The Original Cause for Our Life

Jane Anetrini

In each moment we have the opportunity to know the experience of oneness. In many ways, that’s become a cliché: All is one; we are all one. Yet life reveals the truth of that statement everywhere you look. The experience of oneness is known when we decide to be in the still place within, the place of peace where all is one. We often feel that experience in nature. We feel the stillness, the communion with the beauty we see and smell. We know the exchange of breath with the trees: we give them our carbon dioxide and they give us their oxygen. But we are not only one with nature; as human beings, we are all one, part of one body of people. Whatever time it is now, as you read these words, I am one with you in that now.

We have been talking about the signature vibration of humanity. It is the vibration of origination, the originating vibration. Wherever we are, whatever the time and space we find ourselves in, that vibration is present and ready to manifest the new. It is the pulsation of Original Cause. It is our point of orientation. As we orient to it, we become a living lighthouse.

There is an abundance of substitute causes that want our attention. If we so choose, they become our purpose. They can replace the Original Cause for our life. We can worship these substitute causes, allowing them to be the decider of our life energies and the place we put our passion. Political issues, environmental causes, even our own hurt feelings, can become the boss of us. And while all these things have a rightful place in our lives and in our world, they shouldn’t obscure what gives us life. We can make choices to serve these causes in a way that loses our orientation in the stillness of the Original Cause that connects all people.

Yesterday I was introduced to an old Celtic hymn, “Be Thou My Vision.” It was new to me and spoke to this still place I know, of connection to Original Cause.

Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art.

The words of that hymn express my prayer: May Original Cause always be my guide. May there not be any substitute causes taking up that space.

Naught be all else to me—let nothing else take that space where I know oneness, where I am connected to everything. May my vision never waver from Original Cause. Then I am awake to the potential in every situation in which I find myself. I bring Original Cause through my expression and my service. I can say yes to that in any situation in which I find myself, and the vibration of Original Cause will expand because I am present.

This is the creative process we have the opportunity to participate in. As we do so, the generation of our living creates a vital atmosphere in which the signature vibration of who I am can resonate. That magnifies the oneness of all things. When we are distracted by substitute causes, we jump in and out of that still place and can convince ourselves that the stillness and oneness we know are not real.

The creative process is happening, and we are part of it. But if we take ourselves out of it by paying attention to all these substitute causes that we might think deserve our attention, we create chaos and disconnection. Naught be all else to me. Nothing else but the originating cause should be the point of my orientation. From that place of union with Original Cause, I know that the circumstance in front of me is a perfect place for me to pour out my spirit. And then, the stillness and the peace of that outpouring invite others to know it is true of them too.

I know I have found myself in a situation where I thought, “Not me!” I was looking around for someone else to do the necessary job. The circumstance could be unappealing or overwhelming. I could begin to be directed by how I feel about the situation. My feelings could become a big substitute cause. In truth, I am the perfect one at the perfect time to bring the perfect vision. I am there to offer the perfectly fitting word and the perfectly fitting action. I can make the situation shine with the joy of the possible because life is moving through me into it.

I know there have been times when I have let my feelings about things take over—not a creative way to handle the situation. It doesn’t mean the feelings aren’t real. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t things present in my mind and my heart that could confuse me. But the most important matter is being at the place of Original Cause. From there, I know the oneness with all that’s happening. Many times, the stress we feel is because we haven’t been paying attention to that stillness and that peace and have pulled ourselves out of the opportunity.

Right now, here in Loveland, Colorado, we have ash falling all over everything. There are multiple large fires nearby. When I got into my car, I had to use my wipers to remove ash, not water. When I watered my plants this morning, they all had a dusting from the fires at Cameron Pass. And the air is filled with smoke and ash, which isn’t healthy for our bodies. We are the radiant ones, holding a place of stillness and peace for this world so that something creative can happen in this situation. We can bless all those who are tending that fire and bless this world so that it might come to balance. We don’t need a crisis to realize our presence matters. We are the perfect ones, wherever we find ourselves.

I have found myself in situations where I’ve felt like I was in a dry well, with nothing left to drink and nothing more to do. I was stuck. I learned that I needed to move, to live, to change something. I needed to pour myself out a blessing so I could see again from that still, peaceful place. I decided to stop waiting, stop expecting that something outside me would get me out of the situation. I’m in the situation because I am the perfect one. That’s not just my job; it’s my delight. In every situation, if I am awake, there is the potential to bring more light, more life, more joy.

Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart 
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art.

So, I remind myself: Keep your eye on Original Cause. Keep your eye on the originating vibration. It is originating new life. The original vibration didn’t stop after the world was created. That vibration is resonant with the vibration that’s pulsating now. Life has a vibration; love has a vibration. It is animating me, it’s animating you, and all who read these words. The vibration that is animating you and me right now is the vibration at the core of the whirlwind of Being. Whatever is happening in our physical bodies or in our hearts and minds, that vibration is still present, and we have a chance to not only orient to it but to pay attention to it and amplify it in the world.

That requires that we hold true to our point of orientation. Then we pour ourselves into every situation we find ourselves in. Then, every person we are with gets the opportunity to be bathed by our glory.

Years ago, a friend said to me, “I realize that when I pass by someone, I might be their only opportunity to see the face of God in another human being. I may be their only opportunity to be seen for who they truly are. So if I’m not on the job, they may never have another chance.” I take that responsibility very seriously. Naught be all else to me, save that thou art. I must not be distracted by substitute causes, including the things that are disturbing me in my home, my community and my heart. They need to find resonance with me. They need to find a spiritual home with me.

