it, he activated the spirit of a nation, lifted their hearts, inspired their minds, and helped bring them through this terrible time.

Here is an example of the activation of the morphic field. In the context of Emissaries of Divine Light, we know that field by other names: the creative field, pneumaplasm, or the auric field. Martin Cecil said that Emissaries of Divine Light was a “spiritual expression plane approach,” meaning that it had altogether to do with the spiritual nature of humankind and the expression of the spirit of the Most High, coming through the human experience. That generates an auric field through which spiritual power moves. It creates a spiritual force field, which is very naturally the field for Creation. It is how Creation throughout the universe works and how it’s meant to work in our own human experience.

This field, or the lack of it, is at the heart of human culture. There are many forms of culture. When we say that word, perhaps we think of art. I noticed in a news report this morning that the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is empty. The statues, paintings and archaeological relics are still there. But there are no people except the caretakers of the museum. The objects collected in the museum from centuries and millennia past are the outer forms of culture, which don’t have great meaning all by themselves. They have meaning as they give expression to something that underlies the outer forms of their expression—the morphic field that is at the root of the culture in which we live as human beings.

Within human culture—at its core—there is a lineage of Divine connection. Each of us has a unique lineage, and that lineage carries the thread of connection to the source of all Creation. And so, within the morphic field of humanity there is the upright and the beautiful. There is the courageous. There is the legacy of men and women down through history who have lived lives of dedicated service, and of all the awakened human beings who have contributed to human culture.

And yet we have to acknowledge that within human culture as it is, there is something else—there is corruption and a disconnect from cosmic reality. There is a separation from the power of Love and from the mind of God, so that the minds and hearts of human beings have, in so many ways, become disconnected from that universal reality. And just as our thinking and our feeling change when we connect to what is right and true at the core of human culture, when our thinking and feeling is reactive to what is corrupt in human culture—which is certainly represented in many of the forms of culture—something happens to our own thinking. We buy into a reality that is disconnected from the Eternal. We buy into a force field that is shaping the outer forms of culture and the outer forms of human experience, and that has led us to this time of crisis.

We are here in the middle of that experience, very deliberately allowing our auric field to reconnect to the Eternal. It’s reconnecting through you, it’s reconnecting through me, and it is reconnecting through all of us together. And in our openheartedness upward and in the opening of our minds to the mind of the Eternal, our whole field is beginning to reverberate with that wisdom and power.

We are not trying to create a one-time wonder. What we are sharing in this Pulse of Spirit is an opportunity to allow a particular intensification in this auric field we are sharing together. It is a particular “plumping up of the pneumaplasm,” as someone once put it. It is an opportunity to allow for the radiation of Spirit to move in an amplified way through our auric field, in service to all of humankind. Let’s let it rip! “Let love radiate without concern for results,” from the very heart of this field that you and I share. And let that radiation continue in its natural rhythms over time.

Together, in the truth of who we are, we stand at the center of this field, at that pulsating center of the God Field, which is what the auric field rightly is. And just as the field of human culture, as it’s been, has been a force field that has been shaping human experience, we know that as this field rises to meet its potential, the field of human culture becomes Divine culture. It becomes the God Field. We find ourselves standing at the center of that Field.

We look at the world in which we live and it is easy enough to see the corruption of human culture. It’s easy enough to see it in ourselves when we are honest. It can be shocking to see some element of a lack of integrity in oneself. It might be some residue of memory or some pattern of habit—one of the myriad habits of human culture that is present in ourselves. It might be a habit of thought and feeling, a way of being or a way of acting. It can be shocking to see. And yet perhaps we have learned that when we see such things, we simply open more fully to the Divine. We only become more centered. We stand in the holy place in ourselves and in the reality of the God Center that we know; and in doing so, those things that are out of integrity are transmuted, not because we allow ourselves to be filled with shame or judgment but because we embrace the Divine. And embracing it, we know it for ourselves and reverberate with it. The vibration of Love and the Light of Truth come through us. We find that our human heart and our human mind are perfectly made to be an instrument of Divine Love and of the mind of God.

