The Infinity of Intimacy


We are not who we have been, and we are not yet who we’re going to be. We are not where we were, and we are not where we’re going. We find ourselves right here in the middle of all that, with an opportunity to explore what this space is. It is a space in which the past in being transmuted into the future.

This present may seem to be a passing moment, but it is actually a place of infinite depth in time and space. Between zero and one, how many numbers are there? An infinite number. There is a number halfway between zero and one, and then a number halfway between zero and that number, and you could keep that up forever. This “now” time that we are always in is like that. It seems finite. If it was an inch on a ruler, that inch might seem to be a finite length. But within that finite length there are an infinite number of positions.

There is a depth to share now, here, in this present moment. It is a depth to access within ourselves and a depth to know in the seemingly finite spaces of each other. What we have to share in, here and now, is infinite in nature. I haven’t found the end of it. We tend to stop at the surface level of things and call it an inch, or just say, “Oh, there’s so-and-so.” We tend to take this present moment for granted. And yet it is potentially a moment of infinity, filled with the intimacy known when we explore that infinite space.

Intimacy can mean many things. The root of the word has to do with the inmost dimension of things. Would you call that infinite? How deep could that go? The intimate is infinite.

The intimacy I am speaking of goes far beyond the meaning that is implicit in the common use of the word. It goes far beyond the romantic or the sexual. The intimacy I am speaking of is firstly about living from the inmost place in ourselves. And then about finding that there are others who are there with us in that intimate space.

I have often thought about the great potential I feel in my own life and for my own work, and then wondered about my own resources. I think, How could it ever happen? How could all the things that I see as possible ever really transpire?

What I’ve learned is that the answer is in finding the depth of intimate space, and in living there, and finding that there are others who inhabit that space. All by myself, what I am able to create is very limited. But we’re not all by ourselves, unless we isolate, unless we live stopped by the finite dimensions of the present moment. We have a gift to give in the infinite dimensions of the intimate space that we are in. It is calling from us the gift that we have to give. All of Being is calling from us our gift. All of Being is telling us that we are needed, that we are wanted in this present moment, and our gift is wanted.

This could seem like “warm fuzzies,” or wishful thinking that no one is making real, like the statement in Christian circles, “Jesus loves you.” But truly, in this little infinity that we share in this present moment, it isn’t just a general statement or an abstract statement. When we enter this inmost space, we find that our friends are asking for us. Our friends want the gift that we have to bring, and we want their gift. We want them. Because all Creation happens through the merger and fusion of the gifts we bring and through the merger and fusion of Being itself.

In the everyday intimacy of this present moment, there is an opportunity to show up as oneself, with one’s gift; to know that you’ve been called to that place, that your friends are calling to you and asking for you, and you are asking for them. And in giving our gifts together, we enter into the great fusion of Being, one with another. Our hearts are fulfilled in that fusion because we’re entering into Creation ourselves—not just Creation in the sense of the outer form of things. We are entering into the act of Creation in that intimate space, in that merger that we’ve made ourselves available for. There is a meeting of creative mind; there’s a meeting of the power of love through what we share with others. There’s a fusion that generates the very power of Creation. So we are entering not just the manifest Creation; we are entering into the act of Creation.

And now life has changed. We are not who we have been, and we are not yet who we are becoming. And we have yet to create all that we are seeing as possible. But we are participating actively in the act of Creation now, knowing that this has tremendous implications for the manifest world in which we are living.

When we enter intimate space and create together, there is a game-changer in the human experience. Brilliant ideas are hatched! In the light that we share together, we see possibility that we could not see before. We give birth to projects of all kinds. We set vibrational space in which our lives begin to make sense, in which we begin to see what is transpiring in the outer world. We begin to understand what’s being born and where it’s going, and we begin to see clearly what has no life and is passing away. We enter the manifest world and we enter the human world on a totally different basis.

Do you have the experience of trying to create with people while estranged from them? How does that work? It happens all the time. There’s the pretense that we could do great things together outside of intimate space, objectifying each other, living in a personality-defined world—but we’re going to do great things. It will never happen. Creation, for us as human beings, doesn’t happen that way. It happens because we come into a fluid interior space and we merge genius with genius. We merge essence with essence, gift with gift, and we build a vibrational temple in that space.

