The Embrace of the Great Mother

The events of the world, both near and far, demand our response. And there are practical things in all our lives that we need to do to address the issues that arise. But there is a far larger matter. And if we ignore it, we will be forever chasing the events of our day, attempting to correct and improve, react and respond to the calamity around us.

The grand calling of our time is to fulfill the great promise and potential of the human race. More “by the people” than any democracy, far wiser than any artificial intelligence, wealthier than any state treasury, and more connected than the Internet will ever be, we have within us the ability to touch and know ourselves as part of the eternal reality of God, and to live and embody that reality as heaven on earth in our time.

This is the grand calling of our lives and of our time. It is to address what is going on behind the scenes. Before any war breaks out, before there is any conflict, any failure, or any disease, there is a matrix of human experience behind what is manifesting. When we witness harmful actions taken by desperate people or hear words full of lies and hate, we can easily assail the character of the one who commits such acts or speaks such words. But surely we know there is something that led to it. We know that there is a matrix of human experience in our culture, and if that matrix breaks down, then there is nothing that can be said or done that will bring creativity—nothing that will bring new life and new birth.

Yes, there is the person who speaks those words or commits those acts. But then there is that person’s mother, their father, family, aunts, uncles, and community. There is the culture that they grew up in. There is the nation and its culture within which they live—its attitudes and how people feel about themselves and their life.

Ultimately, there is the entirety of human civilization and the attitudes and ways of being held in common by people worldwide. All of this creates the substrate, or matrix, of human experience—a pattern that is invisible but nonetheless present in our conscious awareness. It resides in the human heart and in the recesses of the subconscious mind. It is present in the mass consciousness.

When you hear that word matrix, you may think of the imaginative film The Matrix, with Keanu Reeves. You might think of all those streaming characters in green descending through the screen. And so, the word matrix might evoke something digital. But the actual meaning of the word matrix is “womb.” It is from an ancient word, mater, related to mother and matter. But very literally, the word matrix means “womb.”

The physical womb of a pregnant mother is the most critical factor for the health of the infant to be born. The integrity of the mother’s womb allows the embryo to develop into the fetus and become viable as a baby to be born into the world.

That is a physical womb, not exactly visible to us. But when a woman is pregnant, we begin to see it show because it is a physical reality.

But there are not only physical children born in human culture. There are so many things created, some of them beautiful and some not. And so, if we are to understand human culture, we have to look not only to what is born into manifest form but also to the invisible womb space present in human minds and hearts and in our culture.

How would you assess the viability of the womb held by the human family that gives birth to all of what arises in human culture? Of course, there are variations from culture to culture and person to person. And we can easily point the finger at other cultures. That, of itself, is part of the problem. As we witness what is manifesting in our world, how can we fail to look at the health of the cultural matrix, out of which it is born?

When we answer the grand calling of our time, we tune in to the highest reality we know. We tune in to a vibrational reference point—that vibration that we have touched and known that is present in our life experience, however we have experienced it. Perhaps another person brought it to us, or a life experience. Perhaps it came through our own meditations or prayer. But there is that high tone of what is true and wonderful and what is precious to us of life, love, and Reality. And so, to answer the grand calling of our time, we tune in to that highest of vibrational frequencies, the highest truth that we know. It is not something separate from us. It is who we are. It is the highest reality of each of us as a human being and of all of us together.

If our only response to the events of our world is to act in kind or to take incremental steps to try to make things better—to alleviate pain and suffering—without tuning in to the highest of who and what we are, do you not think we could be chasing the demons of the world forever? Our answer is to appeal to our highest knowing of what we share as the human race.

This highest of vibrational reference points is present within the whole body of humankind. I am not saying that we all walk around conscious of it. But it is present in the mass consciousness, even though it is so often ignored. It is an awareness of who we are as a race and our promise and potential. So we are tuning in to that and bringing it.

Years ago, Sunrise Ranch published a journal for children, JTS World. For a while, a woman who grew up in my hometown in Connecticut, Debbie Sims, did the artistry for it. I was teaching second grade in California at the time, and Debbie created a line drawing of children with their hands holding each other in a circle around a globe. The title of that issue was “Friends Around the World.” I found a way to blow it up large and put it on the wall of my classroom.

