The Joining of Pater and Mater Creates the New Order

David Karchere

We’ve become aware that our police force in America has become increasingly militarized. In some cases, its actions have been unchecked and it is abusing citizens and particularly people of color. The awareness of police harassment and violence has spread around the world.

In Minneapolis, which was the site of a brutal murder by the police of George Floyd, the City Council has voted to put forward a proposal that would do away with their police force in favor of a Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention. Similar ideas are going around the country. There is the thought that much of the work that is currently being done by the police force could be done by people who have a background and training in social work. I doubt that there is anyone who is thinking that we are ready to totally do away with the function of the police, and there is still a police function in the proposal that the Minneapolis City Council is working on.

I’m not going to go further into the outer facets of public policy. But I would like to use this issue as an example of a substitute pattern of control that’s present in the human experience. Policing—the word is from the same ancient Greek word as the words policy and politics: polis, which refers to a city or state.

The policing of a city or state is a substitute pattern of control of human culture. More broadly, policing is the imposition of a pattern on the part of the powerful upon those less powerful. Laws, policies, guidelines and rules that impose a degree of order on society are established and enforced. This seems necessary because the patterns of control that work in their own way in nature have become broken in the human experience.

This imposition has been described as patriarchy. Somebody has an idea about how everybody should behave, and then through policy, law and policing they try to impose that pattern upon the culture. And the males of our species have been heavily involved in this. But so have females. How do we transition from this substitute pattern to a truly creative basis for culture?

To answer that question, we must first have a vision of how creativity works in culture on a true basis so that we don’t need substitute patterns of control imposing something that is not natural to people or to the process of creation.

Creation in any arena, including human culture, relies on an activating element in creation. No activation, no creation. In human culture, that might express itself as some kind of leadership—perhaps governmental leadership, family leadership, religious or organizational leadership. There has to be some kind of activating element in human culture or we are wandering around chaotically. That activating element is responsible for bringing a vibration, and it is that vibration that activates culture.

Think of cymatics—the science of sound vibration’s effect on physical substances. The principles of cymatics are at work in human culture. Leaders of any kind bring into culture a vibrational frequency—hopefully a finely tuned vibration that is relevant to the creative process. That vibration creates a pattern in human thought and feeling. It is a vibration that rightly changes frequency over time.

A good piece of music portrays just us, which is why we love good music. It isn’t simply one note sustained without variation. There is a progression of frequencies that portray the beauty of an unfolding pattern of frequencies that bring an unfolding pattern of Creation.

Today, I, with others online, listened to Alex Bootzin, a highly accomplished concert pianist, play several classical pieces. The piano wasn’t going to play itself. It needed an activating element—Alex. And there was, apparently, an activating frequency moving through consciousness and translated as the physical action that he brought to the piano. And so it is in all kinds of cultural activation.

Alex’s performance did need the piano. He could have moved his fingers as passionately as he liked but there wouldn’t be much music without the piano. And so it is in culture. There has to be the forms of consciousness and culture that are activated. There have to be activated thoughts and feelings—and then words and deeds that give physical form to the vibration. If we are bringing any kind of leadership into culture at any level, there has to be the activating element, which has to be brought relative to culture though the instrument of consciousness.

In true culture, the pattern isn’t somehow arbitrarily imposed by the activator. There is a frequency brought, and if it’s creative, that frequency is very conscious and very finely tuned to the seasons of Mazzaroth, which are the evolving vibratory factors of Creation relevant to this little corner of the universe. And then those factors can be brought into the substance of consciousness in that finely tuned way, and in a way that consciousness can receive. In receiving those factors, consciousness is activated. Realistically, for that to work, consciousness has to be open to the activation and responsive to it. And when it is, then the patterns of culture are under control, not because control is imposed by a police force or a military. The patterns of culture are organically patterned and under the natural control of the activation that’s in tune with the unfolding creative process on Planet Earth and throughout the cosmos. Through that process, the activating vibration is organizing human culture, patterning the way we are together and the way we create together.

That requires both that activating element and also the responsive elements of the substance of consciousness and culture. And it is the marriage of those two things together that creates the true control. Where there is true control, you don’t need police. I don’t think we are there yet. And I imagine that you, who are reading this Pulse of Spirit, are not ready to totally do away with the function of the police, by whatever name, in the culture at large, though you might be thinking about reducing its funding and evolving the way that we create control in our culture.

I would name the activating element simply as the Pater. That relates to the words paternal and patriarchy. The Pater is a patterning, activating element, but not because it is imposing a pattern on human culture; not because some human being has a pre-thought-out pattern that’s going to be established.

The substance of consciousness is the Mater which is the matrix. Mater relates to all substance, ultimately. It is the substance of human consciousness and it is all substance on Planet Earth and beyond. The way that the substance of human consciousness is activated affects all substance on the planet. That’s becoming more and more obvious every day on the basis of distorted vibration and an imposed pattern of control. The destructive impact in the world today is massive.  

But what happens when the substance of human consciousness is participating in the creation of a pattern because it’s being activated by the Pater? Being activated by the Pater, the substance of consciousness is taking on the vibration of the Pater and then revealing a pattern based on union with the Pater. The pattern of our thoughts and feeling are vibrating with the Pater. And that’s the big idea here. It’s to take what’s at the core of the culture—the depths of the human heart and soul—and expose it to the Pater.

