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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

We already have a profound influence on the people around us. But for most of us, we are largely unaware of the influence we are having. Often there is the tendency for a person to feel impacted by the words and actions of others without understanding the ways in which they themselves are having an impact. If you have a group of people who are all feeling keenly impacted by others, and who are all reacting to how they believe they are being impacted, you have an endless ricochet of negative words and actions.

Underneath the words and actions there is a more subtle interchange of body language and emotion, and with that a powerful exchange in the human energy field of the people involved.

What happens as you awaken to the profound influence you are having on other people? And to the opportunity you have to use your influence in a generous and creative way? Our awakening turns off the instant, knee-jerk reaction to what other people are doing. When the tendency to react subsides, you can feel your own desire to be generous with the people around you. You can begin to explore your own capacity to influence other people’s lives in an uplifting, empowering way. You can explore your capacity to bring healing and transformation to another person’s life.

When a person becomes serious about their positive influence on others, they discover that there are two qualities that are essential. Blessing and wisdom. And when those two qualities are present, there can be the power of positive influence—the power to change someone’s life.

Blessing is a quality of warmth that flows to the feeling realm of another. It is the simple attitude that I care what happens to you. I care for your well-being. It matters to me. I wish you well. You are worthy of being loved.

Do you know how important your blessing is to other people? You may convey your blessing in words, or in a glance. You may make a gesture that carries your blessing to another person. Your blessing flows most easily when you let it live in your own feeling realm and allow it to flow naturally to others as they are open to it.

Blessing occurs when your radiance as a person touches the heart of another.

When you bring wisdom to another person you are seeing the truth of who they are. You are seeing past the roles they play. You are seeing past their mistakes and limitations and their wounds. You may notice those things, but when you bring wisdom to another person, you are seeing what is right with them. You are inviting them to set aside whatever shaming attitudes they have held about themselves. You are inviting them to set aside any negative self-images that they have been holding. In essence, you are saying, “That is not true of you. I don’t believe it, and you shouldn’t believe it either. You are a wonderful person.”

When you bring wisdom to another person, you see that there is the possibility of something great occurring in their future. Despite the adversities they may be facing, in the midst of whatever challenges are present, they have the opportunity for the fulfillment of their life.

Wisdom is thought born from love. While it may include specific ideas that you bring to another person, what is most significant is simply that you are thinking about them and their life in a loving way.

Wisdom and blessing. You can’t fabricate these qualities by talking about them, though words can reveal that they are present. In subtle ways, we come to know it when other people hold these qualities about us. We know if there is a fundamental attitude of goodwill and blessing from another person. And we know if there is positive regard for us from another. We know if another person is looking upon our future with a sense of creative expectancy.

When we bring the qualities of wisdom and blessing, we have the opportunity to make a creative difference in someone else’s life. We have inherited that power. All that is left is to acknowledge it and to be willing to use that power in a creative way.

You don’t have to have a special role—like teacher, parent, leader or counselor—to do that, though you can use the power to change another person’s life in whatever role you play. Your generosity with other people changes them. The wisdom and blessing that you give freely and unconditionally change them. You have the potential to change somebody else’s life.

To do that requires that we are willing to be powerful people. We have to be willing to be aware of our power with other people, and willing to use our power with other people in service to what would be creative.

When we are inspired to act powerfully in our world, there is a rising strength within us. The secret to using that strength lies in what we submit our strength to, and we can’t submit our strength to something without submitting ourselves.

There is only one thing to which we can submit our strength that will empowers us. And we can submit to that one thing, totally and completely. That one thing is the life force within us—the generous Spirit within us. We can submit totally and completely to that. When we do, we become powerful, though not coercively powerful. True power is flanked by wisdom and blessing. When we are in a state of submission to the spirit at our core, our strength and our power show up, flanked by our wisdom and our blessing. We show up powerfully in people’s lives and we have the capacity to change somebody’s life. To give them back their life. Because if a person hasn’t submitted their life to their own Spirit, they have, in effect, stolen their life from themselves. We have a chance to play a part in letting them give it back. Letting them give their life back to themselves.

You can have a profound positive influence on the people in your world. There is a part of every person that desires this more than anything. That is the radiance of the sun in us—the radiance of our core spiritual nature. Our core is characterized by generosity in all things, and that is why it is easier for us to be generous than to be self-centered. It is a tribute to the tangled web of human thinking that so many people have not yet figured this out.

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