The image of Debbie’s drawing comes to me now because I believe it portrays exactly what needs to happen. There have to be human beings who not only touch this vibrational reference point but who express and embody its reality and bring the matrix of the Great Mother into our culture. We do that as humankind when we hold hands together, all of us, to create one womb reality—embracing Ukraine, every person in it, and ultimately every human being on the face of the planet: every saint, every despot, every world leader, every ordinary person, every farmer, every factory worker—held in the arms of the Great Mother through people who have awoken to the fact that we are here as agents of the Great Mother in the world, realizing that this is what is so drastically missing and that this is behind what manifests in our world as brokenness of all kinds.



Sece Foster is an Attunement Practitioner, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Coach, and Workshop Facilitator.  

For me, meditations on the return of the Great Mother have gone deep. I have a feeling that most of you who read the Pulse of Spirit absolutely know what I am talking about. We can feel Her essence emerging, and we can see it in our world. It is actually what has been happening for a while.

The Great Mother lives through all of us. Within each of us is a unique blend of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies. Together they make what is whole and complete.

We have all witnessed what is happening to Mother Earth as the pendulum has swung way over to the side of a limited masculine dynamic of action, building, assertiveness, and intellect. That swing has created an imbalance with the true feminine, which is heart, intuition, and the very essence of who we are as a human being. We see what has happened because of that imbalance in our human experience.

Certainly, humankind has felt this imbalance, and the spirit of the Great Mother has been emerging through us collectively for quite some time. That emergence has manifested in our cultural history. Look at the women’s suffrage movement. How long did women have to fight for the right to vote? A little over seventy years. It is hard to imagine that women earned the right to vote in the United States only 102 years ago. In the span of human history, it is only the blink of an eye.

We have also seen what can happen when a man stands in the power of the divine feminine. Gandhi comes to mind: nonviolent, standing in the truth of what is right, what is true, and what is fair. It did not require fighting; it did not require war. It required standing powerfully and extending the Great Mother, embracing Her, and letting Her come through. We each have that power.

That emergence manifested the Civil Rights movement, sparked by Rosa Parks in 1955. Then we have the #MeToo movement. The divine feminine is seeking to be seen, heard, and known.

As women, we chose to incarnate as women to bring that energy. We are made to have access to that.

As I grew up, thank God I could see for myself what was not true. Like many women of her generation, my mother would not go out of her house unless she had her makeup on. It was all about how they looked, how they were seen—how pretty, how skinny, how much they could embody what men found attractive in women. Supposedly, that established their worth.

Somehow, I knew early on in my life that this was not my truth. Do I like wearing makeup sometimes? Absolutely. Do I like looking pretty? Absolutely. But it is not who I am. I am not this body.

The emergence of the Great Mother only comes through an openness of heart and mind that creates a spiritual knowing. And here is what I know. My worth is what I can bring to the world—the love that I can bring, the tenderness, the compassion, the wisdom, and the truth that I bring. That is my worth. And each and every one of us, men and women alike, have that in us.

This is the medicine that the world needs right now for the Great Mother to fully emerge through us and as us. And to bring it, we have to look at how we ourselves might be imbalanced.

Each of us has this unique combination of divine feminine and divine masculine. And we each have a unique role to play in this great awakening to bring the world back to balance. To do this work, we have to accept and know that our authentic self is our perfect self. Be that. Let go of those cultural things that might still be there. It is up to each of us to “do our work” in this regard so that what is real and true can emerge.

As I thought about these things, I looked at those essences of the divine feminine that I am either expressing or not. And I thought about how much I have changed since my own spiritual awakening. Talk about an eye-opener! Wow, how much more the Great Mother is expressing through me and as me since I woke up!

It keeps increasing. And it is not coming through as the social idea of femininity. It is coming through as the power of love and the power of forgiveness. It is coming through as self-care, beauty, and peace. Those are gifts of Spirit. This is the matrix of the Great Mother.

When we allow that to come through us and express as us—and hold that space for each other—we feel it expanding in our world. Can you feel that happening? I imagine you can sense how crucial this is and how important it is to surrender to what wants to come through us. We can feel how important it is for us to be our authentic selves, to be the gift we have come here to be, fully, as we witness what is happening in our world.

It is only those gifts of Spirit that we have access to that will shift things. For a shift to happen, we have to look at where we are right now individually. What else wants to be let go of? What else wants to be expressed? What wants to move up into a higher range of expression? We have to look.

