Spiritual Birth


We have had an amazing week together here at Edenvale with Evolve 2017. We celebrated that yesterday at the end of our day together and acknowledged Susan Shimodaira and Jeannie Martin for their leadership of the event.

What happened here? What is happening? There is a birth that is occurring through you and through me. There is something being born.

Let’s track the power that is moving with each of us and where it comes from. It is atomic power. Within our very atoms there is incredible power. It is the same power that is on the sun. We know that if an atom is split, the power within it is unleashed. In an atomic bomb, it is released in a highly destructive form. The power of the atom is not meant to be released on that basis. Normally, nuclear power is contained within the atom.

Atoms combine to form chemicals. In our own bodies, atoms come together as chemicals and engage in chemical processes. Those chemical processes are part of biological processes. There is a kind of combustion that goes on in the human body, and a transformation of matter inside us. The power that is within that matter is released. It is released biologically because we are biological beings. But there is something more going on for us, because we function at a conscious level, so we are not just biological. The atom, chemical and biological levels of function within us have configured themselves as a conscious human being, and there is something being born through consciousness in an amazing way.

Through this emergence through consciousness we are being born anew. Humanity is being reborn through us. We could not achieve this simply biologically. We could not have enough children to create this kind of growth. The new human is not born just because of biology. There is biology involved, but it is being born at another level of our Being.

The new human is being born into and through consciousness. The power of love is being born into consciousness. This is the new human. The new human carries the power of love into consciousness. It is being born into the field of consciousness that we are sharing. That was evident through this week. There was a field of consciousness and energy that we have been sharing together that has been building throughout the week. And then we flooded that field with the power of love. That birth was impregnating the field, because there were seeds of love that were being sown. There were seeds of a new world and of a new human that were being sown into the field.

If we have had children, there is a certain pride that comes with that. At least on their better days, we claim that child as ours and look to them with pride for who they are and perhaps what they accomplish in the world. And there is a sense of fulfillment that comes with that. But there is an even larger fulfillment that comes when the seeds of the new human are sown into our field. There is a sense of our fulfillment because we have shown up, bringing the seeds of love. We are taking pride in a birth of a different kind that is no less real.

I cannot help but think of a verse in the story of Creation, in Genesis, that talks about fruit whose seed is in itself. It is a picture of a plant and it is a picture of us as biological beings. The seeds of humanity, at a biological level, are within us and we sow them. And then the child that is born is carrying seeds within themselves at a biological level.

But now we are not just talking about biology. We are talking about the birth of a reality into this field of consciousness and energy that we are sharing together. We might refer to that field as culture, but the word culture brings up visions of art museums and theater. It is much more than that. It is a field of awareness that we are sharing together that is being enriched by liberating ideas that free the mind. It is a field that is receiving the very power of love that originates at the level of the atom and then configures itself through more and more complex layers of us, until it shows up in this field of awareness and energy that we have a unique ability to generate as human beings.

At the end of the nine days of Evolve 2017, I feel more present in this field than I was when we began. I am somehow fulfilled; I am somehow outside of myself. I am not just contained here in this bag of flesh. My presence has been born into this larger field, and I have a sense of fulfillment in that. It is the fulfillment of being born in that way. I have a greater sense of the largeness of who I am as someone that is bigger than this biological being.

We sometimes say that we are spiritual beings, not knowing quite what that means, but saying it with a sense of a stature that transcends ourselves as biological or psychological beings. The term spiritual being relates to our origins, for one thing. When we say we are spiritual beings, we are referring to the origin of who we are, which is transcendent. We are not just biological beings who have a biological history that we might point to scientifically over the eons. We have an origin in terms of the creative energy that is coming through us that is God-given. It is bigger than what we can possibly conceive of with our minds.

When we are standing tall in who we are, with courage and with integrity, and the courage to express who we are into our world, we experience a stature that is connected with our spiritual origin. I am more than my parents’ child, and the same is true of you. When we are standing tall in this stature, we are connected with an origin that so far transcends that. We are connecting to an origin that is within stars and galaxies. We have a strong knowing that we have an origin that is far larger than what we can explain atomically, chemically and biologically.