So much of the world is craving the company of human beings who are living a life of service that comes from honoring Original Cause. I don’t care where you are in the world right now, we are together to offer this opportunity, me with you and you with me. It comes down to that. What are we going to do with the rest of our lives? What are we going to do with the next hour? How much love are you capable of pouring into this world? You are already magnificent and whole and holy. You are an instrument of love. Original Cause designed you to allow the vibration that’s in you to come out as light into the world. The pulse of spirit is pulsating as one pulse at the same time all over this planet. We live in various parts of the world, knowing that same pulse. Can you feel it? Can you hear it? I can. I can’t hear your voice, but I can hear you.

There is a sea of substance that carries that vibration, and it is a love vibration. That substance is our connection with Original Cause and with each other, and it is an amplifier of vibration.

It is always true that you are the right person to radiate the vibration of love without concern for results, wherever you find yourself. You can bring wisdom, blessing and power. You can choose to stay clear, being the one who is the means to manifest the possible. What can manifest now because you give yourself into the situation and fill it up with originating vibration?

I’m not going to waste my shot at letting you know how important this is to me and how important you are to me. What great significance there is in the body of people who are saying yes! I count on you, I need you, I love you, I want you. I want you to know we are doing this together. As humankind, we are designed to do this together. So I give thanks for those who say Yes, I want to bring the originating vibration. So many have forgotten that the pulse of spirit moving through them is them, wanting to move out into the world. They may have distracted themselves with all these secondary things that are of no importance! They are secondary to our purpose and secondary to the vitality and passion we get to live and experience together. We have deep feelings about this because it is our connection to the Invisible, to the possible that is at stake.

Be Thou my vision… Let me see through the eyes of the truth. Let me know that what I am doing matters because I’m paying attention. I am sanctifying what is right in front of me. I am sanctifying all of you who read this by letting you know that my love is real, my life is significant, as is yours.

I was just listening to words from Martin Exeter. They are from 1987. He was honoring the passing of John Waskom, a man of stature and significance because he brought the pulse of spirit to the world. Whenever I hear the honoring of someone whose life was vitally important, I realize that I’m thankful for that person. But most importantly, I’m grateful that I still have a chance to live a life that has significance and meaning. I still have the opportunity to allow the fire of my love to be known on earth, to let the crystal-clear waters of life flow from my heart, inviting others to drink.

Jesus brought this message to the world in so many ways. Unfortunately, so many people have thought he was unique—that it was his job, and it is not theirs. Acknowledging that you are the light of the world yourself, you know that you are designed to be an instrument of love. You are an instrument of love. Open the dang hose! Let it pour out into the world. Stop being a kink in the hose. Be that fountain of life offering a drink of life-giving water.

I invite you to share this Attunement prayer with me.

We know the power of our agreement. We know the significance of our friendships and of the moment we have to live right now, the perfect moment to be ourselves and to love perfectly.

We acknowledge the disasters happening on this planet—the fires, the floods, the devastations, the slavery, the slaughtering, and the violence. We pour our love into the world to change the vibration behind these things and to change our collective future. We let love radiate without concern for results. We know that God wins. Love wins.

 We open ourselves in surrender, to be penetrated by the Spirit of the Father, to welcome the Spirit of the Mother, and to pour out the Spirit of Life. We open our hearts in surrender to the majesty of what holds this world, knowing we are instruments of it and part of it. We are one.

 What a wonderful gift it is to be alive on this day! Aum-en.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
September 12, 2020 6:31 am

Fiona Gawronsky’s comment:

Typo: It’s a Netflix film documentary, not a “document”.
And the filming is breath-taking. Please see it if you can.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
September 12, 2020 6:23 am

To find that significant place inside oneself…. that naught be all else… I guess the word “naught” also means “zero”… the zero point of origination

My very oldest, dearest friend from London sent me a photograph this week. It might have well travelled in a bottle, and thrown into the Atlantic Ocean, it took so long to get here! However, it is a black and white picture of me at around 8 years old. And it made me think about that little girl; who she was then, and what she is now. That little girl already knew things. The vibration calling out to humanity. In fact, she had met Emissaries, and she knew them as significant beings, Roger de Winton being one of them. The little girl also knew how much she loved to be creative, to draw and paint, and she is still inspired to draw and paint today.

There is a document out on Netflix, “My Octopus Teacher”. Craig Foster lives in Cape Town. He grew up on the Atlantic coast and learned to love the ocean. As a young man, he and his brother went to the Kalahari Desert region in the South African hinterland to film the San people; the ancient people of this part of the world. He was deeply inspired.

In midlife he faced a crisis, deeply depressed. The he drew into himself to find his own origin and purpose and took to the ocean. He went diving into the kelp forest on the doorstep of his ocean-side home, and braved the ice-cold Atlantic for the wonderment of the world beneath the surface. His internal inspiration was matched in his external ocean-field by an octopus who he grew to love and cherish because she too demonstrated the supreme intelligence of the natural world of which Foster realised he was profoundly a part.

We are born, and gifted, with the world inside us. We just have to live from our sense of origin, wherever we find it; and to put that beauty out there, like we are painting our own canvas.

Ask yourself, what is my picture looking like?

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