The Government of the Divine in the Auric Field

David Karchere

On this 2021 Halloween, we are honoring our lineage and our ancestors. Halloween tends to emphasize misunderstanding and superstition regarding those who are no longer with us in human form. What truth can we embrace regarding our lineage and our ancestors?

Lineage can become a problematic issue for human beings. We can get caught up in disputes between conservatives and progressives—between preserving the past and the eagerness to launch into the future. In that debate, people often ignore what is most significant now. Clearly, we are here to be here now, and to receive into the now all that comes to us from out of our past that has landed into this present moment in all the ways that it has. And we are also here to receive what is everlasting and eternal: the power of Being—life itself, born anew, here in this present moment.

As we are here now, activated by life, we are living into our destiny. But that does not happen without being fully present now, aware of Cosmic Being. And perhaps we have come to know that more fully because of our blood ancestors and our spiritual ancestors. We have come to know Cosmic Being more fully because of human beings who walked the earth and brought a revelation of the Divine. Because of that, perhaps we have grown more connected with the eternality of the Family of Being, sometimes referred to as the angels of heaven.

In our postmodern culture, we have come into a great loss of faith that the angels of heaven exist, or if they do, that they have anything for us. There is a loss of faith in the way they hold a pattern of Love, wisdom, and destiny for us. And I simply say, not true! They hover in the space always as the great Family of God, present, with us if we are open to it. Not to reach down out of heaven to cause us harm, but to lift us up and call us forward. They call our name.

I invite you to consider for yourself who of your ancestors are significant to you. It could be a blood ancestor or someone you consider a spiritual ancestor. And when you think of your ancestors, whose spirit would you like to know more closely today?

I am not suggesting you conjure the ghosts of your ancestors. I am not proposing that you simply recall their personality. I am inviting you to ask the spirit of an ancestor to be with you—their Love, their blessing, their acceptance, their wisdom, and support of you.

Given this spiritual community, I will, for us collectively and for myself, invoke the spirit of Martin Cecil, that living embodiment of kindness and wisdom and spiritual stature, and that spirit that was behind it all and is ever-present.

I invite you to invoke the spirit of whatever ancestor or ancestors that would be most meaningful to you right now. Take a moment to tune into their spirit for yourself, not as something out of the past, but as a current reality.

You are welcome here. I welcome your great Love. I receive the shining light of your Being. I feel and know you with me now. 

We, the living, are not alone. Yes, we have each other. And if we are open to it, we have our ancestors. They have our backs. By the very nature of the relationship, they cannot live our lives for us. That is up to us, the living. But they have our backs; they lend their spirits and their wisdom if we are open to it. They visit us in our hearts and minds. They speak in our ears. They encourage us onward. They tell us the truth of who we are, even when others might not see it. And we need them now, for we have important work to do.

So it is good, on this Halloween day, to open to the spirit of our ancestors and allow them to visit us, not as spooky ghosts, but as Beings with goodwill, blessing, and Love to bring.

We ourselves are here in this human sphere, bringing the profound vibration of the Cosmic All That Is into the human world. We are here to allow the ultimate power of the Universe to be operative here in this world of the incarnate ones. That supreme power is Love. So we open more fully to infinite Love and receive it into ourselves. We let it enter our hearts and vibrate through us into the space that we are in.

Love brings with it the ordering power of the Universe—the unfolding patterns of life, the unfolding patterns of the world in which we live, which are intrinsically related to the unfolding patterns of this solar system, this galaxy, and the Cosmos. Astrologers attempt to name those unfolding patterns and how they relate to us. Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes not, but they give it a go.

Meanwhile, in our openness spiritually, the heartbeat of the world, the solar system, and the galaxy is beating in our hearts. There is a natural rhythm and an unfolding order. And we, as human beings, with the place that we occupy in the world, have the honor of allowing those patterns to come into consciousness and unfold through consciousness. We have the honor of sharing those unfolding patterns in the rhythms of our human connection, in the pulse of Love that we know. The ordering power of the Universe is in that heartbeat.

When we feel the chaotic culture in which we live reflected in our hearts, let us welcome the reordering power of the Universe to come and guide our thoughts and feelings, to express itself through us—through our heart and mind, and through what we share.

Let yesterday be gone, whatever that was. Let this be a new day, reordered by the power of Love that moves through us. 

Our civilization is busy reordering the physical world without much respect to the ordering power of Love—putting this here and that there, and digging up this and putting together that, synthesizing this, blowing up that… Our culture has developed the ability to impose a mental order on the physical things of the natural world. Modern medicine does that. We get to a point with our physical bodies that we think we will just have to take them in hand and impose some kind of order—a drug, a vaccine, a surgery. We get in there and change the physical stuff around—the chemistry, the physiology, the anatomy—because apparently, whatever order is natural to the body is not working as it should. And so, we will impose a mental order to fix things.

Most of us have resorted to that at least once in our lives, if not more. Many of us are resorting to a vaccine these days with the realization that there is a substitute pattern involved, that administering a vaccine is not how the cosmic naturally reorders the human experience. The Cosmic Order operates in our experience directly when it speaks to us through consciousness and then reverberates in the auric field that we share. It changes the epigenetics. The heartbeat of the Cosmos inspires the prana, moves the chi, and generates the pneumaplasm, which changes what is unfolding in the physicality of a human being.

