The Heart and Soul of Humankind

David Karchere

Together with people around the globe, we are holding a vigil during this global pandemic. We are offering love, blessing and appreciation for those who are on the front lines, some of whom are without the proper equipment, taking care of people out of their commitment to be of service. So, our hearts go out in gratefulness to the healthcare workers. You’ve probably noticed that in various places people have applauded the healthcare workers. But it’s not only them. There are people doing common things, like being clerks in grocery stores, exposing themselves to some degree of risk, but still being of service. Thank you.

Here we are, with this privilege of celebrating life in the midst of crisis. I do not think this is a time to unduly stress ourselves. There is stress enough as it is in the world. It is a time to celebrate life itself and from whence it comes; to cherish it, and to cherish the holiness of this moment. I invite you to consciously consecrate the place wherein you are reading these words as a sacred place for this meditation we are sharing.

Those of us who read the Pulse of Spirit have been in a process of communion together. We are enjoying an unfolding awareness of what is really happening here for humankind and for us. We have been realizing how we have been born into this present moment. All that has happened in the past has led to now. That is our legacy. And here we are, with all the substance that has arrived into this present moment. That substance is being activated from above. That activation is descending into us from the great God of the Universe. The reality of who we are is part of that God Reality. And that Reality has descended into us, right into the core of our Being. This is a remarkable and beautiful thing.

Of course, we are made for this, every one of us and all of us together as humankind. We are made to be the consciousness of Reality, the consciousness of the world, present through humankind and through us individually as a human being. Reality is conscious of itself. We tend to look out upon physical form and think of that as the reality. And so we study it. We have theories about the physical reality and how it works, and we consider that to be what is real. And what is missing in all that is true knowing, because knowing isn’t just a witnessing of physical reality. Reality is multilayered and the physical reality is just the outer skin.

At times like this, when our physical reality is challenged by a global pandemic, there is a wake-up call. Here is this beautiful verse from the Beatitudes:

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

I’d like to rephrase this verse to draw a dimension of meaning that is implicit in this saying: Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see Reality. And what is Reality? What is really happening here? The great God of the Universe is giving birth to a multifold Creation, only the outer edge of which is physical. It’s being born through consciousness. And we are here as an instrument of consciousness.

What is happening with you and me, and with human beings everywhere, so that something else tends to fill the space of consciousness that ought to be a consciousness of Reality? Don Miguel Ruiz spoke to this in the second of his Four Agreements, which is simply “Don’t take anything personally.” He says this:

Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally…. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. All people live in their own dream, in their own mind; they are in a completely different world from the one we live in. When we take something personally, we make the assumption that they know what is in our world, and we try to impose our world on their world.

If we take things personally, we see only the outer edge of Reality in that case. Taking things personally creates an impurity of heart, so that we are aware of only the outer edges of other people, and even ourselves. The heart is part of the instrument of sight, and so when it is impure it blocks out all the rest of Reality. We attribute everything that is happening with others to their personality. Then we interpret everything that is happening in terms of how it affects us. And while there is something to keep track of in that regard, nonetheless, real liberation is liberating ourselves from taking things personally, so that we can see and know Reality. And Reality is unchanged by someone else who might be taking things personally. Only the outer form is changed by that person, not the total Reality that we are knowing.

This is so different from the usual human experience. When we know Reality, we know that the radiance of the God Self is giving birth to a world. That is Reality. And here we are to know ourselves as God Selves giving birth to a world through consciousness. We are made for the purpose of allowing the God Self in the unseen realms to descend into these human forms, so that the God Self can be active at our core.

If we are to find our own core—our own soul—this is the process that must happen for us as a human being. It is how we are made. How do we know we’re made this way? Because we let it happen. When the God Self descends into us, we know we are made for this; because if we weren’t, how else could it happen? The God Center is then present in us, for us, as a human being. We’ve found our own soul. We’ve moved from being a person who can’t find their own heart, who can’t find their own core, to one who knows their own authentic heart, their own authentic core, their own authentic Reality, because that Reality has been allowed to descend into us, right at our core. And then we have the opportunity to live as that.

So many people are lost in the world of personality and the world of external form, not allowing for that download to occur. It is a download of love, a download of light and a download of life into the human form. But there is something else within the radiation of the Divine that must descend into us for us to find our own soul. The God Self, as it relates to us, must descend down into us. And more and more, we learn to act as an expression of it, joyfully and delightedly, creating a new world through consciousness because that God Reality is then living through us.

If we attempt to make God Reality serve our personal purposes, we lose it and the whole process ends. God Reality is not serving our personal reality. It’s not serving our view of the physical world. It is here to be itself. We are here to be ourselves, and in being ourselves we create a new world. The new world is created by people who are knowing this and are becoming aware of the structure of Reality that is emerging through consciousness.

