The Fertile Field of Love

As we hold a vigil for humankind with spiritually awake people the world around, we are issuing a daily Pulse of Spirit for the next several days. We are quickening the pulse. 

Each one will radiate our collective love and light for a world experiencing transmutation at the most profound level. Thank you for being part of this radiance.

                                                                                                         ~ David Karchere                    


It is clear that there is a fertile field present in the world for the spreading of fear. The conditions are such that fear is growing like a weed and fertilizer is being thrown on that field. “This could go on forever.” “They are expecting millions to die.” This takes a person out of their radiant, still point, the home of love.  

I invite you to know the healthy spirit that lives within you, that lives within your body, that is you. I invite you to know that this is more powerful than fear on this planet. Love is more powerful, and there is present a fertile field of creative solution and support.

As social distancing and self-quarantining is happening, I know some people are afraid of being lonely, being on their own. I think that’s a stronger fear than not having enough toilet paper! I feel a strong desire to reach out to people so they can feel that field of love. If you haven’t touched the beauty of what is inside you, you may fear there is nothing present. How blessed we are to know that inner sanctuary.

The more we open up our hearts and hold our world, the more the world will know peace. The more the spirit of abundance is expressed, the greater the radiance of love coming forth from you and me, and the more we will spread a balm on this situation and create a fertile field for vitality, well-being and connection. We are one body.

Being in the health profession, there are many things I’m advising people to do, and one of them is to just slow down and listen. Be still. Pay attention to the rhythms that you have not seen or felt for a long time because of the busyness of your day or your own mind. What is it really like to stop and listen, to go outside and feel the rhythm of the day? We are going into the springtime here. We are having increasing daylight. Pay attention to that. Let there be an increase in the light of your own radiance. The power of that can meet anything.

Hold that safe space within yourself for those who may be feeling afraid, in pain or ill, so that they might have a touchstone to know there is beauty, possibility and love radiating into this world. Invite them to know they too can be a part of it because we are here to do this together. Invite them into the fertile field of love.


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 28, 2019 8:28 pm

Life keeps unfolding and inventing itself. There was a well-known American script writer of movies and TV shows, Sidney Sheldon, who said you have to keep turning the page in life. You have to keep moving.

I think Sidney Sheldon was right; if you stop turning the page, you truncate the narrative and interrupt the flow. The cosmic story, if there is such a thing, is about flow. There is a flow to creation; cycles of growth and unfoldment, and cycles where things decay and pass away. which is all part of the grand design.

Jane’s invitation is about surrendering to the grander scheme of things, giving-up the need to predetermine or get hung-up on outcomes. It is enough to know that there is a grander scheme for us to lend ourselves to, and it is exciting; full of love, light and glory.

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