Residing in a Sea of Love

We are designed to live in a sea of love. That’s where we thrive; that’s where we are nourished. When we remove ourselves from that state, all kinds of things arise that create a story or a drama, an attempt to explain the unreal.

We know we are always creating something. Creation is a constant state. Human beings have often denied they are creators and chosen to take themselves out of the sea of love, thinking they have a better place to go. When you’re in the flow of the present moment, in the flow of love, things come for transformation in that flow, not to pull you out of the creative pattern. They have come to participate in creation with you. Something wonderful might be trying to be created right now through you and, instead of seeing that there’s wonder and possibility, a person may take themselves out of the present moment and give their attention to the thing that came to participate. They end up taking the process off to the side. That substance that came, that response—whether it is an idea, a person, some money, or a new project—came to be with you in the sea of love, the flow of the creative process where you were living. When a decision is made to give attention to the thing that came, our response, our service, moves in that direction and out of the flow that drew it to us in the first place. We take that response out of the fertile field that drew it, where it thought it was coming home, and we separate it from the possibility of fulfillment. The consequence is drama.

Things come to you, some out of the invisible and some from the physical world. Some of those things feel uncomfortable, and sometimes they feel wonderful; but they are coming to you because of all of the parts of you that are flowing in that sea of love. And if you take that thing, that idea or that response, unto yourself and take it off to the side, that which came will be asking, “What happened? I came to be with you in this sea of love. I came to be with you and create over here, and you have taken it upon yourself to remove me.” The loss of connection is an opportunity missed. That response came to the truth of love manifesting through you and was consequently removed from the creative cycle.

There are so many things that come to us because we’ve set up the pattern so they could, and we then take ourselves out of that pattern because it becomes a distraction. We may want to protect the response; we may even think it is a holy and honorable thing to do. “I am being responsible.” It is important to understand why the response came. It will not thrive if it’s taken out of the pattern.

Things come to us to be transformed and we are also transformed in the process. It is common that fear shows up when we are in the midst of transformation. The message may be “If this changes, my whole world will change; I may lose my life as I know it.” And it’s true—things will change. The fear is about the uncertainty of what will be different and how it will feel. That is a crucial time to remember you are backed up by the universe. That which came to be transformed was brought by the universe, by the sea of love, and that is a trustworthy place to reside.

When we decide to avoid the transformation that is at hand, our mind and emotions create great stories about why this is a good idea. We start writing great story lines about how life always works this way. We do character developments to fit the story line. “So-and-so is untrustworthy; he has ulterior motives; she wants to be the center of attention; they are after something”; and on and on. This is all to rationalize why we are taking ourselves out of the creative process, out of the sea of love that is backed up by the universe. We end up searching and finding support for these crazy decisions.

There’s a chapter about support groups in the book What Happy People Know. In it is a story about a woman who felt devastated that she could no longer go to the support group for spouses of alcoholics because her husband was now clean. She was feeling abandoned because she no longer could be in that victim role. So she created her own group: Support for People Who No Longer Have a Support Group. This is a true story. People create groups to belong to that strengthen their story, that assist them by agreeing that their life is tough. Life outside the creative process is tough, so the real support needed is to get back to the present moment and in the creative process.

Humanity, out of alignment, has created a world where there is power and attention given to the wounded state. People feel they have value and identity when they name their wounds. I heard a story of a woman who was offended at being called a victim of the Holocaust and declared she wasn’t a victim, but a survivor. That’s a powerful change. I believe there is another powerful change, and that is to acknowledge that all that happened in my past got me here. I am present, I am a creator, and I am moving forward.

I have compassion for all those who have had or have difficult situations to handle. I am far more useful to everyone in my world when I am residing in the sea of love, the flow of the creative process, than I would be off to the side, trying to assist outside all the power that is available there.

David Karchere recently spoke about choosing love and forgetting the drama. This too is my invitation. The drama is the story we create, whether it’s a story about ourselves or a story about the world outside the creative process. I have had the experience all my life—it’s not anywhere near what it used to be for me—that someone would come and tell me something and I would just take it as the truth, not realizing what they’re telling me is part of a story.

The reason this is so significant to me is that I cannot live in love and peace and have stories. My stories and yours are judgments about the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Our minds and emotional realms in the sea of love, our true home, don’t need stories and dramas, because we just hold it all in a surround of love. Outside of that home, we create dramas as a way of having some control that is self-created by our disoriented capacities. Love is the ultimate control of the cosmos. Our mind and heart are under that control unless we choose to remove them, and what a drama that creates.

There is a quote in the Bible, in the Book of Matthew: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (Matthew 7:1) Don’t make up a story, so that no one makes up a story about you. Do you ever feel like people have created a story about you and they don’t even know you? It happens all the time. But if you stop yourself from judging what you think is going on with other people, you will create an atmosphere that makes it less likely that people will make up a story about you. Even if someone is doing it, you can invite them to the place where you live, the “Land of No Drama!”

So we hold a sacred field, surrounded by a sea of love. All the substance of the cosmos calls that field Home. We create the world anew when we keep that field inviolate. We create a loving world that doesn’t require drama for excitement. What is exciting in that world is life manifesting through you and me, and ultimately the body of mankind. Here there is rest, peace and joy. All our being is available to what is coming from the invisible source of love, allowing restoration for a world longing to come home.

Jane Anetrini
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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
December 11, 2012 1:00 pm

Thank you Jane for a beautiful consideration this past week, i love residing in the sea of love and have so appreciated the meditation. A fitting passage to enter for the upcoming Solstic time. with much love, Anne-Lise

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
December 7, 2012 3:01 pm

We live in a world of stories, as if a story is the justification that something happened; as if a story ascribes meaning or value. There is a fear that without a story, the world is empty and meaningless. In fact, I have found more power in having no story because the present moment is pure space to bring forth heaven, uncluttered by the past or distorted by expectation.

Robert P. Merriman
Robert P. Merriman
December 7, 2012 6:41 am

What fitting words these are regarding blessings in response to love that have come to me due to the radiation of love’s way through my living. When the substance of blessings are taken to the side, to a vibrational place that is less than the finest of who I Am, then the substance of the blessing continues wandering. If there is a wish in me to somehow control the substance, then drama and turmoil can be guaranteed.

May all that comes be welcomed into who I Am consistently so that the peace and creativity of unhindered ascension may be known on earth.

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