I’ve been speaking about this as an individual thing, and it is an individual process for any of us. In that process we are finding our own souls. But in finding our own souls, we are finding the heart and soul of humanity. We are finding the heart and soul of all people, because we are all made the same way. Yes, unique, and all the same. So, if we know the truth of our own soul, we are finding the God Center for all humankind.

It is so evident that we as humankind have lost our soul. We have lost our authentic heart. Someone who has found their own soul can help humanity to find its soul, to find its heart, to find its center and the supreme value of Being that lives within us. This is the second coming of Christ, not as a single man but as the God Center living among us all. If somebody speaks for that God Center or embodies it, what typically happens is it’s taken personally by the people around them, and maybe even by the person themselves. One person thinks, I’m the God Center. Other people think either they are the God Center or Who do they think they are, acting like they are the God Center?

This is all the personality-based world. It is all part of the ducking and diving that people do around their primal spirituality, when the Reality is that we are here to be an expression and embodiment of the God Center, for ourselves individually but in service to the God Center for all of us collectively. That is Reality. But if anyone expresses and embodies it, all too often it is taken personally by all concerned. And then we look back at such people and attribute something to them personally, never really waking up to the God Center that is present now.

Today is a new day. Some of us are awakening to the God Center in our midst and the opportunity we have to be in service to it. And then, being in service to it, we have the opportunity to be a marker for it. How do you become a marker for something of Reality that isn’t physical, when everybody’s eyes are on the physical? We express and embody it through our physical form. In so doing, we are saying, The God Center is right here! Our physical form has become a marker for a multilayered Reality. The physical form, with its personality, is not the point. It is a marker for something that transcends the form.

The God Center is right here! I’m not talking about myself personally, and I’m not talking about Sunrise Ranch, and I’m not talking about Emissaries of Divine Light. I’m talking about a Reality that is not physical, even though it can be expressed and embodied in the physical. It is in a realm you and I share that is invisible to our physical eyes, that we’ve so often become unconscious of, and I’m saying it’s right here. Emmanuel, God with us. Emmanuel.

How good a job have I done in being an expression of that Reality? Truly, why should you care? For any of us, our judgment of how well anyone else is an expression of Reality is beside the point. The point is God Reality. The point is Emmanuel. Are you knowing that Reality?

When we know it in ourselves, we know our own soul. And when we know the God Center among us, we know the heart and soul of humanity. We know the sun of our human solar system and we are becoming that sun. We are becoming Emmanuel.

In the personality world, that’s a claim. Oh, I’m Emmanuel, or I’m becoming Emmanuel. And then that goes to, Well, who do they think they are?, totally missing the point. The statement We are becoming Emmanuel is a statement of yielded surrender to the process of Creation, yielded surrender to the God Center present above and within the body of humanity. This is the birth that is being accelerated in this time of crisis. I know there are people around the planet who are finding the heart of humanity and who are not taking things personally. I celebrate that in our fellow human beings and in ourselves.

And so, we become instruments in the world, helping humanity find its God Center. This is not claiming that we are that, but nonetheless we are humble enough to be a marker for it, an expression of it, a representation of it, and more and more a living embodiment of it, individually and then together. From that Center emerges the God Radiance, the God Field, the field of Reality and the structure of Reality that we know together in relationship with one another, because Reality is in relationship with itself. This is not a relationship defined by personality but by Reality. And then, collectively, our relationship with one another establishes the structure of Reality and the unfolding Creation of the world in which we live.

We are the beating heart of humanity.
We are the radiance of the God Center for humankind.
We bring its pure love.
We bring its pure light,
the light of knowing,
the light of true wisdom,
the light of Reality.
We are the sun in this human sphere.
We are the expression and embodiment of Emmanuel,
bringing the message that God is not only up in the heavens.
The beating heart of the Divine is present here
as the heart of humanity.
And so we say to humankind,
this is your heart,
this is your soul,
this is your spirit.

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Ngugi Kimani
Ngugi Kimani
April 3, 2020 8:17 am

Am in agreement with you David!
Blessed are the pure in heart…they shall see God; Emmanuel God is with us.and in us even in this hour.
This too shall pass. But life may not be quite the same again.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
April 3, 2020 5:22 am

I am a housebound teacher, in Lockdown, due to the global viral crisis. As a teaching body, we are finding pathways of teaching our housebound children through media platforms; and to this end, as an Art specialist, I have been preparing work none-the-less.

Yesterday, with the assistance of my son, I made three video presentations to put online. It was a strange experience presenting oneself for an audience of children who were not there and in the replay to see oneself animated outside on oneself – is that really me?

Whatever the process, the real business of the project was to bring the essence of my authentic self using the video as a template. To demonstrate to the children, if I can do this, so can you… the secret message being I am the Real Deal bringing the invisible message of the new paradigm.

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