The Positive Expression of Grace


We stand on earth, being witnessed by the sun and the solar system around us, and by the larger pattern of Being that we relate to when we look up at the night sky and see those tiny points of light we call stars. The stars remind us that we here on earth are not alone and that what we are doing is being witnessed by the larger pattern of Being. Does it take a scientific experiment to prove this? Do we have to find evidence of ETs to know that we are not alone?

The journey to grace is the journey to knowing there’s a lot more to you and there’s a lot more to this life we are leading, beyond the size and shape of our human form. And while we have to have the courage to live in our humanity, we’re calling upon a higher love than is typically known in a human life. We’re calling upon a higher truth than you’re going to read in any book you might pick up, although, in a rare book, you may find an expression of that higher truth. That higher truth ennobles you and it ennobles me. When I am living in it, I am holding up a window. I am living that reality, and I am inviting that from you.

And so it is for each of us. In everything that we do and say, in every act of Creation, we can be calling upon a higher truth and inviting it to be here.

Coming into grace is the willingness to bring the love and dominion of the Creator that we are to other people. It is the power we have to bring life, and the power we have to bring dominion to our own human experience and to make choices, and then to make corrections when we see ourselves veering from our path.

The corrections in life are similar to the ones made by the pilot of an airplane or the skipper of a boat. There are only brief moments when an airplane is actually on course—when it’s flying exactly the bearing intended by the pilot. All the rest of the time it’s slightly off course to one side or another. The pilot is constantly taking it across dead center, first from one side of the plotted course and then to the other. In the larger flight path, it might look more or less like a straight line—although if you looked at any small part of the actual flight path, you would notice that it was actually moving from one side to another.

I haven’t flown an airplane, but I’ve sailed a sailboat and it’s a similar operation. I can still hear my father’s words ringing in my ears from when I was a boy: “Small movements of the tiller, Dave,” because an experienced sailor isn’t trying to make the whole correction at once. You’d end up flying over onto the other side of the intended course. No, you simply make a small correction and just keep the boat moving through the waves, moving from one side of the intended course to the other, but never too far off, and always coming back.

Do we object to those course corrections that are called upon for us in our life? Perhaps those corrections come from someone else’s lips. And then, what is the response? Who are you to question what I am doing? Don’t you trust me? Who are you to tell me I’m not doing it right? I’ve always done it this way.

A person might stand in what they think of as pride but which is actually some kind of obstinacy. It is obstinacy not to be open to the larger wisdom of Creation that’s present, always available to us to be called upon so that we can sail the course that we’re meant to sail on our journey to grace.

Grace is both a journey and it’s a present reality. When we come into grace and begin to know it personally, we have the opportunity to bring ourselves constantly back to that experience. Then we are bringing our world to grace.

Grace is both something that comes to us and it is also the positive power of the Creator that we bring. As human beings, we are created to be angels of grace.

So living in grace isn’t only a matter of receiving grace. It’s a matter of giving it. And what is giving grace? It’s standing in your stature as a creator and bringing the awesome power of Creation into your life and into your world. We begin our journey to grace on our knees, in prayer and openness. Coming to grace in our life, we are standing in a place of awesome power and wisdom that we inherit as a creator.

Living in grace includes facing the awful things that happen in our world, such as the massacre in Nice and the attempted coup in Turkey, and such as the daily calamities that we’re exposed to in our life. Grace is being in those things and accepting them and being present anyway, and then receiving the power of grace into ourselves.

In receiving the awesome power of the Creator, and the wisdom and the pattern of Creation into our life, we are not just weathering the calamity. We are bringing Creation and life and vitality and success. We are making the course corrections that allow our life to be a success so that we may truly live, and our world may truly live. We are showing up as the Creator.

I’m glad there are people in Turkey who said no to the coup d’état. I’m glad that there are people in my home at Sunrise Ranch who take the attitude, “This place will live, this place will thrive and we will do the things that allow it to thrive.” I believe that’s important wherever human beings are. No, we’re not just going to keep on creating the calamity and then ask for God’s grace in the middle of it. Yes, we’ll face the calamity, but we’ll make the course corrections that bring life, that bring grace to this world, and change the pattern. We’ll call upon a nobility that we have yet to fully embrace as human beings, a stature that we haven’t known before, a way of relating to each other that transcends all the human personality connections that we have known, and which ennobles them. We’ll call on our transcendent relationship as Creator-beings, and in that stature say we’re here for this. We’re here to bring grace. We’re here to live in grace. We’re here to know grace and call upon the grace that’s within each one.

I don’t want to just stumble through in a calamitous life and then call it grace. I want to live in success and fulfillment and happiness and joy and creatorship that accepts full responsibility for being the Creator in this world, in human form. I believe we act differently when we fully accept our creatorship. I’m not here as a victim of your words and actions or anyone else’s. I am here as a co-creator. How about you? Shall we co-create together?

I believe we all came for this. We came to complete something, and there’s part of us that never stops until we do. Let’s not let the outer part of us stop while our spirit inside is still going and saying, “Keep going! Don’t stop!” We may be tired and discouraged on the outside. But somewhere on the inside, however deeply buried, our spirit is ready for action.

Don’t let your body, mind and emotions stop when your spirit still has something to do. As long as we have breath, we’re here to be the Creator, we’re here to co-create in all things. If we are the Creator, then all the other little issues can be seen in that larger pattern and they can be solved in that larger pattern. And whatever course corrections we need to make, we can make them, without a problem. The Creator has no problem making the correction in the human experience. A human ego has a big problem with that. With those corrections, we are on to victory.

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Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
July 25, 2016 5:58 pm

In recent weeks, I’ve received numerous expressions of gratitude from folk wanting to thank me for the influence I’ve had in their lives in my 9 years at Riverdell. As I humbly reflect upon all this, I see how I’ve grown in my ability to first receive, and then offer, the power of grace. I came to Riverdell knowing something deeper was calling for release and it took a few years for the reformatting of my inner hard drive to happen before I started to experience in a new way the beauty of the express, experience, know design. As I stepped more fully into being the radiance of grace in my world, a different world appeared and I could prove this to myself as often as I liked. I feel incredibly blessed to have been held in grace by so many such that I could learn how to embody that myself.

I’ve been interested to notice my thoughts in this transition period. I’ve had thoughts such as “things would be more exciting if something went wrong – what could I do to make that happen?” How curious – that somewhere within me is a remnant memory that the best things in life arise from drama. I deeply know this is not true – the best things in life come from living in grace.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
July 24, 2016 8:34 am

I believe that we are ‘wired’ for bringing the positive expression of Grace – in fact, we have an ‘app’ for that – a human one.
The app consists of ‘eyes’ – that we may see the beauty in our world and in one another, the perfection and not the distortions only.
The app consists of ‘heart’ – the sun plexus – through this we are able to radiate the inner sun aspects that we are being. Our wholeness. The sun plexus allows us to make meaning of the factors coming into and through the solar plexus and allows us to ‘nourish one another’.
The app consists also of ‘higher mind’ – the aspects that allows knowing of Truth in it’s fullness.
We are blessed to have received Grace even before we incarnated and what a privilege to express positive Grace at this time on our Planet when radiance, unconditional Love and Wisdom is vitally needed.
Blessings to everyone in this network.
It’s simple and complex at the same time, a ‘riddle’ once understood, is a ‘riddle’ no more. That is why we can sing together – ‘the mystery of God is finished on Earth.”.

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