We are spiritual beings who can call upon the origin of our Being for wisdom and power. We call upon it for guidance, because it carries intelligence. It is calling us to do something, to say something in the world, to create something in the world that has its origins in a place that we do not quite know. And yet, when we open to it, there is intelligence that comes through that we cannot quite take credit for. When we are open to it and when we have the courage to express it, we are tapping into an intelligence that transcends our existing knowledge. If we open to it, it will guide us to do great things and guide us to create something new in the world.

We are spiritual beings because we have a spiritual origin. We are also spiritual beings in terms of how we have our being in the world. We have our being in the world biologically, yes—but we have our being in the world and we are being born into the world in a way that transcends our biology. We are consciousness being born into the world. That is what we have shared in, to whatever degree we have this week. We have felt our awareness, our presence, our consciousness, being born into an energetic field. And we have felt it not only being born into that field but impregnating the field of culture, using that word for our shared field of consciousness and energy.

When we come together and allow a download of awareness, information, intelligence and love to come into culture, that download is impregnating that field. There have been profound instances of this throughout history. The Greeks during their Golden Age left the remains of great architecture and art, and chronicles of the invention of democracy. They left literature that documents the development of philosophy, science and the arts.

We can only imagine the excitement as new awareness and experience was rippling through culture in that Golden Age. It rippled throughout the world and down through history, so that it affects our culture today.

During the Renaissance, science and a new humanism cracked open the old restrictions of culture rooted in religious belief. The very word renaissance means rebirth. So there was a new appreciation of our humanity, and an explosion of gorgeous art—voluptuous bodies celebrated in paintings and sculpture. A new awareness was born in consciousness.

Throughout history there have been great leaders who expanded the range of awareness. Think of the explosion in the field of energy and consciousness that surrounded Jesus. Here was an amazing teacher who was allowing an entirely new culture to be born through him. There was the birth of the new human, and it was a declaration of love. However his teachings have been twisted down through the years, his teaching was of profound love. It was absolutely revolutionary in the world. It changed everything. And we can only imagine what it must have been like to be at his feet and to receive that teaching and to be in that explosion of culture—a new field of energy and awareness, the awareness of love, the feeling of love, the power of love. It must have been just amazing.

Something was being born. It was not just a biological birth. It was a birth of energy and awareness. It was the new human who was being inseminated in the field of culture. Those seeds are still with us today and being resown by us. And just as, at a human biological level, the seed is in itself, we carry the seeds of the new human in our spiritual DNA.

Here we are at Evolve 2017, in this field with this extraordinary opportunity where something is being born. How much confidence do we have in that process? How real is it to us? A physical birth is very real, particularly for the mother. When it transpires, there is no question that something just happened. How about the spiritual birth? How real is that? I say it doesn’t get any more real than this. Every part of me knows that something just happened, something is happening, something is being fulfilled, something is being born here. It is now present in this field in a way that it was not when we began. I can feel my being breathing in this space in a way that is not just about my biological breath. I am present here in a way that I was not present before. Something has been born, whose seed is within itself. We can each say, I have been born into this space.

The new human is being born in our midst, and this time it is global in scale. It has the seeds of love, the seeds of regeneration, the seeds of a new world. That is what is happening. It has implications for every facet of human experience. I celebrate the facets of human experience that we touched on over the course of these nine days—politics, health, education, and so much more. There is new understanding and a regenerative power to be carried into them. There is new thought, new ideas. It all originates in the field of consciousness and energy that we share. All of human experience regenerates when, at the core of it all, the new human is born.

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September 11, 2017 8:11 pm

I concur- I AM presence being birthed in a greater way into our conscious use and into the world at large. So happy!

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
September 9, 2017 6:24 am

In the Greek legends, Promethius was gifted with fire. If you ask educational experts about the acquisition of Language, there appears to be a cerebral activation which brings about language development in the very small child. Language is complex but a gift often taken for granted.

We have the notion that downloads to computers and cellphones is a marvel of technology yet I believe in spiritual downloads, in the alignment of factors which allow for paradigm shifts and new openings in consciousness; a reprogramming, or an updating or completely new input experienced as a birth of something unanticipated.

These are exciting times of transition, not easy to comprehend unless I keep myself open, remembering the importance of altitude about which David spoke recently. The hurricanes in the Caribbean and earthquakes in Mexico, which seem to be mirroring the potential nuclear destruction being perpetrated by North Korea, make me think about the urgency in human consciousness to shake loose old values and re-evaluate what is important, right now.

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