Spiritual DNA for the New Heaven

Oren Yakovee

We are weaving together the spiritual DNA of the vibrational ark. The vibrational ark in this moment represents a structure of reality that overflows through consciousness and fulfills mission for the spiritual regeneration of the truth of Being in the new humanity appearing now.

What are the qualities of the ark? The ark is built as a response to the unseen evolutionary urge of invisible Source, encoded like spiritual DNA, descending into embodiment. The ark, as it’s being built, stands out almost like a blight against the landscape. People might wonder, why on earth, in these dry hills and valleys, is there being constructed such a vessel? It stands out, doesn’t seem like it belongs. The ark is destined to be misunderstood, maybe even flat-out rejected by the people of its time.

Yet, the ark represents the spiritual DNA of the new heaven. And if, in the new earth, the waters are flooding, that ark is going to rise. Whatever it is that’s coming out from the invisible, from that spiritual DNA, is encoded with the perfect new heaven for the new earth that’s coming into your life. It’s not built out of the sand of the old earth or the pre-thunk thoughts of a dying world culture.

The ark rises because one has let it. We have allowed the emanation of the all-powerful source from within to become a divine guidance system, fully embodied, courageously expressed—a wellspring of unseen power arising. The vibrational ark is unseen yet all-powerful. An onlooker might ask, “What is in this ark you are building?” Nothing. Nothing at all—except for a living embodiment of the power of spirit. The vibrational ark is not a thing. And yet, if our response to it is absolute, unwavering, collectively resolute, we become an exponentially amplifying power of the presence of the truth of Being.

It is nothing, but in the purest, most embodied, most empowered sense of the word—in that spiritual DNA there is nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing to attain, nothing to want, nothing to defend, nothing to seek, nothing to find, nothing to hide, nothing to decide, nothing to believe, nothing to achieve, nothing to perceive, nothing to fear, and nothing to revere. Why? Because the unconditional, inviolate, indomitable presence of spirit, the truth of Being, is a living reverence, a revelation of love itself, permeating, transforming, uplifting all in the field in one breath.

From the summit of that Mount Everest, whether you come to the vantage point of that highest peak, or whether you find yourself turning around and going home because that’s the only way you’re going to make it home, or whether you find yourself raging blindly down river rapids, finely tuned to inner guidance systems, you are that unseen power. And the greatest, simplest fulfillment of the joy in life is just being that together.

So, you empower that into your field, you emanate your divine source, and everyone else will do that too, right? You emanate the light of love, they may emanate the light of projection. It’s time for love’s work. You emanate the source of Creation and they may emanate lack and limitation. It’s time for love’s work.

You emanate a living field of attunement, and they’ll either bounce off the walls and run for the hills or, ever so slowly and gently, a vibrational ark may come to be known within, that can rise in the floodwaters of your love, pouring vibrationally, unconditionally, through the fateful doors of a wide-open heaven.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
October 5, 2019 5:36 am

I absolutely LOVE this piece.

These words paint a picture in consciousness. In fact, the picture is more like an architectural plan because there is something to build; something being built. A bueprint, DNA, vibrational-shaping. And, it is happening, right now, and now, and now, in the cosmic unseen of heaven and manifest in the earthly dimension, still unseen, but felt.

I am building this, sharing this building task; this is our commission. We are building this Ark!

I LOVE this piece. Deep gratitude, Oren.

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