So we pray that the Divine enters our own consciousness. And with that, we experience a new relationship to our own culture of one. Our own little piece of human culture begins to reverberate powerfully with the vibration of the Divine. And then our collective auric field begins to do the same. It begins to intensify, not as a one-time event but as a punctuation of an ongoing way of being together and a way of being personally, knowing that we all incarnated together for a reason. We are fulfilling that reason.

We know that Divine vibration conditions culture. And yes, the outer forms of culture are necessary and beautiful. But the form, of itself, has meaning only because it’s connected to the underlying cultural event. That event is the vibration of the Divine moving through the auric field.

The forms of original culture can be important because they allow people to connect ever more deeply with an underlying reality. Those forms bring the resonance of the Divine to human minds and hearts. And then we find this magical connection between what’s happening in consciousness and what’s happening in the auric field.

For those of us who offer Attunements, that is the magic of it—not that we generate some strange body energy in giving that Attunement. Rather, we find that shifts in our own consciousness activate our auric field. This creates a morphic resonance between our own auric field and the auric field of the person with whom we are sharing the Attunement. And then, because we have connected with another person in that way, there are shifts that begin to happen in their consciousness that allow them to intensify their own connection to the Highest Love and to the highest truth of who they are.

I affirm with you that what we are doing together is absolutely real. In fact, it is on these principles that human culture, as it is, is perpetuated, for better or for worse. Yes, there are the outer forms of human culture as it is. But then, underneath that culture, there is an energy to it that is, in so many ways, fear-based. We are talking about these true principles being activated on a new basis—by the Highest Love and by Divine Light.

We find that the world of physical things is still relevant and very much in play. But what we find is that the integrity of physical things isn’t something unto itself. Its integrity relies on its relationship to the field of consciousness and the patterns of the Divine. And we realize that there is no physical integrity outside of that.

We see that mental integrity, as well as honesty, is still relevant, not as a thing unto itself but as something that relates to the Divine. Our thinking has no integrity without relating to the mind of God.

From the perspective of the spiritual expression plane approach, the human spirit becomes the spirit of the Creator. Our spirit becomes that. The God Center above descends into us. The reality from above descends into us. And as Martin said:

Busy thought and troubled feeling 
Trespass not in virtue’s wise serenity 
Where firm control and awful power 
Eternally abide.

When we walk through a storm—or through a global pandemic—we bring that firm control and awful power of the Divine that enters us, that surrounds us, that holds us, and then radiates through us in blessing, bringing its transmuting power to human culture.

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Nick podovinikoff
Nick podovinikoff
May 10, 2020 1:51 am

Nik p

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
May 9, 2020 8:41 am

We are living in extraordinary times. We have no knowing as to whether this period of Lockdown is really to do with the Coronavirus, or whether a vast conspiracy on behalf of global political powers, or something else; but, it is a wonderful platform to decide for oneself. These are significant words from David. I choose to be working in the morphic field – to be part of the God Squad.

I am loving these days. I am working at home to provide home-schooling for children. I am using my creativity to not only inspire children, but to encourage colleagues, too. Colleague-ship is teamwork.

Food for thought. What is that? LOVE. For new thinking, new ways of doing things. Inspiration. This is the time to get creative in all ways. Broaden horizons. Stretch. Shift.

I’ve been getting into the deeper reaches of my garden. An overgrown hedge is thick with detriment – old wood, creeper; lacking sunlight. I am thinking about this as a metaphor for other ranges of old thinking, old cultural practice, habits, ideas which don’t fit anymore. New life needs the sunshine to activate new growth… And where does this welcome sunshine come from? From the cosmos, from Creation itself. Let that be at work in all spheres of life and endeavour – and in my work.

With gratitude.

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