That vibrational temple is what is between what has been and what will be. We can’t yet live in what will be, and we certainly can’t live in what was. But we can live in this space and be here and celebrate this space. We can bring our gifts to this space, knowing we are called to this space. Our strength is needed, our insights, our passions, our gifts. And gift joins to gift, brilliance to brilliance, power to power, strength to strength, and we build an experienced reality in this intimate space.

Having experienced it, we self-observe so that we don’t tear it down. It can be torn down by us. We can walk out of intimate space in a second, and all of a sudden we are in a reality that lacks trust, that lacks relationship, where we estrange ourselves from those that we are with. We decide that it is expedient to criticize and tear down another person. And just like that, the temple is gone, for us. We may have made it a little more difficult on everybody else in the process.

And yet I do believe we’re learning the art of staying in temple space, staying in interior space, in this little infinity that we share in the present moment—and staying here, even when somebody else doesn’t. Maybe we need a wink to say, “I’m still here—how about you? I’m still here. I’m still holding this space of Creation.”

We’ve been speaking about the past and the future as if it were individual—and it is individual, for you and for me. But it is not just individual. For all of humanity there is a past and there is a future. It is apparent that we are at some kind of pivot point. We can’t keep going like we’ve been going. We could be headed for quite a train wreck; there are many indications of existential risk—a risk to our very existence as a species.

I had the privilege of spending a few days in the home of Daniel Ellsberg, who disclosed The Pentagon Papers. I stayed with him, his wife, Patricia, and friends. Daniel is writing a book about the threat of nuclear war and the illusion that we are safe from nuclear annihilation because of all the safeguards that are in place. It could never happen. The book reports on the numerous times we’ve been on the brink of total nuclear war.

I don’t want to live in the fear of all that, but whether it’s that or global warming or a number of other things, we are certainly reaching a climactic time for our race. When you begin to look at the way that technology has given us the power to create but also the power to destroy, it becomes apparent that only a massive social change on this planet will safeguard our future. One atom bomb can spoil your whole day. In other words, one person or one nation can cause a lot of damage. So we need a massive social change that changes all of humankind if we are going to move into the future that’s possible for us.

How does that happen? There are so many facets to it, and it’s all important. And we can all be grateful for the work that’s done by the Daniel Ellsbergs of the world—all those who are seeing that they have a practical contribution to make to our future. I still say, though, that the only promise that I can see for massive social change is as some number of us have a profound experience in the interior space of Being.

That interior space is interior to us, but it’s also interior to all humanity. When we’re in truly intimate space, we have come to the inner reality of Being. We have not just done that for ourselves and our own little world—we’ve come to the inner space of all humanity. There are separate inner spaces. It’s all connected in one inner room, if you will. And when we move into that room, we put ourselves in position to establish something within the awareness of humanity that is immediately in communication with everything in the world. And we are immediately inviting all of humanity into intimate space.

It seems so far-fetched to think that that could ever happen—that all of humanity, Putin and Trump and all the rest, would enter that kind of space. But that’s exactly what we need. That’s exactly what we’re creating, so that we can function intelligently into the manifest creation and into the human world as it is. From that inner space, we can communicate out around the world. When we speak from the most intimate place of Being, then there is, vibrationally encoded into whatever we are saying, the invitation to live in the manifest world from the inner space of intimacy as Being together.

I’m suggesting that is our destiny as humanity. It is our calling. That is what we’re evolving into, that is what we’re becoming, that is what we’re not yet. We can’t be that as all humanity right now, but you and I can be it together now.

So I say to all who read these words, wherever you may be around the world, let us together come into this intimate space, and let’s individually take responsibility for doing what we need to do to sustain that experience—to show up, bring our gifts, know that we’re wanted and needed and desired in this space, and bring the message of that to our friends. Not only am I here for you—I’m here calling to you, inviting you to merge together in this space.

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