The Divine Feminine

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

Every person, whether man or woman, has the potential of bringing qualities of the Divine Feminine, and in so doing to create a home for God on earth. The very nature of the whole earth embodies that reality already, and we, as human beings, have a critical role to play in her fulfillment. The earth is a place to make manifest the things that otherwise would be invisible and only potential. The earth is here to make manifest the things of life, and we have a part to play in that. That’s certainly true most obviously with our own children. But it is true for the whole world in which we live—a world which doesn’t exist the way it exists to us, anyplace else. Who knows what the world would be like to the animal and the vegetable kingdoms without human consciousness present? It is the way it is in our awareness because of our consciousness. And that’s an indication of the remarkable gift that we have to bring—the ability to create a living world.

Paradise is a name for the experience of magic and wonder, of something beautiful, of something whole—paradise. The ordinary approach is to go looking for some kind of paradise, whether it’s by going on vacation or moving to someplace different. The biblical story of Creation speaks of the tree of life in the midst of the Garden, in the midst of paradise. The ordinary approach to a human life is to look for a garden, or a paradise, so that we could put ourselves in the middle of it.

So how do we come into the midst of a garden experience? It happens when the essence of that garden comes through us. If the qualities that create a garden pour through a person, wouldn’t that person be surrounded by a garden? Even at a practical level, if you stood in the middle of a plot of land and you planted seeds and you tended them, you would find yourself in the middle of that garden. The dream for that garden would have to have entered your mind and heart, and if you acted on that dream and planted the seeds of it, you would be surrounded by a garden.

The garden is an allegory for our life. We can receive the dream—the essence of garden Earth—deeply into us. We are made to provide a home for that essence, for the seeds of that garden. We are made to be the Divine Feminine—to make a home for God on earth.

The word God may bring up all kinds of religious ideas. Whatever is true about those ideas remains if we chucked all the ideas in favor of the actual experience. So are you ready to chuck all the ideas and embrace whatever the reality is? For me, I would rather have what is true about the ideas than the ideas themselves.

The Divine Feminine within a person isn’t looking for God or for ideas about God. The Divine Feminine in a person is in place, letting whatever God is find them. You could be out looking for a garden, that perfect situation, that perfect person to be with, that perfect reality, that perfect conceptualization of a spiritual experience. And when whatever God is is looking to come through you, you wouldn’t be in that place where it could come through. You’d be off someplace else, in thought and feeling, searching for God. A person who embodies the Divine Feminine stays where they are long enough for the essences of the garden to find them, so the seeds of the garden may enter their heart and enter their mind, and find fertile ground. So those seeds may germinate, and sprout and manifest in the physical world.

In the world as it is, there is a great need for the Divine Feminine. Most people are much too busy building their own personal home—their own property and family—to notice how much our world needs the Divine Feminine. It seems so easy to think that you could have your own little patch of heaven, your own little home, your own little garden, and be happy—maybe even pass it on to your children. Many of the seven billion people on Planet Earth are attempting to create their own little patch of heaven. Of course, it doesn’t usually end up being very heavenly.

Where are the men and women who honor the Divine Feminine and honor it enough personally to embody it? Not just for themselves or for “me and mine.” The Divine Mother cares about all Her children, but cares more than anything to create a home for God, the garden—one home, one garden, one reality, covering all the earth. It is a very different matter to try to create a personal garden that would bring you satisfaction, without regard to that larger picture.

Why not take care of what is immediately around you? Why not be passionate about the people whom life has given you, and passionate about that piece of earth where you are standing, but not to the exclusion of everyone or everything else?

Mature love for this person next to me is how I love all of humanity. That is how I bring the Divine Mother to all of humanity. How else would I do it other than with the people that are close to me? I can’t just “love everybody” while ignoring those who are walking through this world with me. But in loving the person next to me, I’m not just loving them. I am asking that person and everyone they know, and everyone they know, and everyone they know—I’m asking all of us together to be part of that one global family that creates the true home for the vibrational seeds of the true Garden. And caring for the aspect of earth that comes to me becomes my way of caring for all the earth.

It comes down to this: Will we bring an open, generous, giving spirit, or a self-centered, self-serving, self-concerned spirit? One brings life, and one brings death. I don’t believe there’s any way of being a happy, self-concerned person. I don’t think that brings life for anyone—not for the person, and not for their world. It doesn’t bring the garden.

I’d like to read a paragraph that I wrote for the Journal of the Creative Field. The article is about practical spirituality. Practical spirituality—not spirituality that’s a mystery that is impossible to actually experience and manifest on earth, but a spirituality that is real—not taken on trust from someone else but real to me, real to you, and real in what we share.

Practical spirituality is not chasing after something wonderful, whether you see that as spiritual or not. It is staying where you are and letting what is full of wonder find you. And it is letting a world be created—or re-created—because you do. It is welcoming what is coming to you from within and letting it out, and it is welcoming what is coming to you from without and letting it in.

The embodiment of the Divine Feminine is practical spirituality. We are on earth as the body of humanity to let this earth truly be a garden. The word garden refers to all the vegetation of our world, but the word means so much more than that. We are here to receive and hold the vibrational seeds of a new world.

O Mother of All, may we honor You in our living as we are an embodiment of Your reality, Your spirit, Your love, Your truth, Your wisdom, Your all-seeing care, Your surround, Your ability to receive all things into Your great heart. May we welcome, with You, the brilliance and the radiance of Spirit. May we take that radiance into ourselves, receive it deeply in our being, that it may shine forth through all the world. Aum-en.

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May 15, 2011 3:46 am

Totally at one with everything you have written David – may your words reach out and connect with all those who are seeking without but missing the wisdom to be found within. Each heart to connect with all hearts is my profound belief and hope for all.
Love and blessings
Jennie Meek

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