For me, I look at where I am, and I look at my family, and where they are—how we have grown and where we are still stuck. I see where there is still a sense of victimhood for us as women—powerlessness and with the belief that you have to have a man to survive in this world. That is still happening in my family. I do not know how that is working in yours. But it is our job to speak to that and see where it might be in us. Do we have the power to support ourselves and move in the world in a powerful way? Are we dependent on someone or something outside of ourselves? It is time for that to go. It is time to look at our unconscious behavior and the things that uphold separation.

This is the equation for sisterhood. It is so heart-wrenching for me to see women pitted against each other out of some sense of competition. It hurts my heart to see any of my sisters stuck in those old paradigms. It hurts my heart because I see who they are, and I want to call it forth. Something powerful, beautiful, and amazing happens when women come together in sisterhood.

Have any of you ever had the thought that women could change the world? Did you ever have that thought, as you see the distorted energies of the limited masculine wreaking havoc? I’m not talking about the divine masculine. I’m addressing distorted masculine patterns.

Did you ever think that we, as women, could have a significant impact on the world? We do, and it is happening. You see more and more women rising into leadership and into areas where they have influence. And right here, right now, each of us has that power. We are changing the world. And thank you to the beautiful men who read this Pulse of Spirit and who know how to love and hold safe what is sacred. Thank you!

Let there be more sisterhood amongst us as women. For us all, men and women alike, let there be less and less of those old patterns that do not serve us as we stand in the glory, power, and beauty of who and what we are.

Let us open to that spirit of the Great Mother more deeply. This is our call. Let the matrix of the Divine Mother extend into our world through us.

This week, I invite you to take a practical action. Reach out to someone in your life with the deliberate intent of extending the matrix of the Great Mother without any expectation of result.

Altogether, let us hold our world and the people in it with the highest love.


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Path Healer
Path Healer
March 11, 2022 9:55 pm

The overall feeling of the above is to rise past the incorporation only of humanity, to embrace the reality of the divine soul. We are is bodies befitting tendencies and temperaments. No less are the denizens of all shapes and sizes in different forms than us, and ‘we’ are not alone. We have risen on the shoulders of our previous forms of experience and avoid much due to our avid memory bank manifesting in impressions not quite clear to our waking nor our dreaming mind. Earth life is but a contract for a limited time. After, we are blasted again into our fullness of knowing all of our personal history, mother father love willing, and set aim to achieve accomplishment in weaker areas of less achievement. In devotional dedication, remission is possible. Love and light be.

Kari Bye
Kari Bye
March 6, 2022 8:26 am

Moving with the speed of trust. I need to pause in silence, to reach my source of trust. That is the embrace of the Great Mother. The feeling of a protective womb before I act.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
March 5, 2022 8:39 am

When you are thinking of buying a gift for someone, you do so with a loving thought and shop appropriately. However, there are other kinds of gifts, things you would rather not receive, like another pair of socks, or worse, perhaps….

How about a flood? This is Australia

How about a war? This is Russia’s gift – to itself?


Start seeing beyond the façade and drama. Really see what the Great Mother brings to consciousness. In crisis there is opportunity to serve. There are those who gift and give of themselves. Those who have compassion. Those who pray. Those who value life.

Growing up, I began to understand what it meant to give. My parents were generous; they were an example. My school, with its motley array of children, some from very poor circumstances, enabled me to know a compassionate heart. This is the Pray of St Ignatius which we were taught and recited in our school prayers. It remains with me today!

Teach us, O Lord
to serve the as thou deservest
to give and not to count the cost
to fight and not to heed the wounds
to toil and not to seek for rest
to labour and not to ask for any reward
save that of knowing
That we do thy will.

In these times, Dearest Mother God, teach us! Teach us to give whatever we can, because that is your nature and ours to share.


March 3, 2022 4:56 pm

For us all – This week, I invite you to take a practical action. Reach out to someone in your life with the deliberate intent of extending the matrix of the Great Mother without any expectation of result.
Altogether, let us hold our world and the people in it with the highest love. Sece Foster Spreading our Blessings Everywhere

Samantha Mckune
Samantha Mckune
March 3, 2022 6:17 am

Yes. Let us hold our world and the people in it in the highest love…
Thank you David and Sece….

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