There is a harsh tyranny to human control that seeks to not only order the natural world according to its own ideas but that orders human society according to laws that dictate the outer behavior of human beings and inflicts a tyranny that demands compliance.

Some tyrannies are far worse than others. Winston Churchill said this:

Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried. 

Democracy itself can be tyrannical.

There is something in the human heart that rejects that kind of tyranny. I believe that rejection is at work in the populace today around the world, particularly in Western culture, where people feel the tyranny of government, and something about it just does not feel right. And they know, somewhere deep in their hearts, that there should be self-empowerment for a human being—self-determination, the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. And so, the tyranny of human government is uncomfortable. Then politicians exploit that feeling of discomfort.

The tyranny of modern medicine is uncomfortable. Who likes wearing a mask, taking a vaccine, or having surgery? And yet, who of us are willing to simply throw off all the substitute patterns of the world in which we live? Without the ordering power of the Cosmos truly at work between us as human beings, thank God for the substitute patterns of human invention. And still, we are here to allow the vibration of Love to reverberate in mind and heart and then into our collective auric field. That vibration reorders the field. The physical forms of our human body and the natural world then conform to the unfolding patterns of the Cosmos.

The energy field we share is magnificently responsive to consciousness. Have you noticed that? It has consciousness laced through it. It is a field of energy, yes, but it is also a field of heart.

Yesterday, we held the second session of the annual Emissary Servers Council. Someone spoke of the need to “work the crowd” when we speak to an audience. We realized that it is more than working the crowd. We are working the auric substance together through consciousness, knowing that the auric substance has consciousness intrinsically woven into it. It has heart, and it has mind. As our consciousness opens to the reordering power of Love and allows that into our mind and heart, it activates the auric substance, which naturally responds to consciousness.

And so we bring the Word of Love, the vibration of the ancestors, into consciousness and into the auric substance. We are the heartbeat of the field. We do this as a spiritual community, and that heartbeat brings the reordering power of Love into the world.

In that way, we speak to the heart of humanity. In essence, here is what we say:

Hear us now. Hear us now.

Not “us” as human personalities, not “us” with brilliant mental ideas. No, “us” as one with the ancestors, acknowledging our place in the Family of God.

Hear us now.

While the imposition of human government is ultimately tyranny—even the best human government—the government of God is not tyranny. It is the reordering of human experience from its original source. It is at the true heart of every human being and of all humanity. It is the true pattern, the true design of every single human being, and it carries the true design of all of us together. Nothing imposed from the outside—something liberated from inside, finding expression, resounding through the heart of humanity.

We are one people—one people, with one Love, one purpose, and one heart. And all else is foolishness.

We live in a time of substitutes—the substitute of human government for the government of Love and the Family of God we are all part of. We can tolerate the substitutes and use them for a passage through this period of time. More importantly, we are here to bring the Government of Love into this field of consciousness and energy, that the reordering power of that government may shatter the constrictions of human consciousness and liberate mind and heart to be true to their origin. So we can be true to who we are as a people, true to who we are as the human race—the Family of Man, male and female, knowing itself as the Family of God incarnate in human flesh.

It is hard to think these thoughts without feeling the great shame of our past ignorance. But our ignorance is gone. And so we celebrate the light of what we know to be true. Today is a new day.

The spirit of the Family of God moves through us now, to the auric field of each one, with its wonder-working power to make all things new. It reorders the auric field of all who are open to it according to the innate divine design of Being for each one to bring health and vitality; to bring life; to fill the empty places. 

May all relax and come to peace to reshape and re-form according to the divine design. 

May our collective heart resound with Love. May our collective heartbeat be the heartbeat of the Creator, sounding into the world; His great heart, Her great heart, our great heart as one of the Family of God.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 6, 2021 6:08 am

In this ‘Post-Modern’ era, we live with a proliferation of information, ideas and opinions; the chess-pieces have been scattered across the board as the rules keep changing, with increasing complexity. There is a restlessness. Like Halloween, it is a world of ‘trick or treat’; a spider-web of promises. Babylon.

But, what of this? When Alice went down the Rabbit Hole, she eventually came from her dream-state to the conscious realization that it was all a fiction, with a cast of crazy characters; and she woke up!

David is simply reminding us to wake up!

Wake up to a loving universe. Wake up to an ordered, orchestrated whole of receptive intelligence. The auric field is waiting to have a conversation with us. The ‘gorilla’ in the room is actually an angel! It’s time to get in touch and say, “Hello!, I believe there is work to be done!”

And the angel will reply, “Yes, and I’ve been waiting for you to wake up! Let’s get started.”

Ronald G Free
Ronald G Free
November 4, 2021 3:56 pm

Dear David, Your words resonate deep within my heart. They restore my soul. They inspire me and I am uplfted into the arms of my beloved ancestors…Jesus, Uranda, Martin and so many others. Thank you beloved. And thank you David.

Ronald G Free
Ronald G Free
November 4, 2021 3:42 pm


November 4, 2021 2:41 pm

This is so beautiful and meaningful, especially now, in this Season, thank you and blessings.

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