The Birth of a New World


It is said in the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) So here we are, in the beginning of this reading, and in the beginning is the Invisible. In the beginning is the Word. In the beginning is Love. It didn’t just happen once. It didn’t just happen when this earth was formed. It didn’t just happen when you were born or conceived. It is happening as we are communing now, as you read these words. This is a beginning. The Invisible has a chance to manifest what is coming in order and in beauty. We have the opportunity to stop self-sabotaging habits that might be interfering with what is trying to be born.

Just as the sun rises from out of the east, it is said that events come from out of the east. Potential for an abundant future was described as a garden planted eastward in Eden. That abundance is constantly coming to us from over the horizon from the unseen. What is trustworthy, other than that which is coming? All the manifest forms in our life are already in the process of change and transformation. We can have a huge amount of connection to our stuff—our physical possessions and even the emotional baggage we carry in relationship to other people. Anybody’s relationships changing today? Of course they are, because what is coming from the east is coming to be born through you and through them. Consciousness can be an open mind and heart which is the doorway that allows what is eastward in the Invisible to come over the horizon into experience.

Our existing culture has trained us how to think and feel in this world. That culturally-based thinking and feeling is often a block to what is coming to us out of our future. As you read these words, I invite you to become aware of what feels blocked for you. And as much as possible in this moment, simply release your mental and emotional grip on that experience. Let go. Let go of anything that isn’t really serving your future, that isn’t serving you or your world. That breath you just exhaled didn’t have any conditions on it. It just came and left. You inhaled and exhaled. It was provided and there’s another one coming. Your heart didn’t ask anything of you to beat. It is just beating.

Christmas is only a few days away. The Christmas story is about what comes to us from out of our future which is like the purity of a newborn babe.

The story can be a reference for what is happening now. The three wise men came from out of the East. That is where all true wisdom comes from—the Invisible. It is always seeking to be born through an open mind and heart.

The new is always being born. The world is being born right now. This is a new day and this is a new moment. It’s coming from the Invisible, it’s coming to you and through you. You are the place of the birthplace of a new world. You are the beginning place.

The gifts of the wise men are the gifts that accompany the birth of all that’s new. The birth is always blessed if we are open to receive the blessing. It’s asking to be received. This very breath is ready to be taken. The love that is coming to you is asking for you to say, Yes, I receive it. I take it and I deliver it. I create with it, and I allow that which is passing away to do so, and that which is to be infused by my love to be blessed. This love which is coming to me can manifest and penetrate that which is already in the world, transforming it into what is alive now, what is serving the whole world.

Everything you’re touching today can be an opportunity to serve the whole world. Let us be the center of the change. Let us not let cruel chaos of our old thinking and our old feeling take over and keep creating pollution, imbalanced climate change, destruction, and violence.

The Truth is true and all is well. The spirits of Love and Life are true and constant and available to be born now, in this beginning moment.

As we pay attention to what is coming, our thinking is inspired by what is real, but at first invisible. All that is in front of us is inspired by that reality to become a more effective revelation of what is true and loving and life-giving. As that happens we may notice “I just didn’t see that before.” I have those moments every day. Sometimes there are beautiful things I didn’t see before. I never knew that was such a gift. And sometimes I see, I’ve been doing this or that and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t make me happy; it isn’t a blessing.

The thing that is most trustworthy is the new that is coming. The spirit that is animating this world is still coming now. It is the beginning of a new day now. It is the beginning of a new moment now. And as the birth is transpiring through those of us who are conscious of it, we make the choice to stay awake and steward it, create with it, and be alert to what is in front of us to be infused by our very presence.

Ultimately, what is required to live a creative life is to pay attention to how the current that’s coming to you constantly from the east, from the Invisible, is moving through you into the world so that you are providing a blessing that is uniquely yours to bring. I cannot be very good at being something other than myself. I have tried. I believe we all have tried to be a person who would make other people happy, someone who would make our parents happy, someone who would make our partner happy, someone who would make the teacher happy.

When I was in fourth grade, I realized how happy it made my teacher when she saw somebody finally understand something she was teaching. So I would fake it! I would look at the lesson, and say “I really don’t get this, Mrs. Henke.” And then she would come and describe it and I would say, “Oh!” and she would light up with pleasure. She believed she had explained it in a way that I now understood.

My little game with Mrs. Henke could be seen as either manipulative or thoughtful. After all, why not make the teacher’s day! I just realized I could make someone happy by letting them feel like they had done something successful. I was interested even then in assisting her to feel the joy inside her and to see the world through the eyes of victory.

That possibility lives inside every human being and I am interested in assisting another person to know the light within them, and to know the experience of birthing a new world. I also feel compelled to find a way for everyone I meet to know the invisible potential within them is real and not dependent on me or anyone else saying it is so.

If you are interested in transforming the world, if you are going to take control of the pollution or climate change or the violence in the world, if you are going to own that you are the one that can change the world based on the creative potential coming to you, into your Being, to be released in the world, you must own your expression and deliver your gift into your world. You can’t do it based on someone else’s authority. You have to find your authority in the situation and own not only what is coming directly to you, but what you are delivering. It is uniquely yours. To be a creator, you must take responsibility for what you deliver and what you create. This is essential!

This is the fundamental reason Sunrise Ranch exists. It’s the fundamental reason I am serving in the way that I am. This is the door that is open for anyone to know the potentiality that is flowing uniquely through them.

The piece below was written by Uranda in 1936, from a booklet entitled “Lighting the Way in You.” It touched me deeply when I first read it in 1977 and it still touches me today. His words remind me of the truth of my purpose and mission and the great possibility of my life. And yours.

No matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing, these words are for you, sent to you in the creative radiance of the ever-sounding song of the universe; and as they are filled with the spirit of love, they shall surely accomplish that whereunto they are sent. Peace be unto you.

No matter what you believe or do not believe, no matter how much or how little “faith” you may think you have, no matter what you have studied or how long, no matter how many times you have failed or succeeded, no matter how difficult your situation may appear to you, these words point to the Way that is in you now, that thereby you may abide in peace, serve in joy, walk in strength, act in wisdom, radiate true love, and know the light that is in you.

Let my living say that. No matter what you have believed, no matter how many times you have failed, the current of life that is coming to you constantly out of the east, in this beginning moment. It comes with the gifts of peace, wisdom, strength, authority, and creation. This birth is your birth. It is you. It is me. It is us. And if there’s any way that I have revealed anything other than that, I let it go to be present in this moment for the birth. How about you?

When we pay attention to the love current that is animating you and me, we are abiding in the order and beauty of a celestial reality that is true. Some people might say it’s a fantasy. I say it’s the most real thing I know.

So I ask you, will you bless your world this week? Who you are, the Spirit that is animating you is asking for the taking. What is being born through Life and Love right now is holy for every human being. Protect it. Serve it. Let’s serve each other in the current of what is being born. Let a holy world be born.

Spiritual Practice

This week, develop this daily practice. Whenever you witness yourself or others engage in self-sabotaging thinking and feeling states, recall the gifts that are coming to you every moment. Remember the birth.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
December 22, 2018 7:35 am

Life often seems like a jigsaw puzzle. But, you can only place one piece at a time. Sometimes the pieces don’t seem to make any sense until you figure out the colors, possible shape, context of where it might fit, and so on. The more pieces you assemble, the easier it gets, you just have to work at it.

Life works a bit like that, one moment at a time. One piece of insight, detail, inspiration, gratitude, etc. Things happen in a magical way where we are open to being in the moment, mindful, letting go of concepts and demands.

Thank you Jane, for your inspiration.

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