When that happens personally, it is amazing. We are activated. Our lives are repatterned. The future is changed. The substance of thought and feeling is moving with the frequencies of Creation. It is thrilling! It is the repatterning of consciousness that creates a bridge over troubled waters to a new collective future.

People could call us idealistic and visionary. Guilty as charged! And yet, while in its greatest fulfillment what I am speaking of is futuristic, its fulfillment is also present right here and now, being experienced by us. Yes, it’s visionary, but based on something we are knowing right now, if indeed we are. And what we experience now can grow and expand into the future.

So is it not important that our own hearts and minds are being activated in this way and are being repatterned, and that the substance of our own consciousness and the substance of the culture that we are all sharing together, is transforming? This work has yet to totally transform the culture of the world. Oh, should we stop then? No, we’re just getting going. And we are opening more, and becoming more and more attentive to the frequencies that are activating culture.

I am confident that you, the reader of this message, have had lots of experience of creativity in all kinds of situations, whether it was with one person, a small group of people, an organization, a family, or a community. And it wasn’t because one person came along and imposed all their preformed ideas of what should happen to another person. That’s not how true creativity works.

If a friend came along and told you everything about how your friendship was going to be, would that be creative? If you are on a small team of people where one person imposes their ideas, attempting to control everybody, is that creative? In a truly creative situation, there might be guidelines or agreed-upon parameters. But then creativity breaks out within the middle of those parameters. There was some kind of activation, some kind of inspiration that was relevant to the field, and then an opening of consciousness, and a new pattern emerged—a new phase of a friendship, a new function for a team of people, a community of people that reached a higher level of love and togetherness and creativity, a higher outpouring of creativity into the world; an organization that reached a new level of function together—a new level of effectiveness and productivity. Perhaps people around the world create something that has never been created before—not because it got imposed from anyplace. Yes, there was an activating frequency, maybe held within some control parameters. But the control parameters didn’t make creation. What made creation were people coming together, some of them bringing powerful frequencies of activation, others being open to it, being activated, and then bringing the activation themselves.

We’ve called that unified radiation—unified radiation of the activating element. That happens because we expose the substance of culture and consciousness to the activating element, and because somebody has the courage and the attunement to the cosmic frequencies to bring the activating element—to put themselves out there, to express it, to say it, to cultivate their own attunement to the activating frequencies in their own life experience, and then keep bringing them into the world—not once, not twice, and not the same today as yesterday, but constantly evolving. The frequency evolves. And because the frequency evolves, the expression of it evolves, and then the culture that’s responding to it evolves. Creation evolves.

It all begins with the activation of that frequency in at least one person’s experience. The Pater and the Mater come together in that person, and so the Mater opens more and more, welcoming the activating vibration and loving it wherever it appears through another person.

The world is more and more ready to move past the substitute patterns of human control. I don’t think we want to be foolhardy and just take off all external control factors and see what happens. But step by step we are dismantling the old control patterns. Perhaps we are defunding the police in our own personal experience—those tyrannical, oppressive beliefs in our own head. We’re defunding them, being less invested in their truth or benefit. We’re defunding them so that we can fund something else. And then it’s easy to see in our own life experience, and in the work that we’re doing together, and in the culture around us, that the forces of Creation itself are defunding the police. They are breaking down all the substitute patterns of culture and control. They are not working anymore, perhaps warning us that it’s time to invest in the true process of control, which isn’t imposed based on some kind of human invention. It’s just the natural organization of life itself that will organize us if we let it.

Doesn’t your heart long for that? Mine does. I yearn for that creative interplay between us of the activating elements of Creation, and then the responsive nature of the matrix in our own heart and mind. Human consciousness is made to be a womb where the seeds of vibrational activation may be sown, and where those seeds may grow and be born in season as words and deeds that change world culture.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
July 4, 2020 7:37 am

Frequency and resonance.

There is something to been acknowledged in how we show up in the world; how we are seen, perceived. This is very much the media focus in the world at large; a police officer shows up and there is an immediate reaction, not to him as a person but by what is perceived by what he is seen to represent.

In South African, there is a greeting: sauwbona. It literally means, I see you – not from the outside, but for who you are. It is a greeting of respect.

I showed up this week for a training process at the school where I teach. School is reopening after Lockdown and there are important procedures in place.
I showed up, not only to understand the protocols but to be a presence; to love and encompass my colleagues, who anticipate welcoming the children back to school after several months. I showed up to provide a frequency of integration, respect and love.

And, I was very excited by what transpired. Respect, harmony, acknowledgement, mindfulness, appreciation, a sense of purpose and teamwork. There is a shift. Patterns of awakening consciousness. Things on the move. A rising tide!

Ngugi kimani
Ngugi kimani
July 3, 2020 9:38 pm

Thanks David!
At first,I didn’t understand what you were saying. It is the Alex and the piano picture that brought it out so well.
So, the Spirit has to move and stir afresh in Alex so that the piano may be ready and tuned for his music but we must go further.
Love is not love untill it is given no matter how many times we may sing about it.
Well thanks I am still processing the thought. of how together we can change the consiousness hence the culture of our world.

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