Prayer for Sunrise Ranch

David Karchere

Currently, the Cameron Peak Fire is within about a mile of Sunrise Ranch, the home of homes for Emissaries of Divine Light and friends around the globe. The community has been evacuated. First responders are protecting the Ranch and other properties threatened by the fire.

We have received prayers from people all over the world, and we are so grateful for them all. Today we are issuing a special Pulse of Spirit to share some of them, along with our own, to amplify our collective prayer of love and protection.

You are all in our hearts and prayers here in NZ.
Karen van Willigen
Christchurch, New Zealand

 To all of the residents of Sunrise Ranch and area, my prayers have been with you all day as I have followed the news, and I spent one hour of meditation specifically devoted to the safety of Sunrise Ranch and its residents. I know very well the feeling of being evacuated and not knowing if I had a home to return to. Bless you all. We are with you in one spirit.
Josie Fiorida
British Columbia, Canada

Dear Father in heaven, dear Mother on earth, we give thanks this morning for your presence within us, around us, and we meet you at that place of knowing. We know we move into a new cycle, and we rejoice in that. We move from the cycle of fire into the cycle of water. And we know that Sunrise Ranch is in Eden Valley, which holds an abundance of water. We see it and we feel it, and we sense it in the morning dew. We rejoice that all creatures are scurrying at this time, preparing their winter homes and the safety of those homes. And we rejoice and we give thanks that our homes are safe as well, and waiting for us to provide the sanctuary and the warmth for the coming winter. We give thanks on this glorious day that all is well. Thank you.
Julie Bohnet
Deadman River, Canada

Prayers and deep mindfulness to you all. May the wings of Angels watch over and protect this Sacred place.
Jewels Jojo
Gawler, Australia

O Lord, from the far north in Europe, may you send from our many waterfalls the showers needed now in the sacred place of Eden Valley, where my heart has belonged for decades, and from where blessings have reached me continuously. May the blessings be returned at this time, my Lord, to protect Sunrise Ranch in this valley, this vital home of our global community, so it can continue to welcome people home, as it welcomed me long ago and so many others from all continents, through its history most unique.

I lift my prayer to you, my Lord, from my heart and soul to your greater wisdom. As your co-creators, your instruments on earth, we pray that in oneness we can reach far distances to allow change in direction and patterns, if we allow for ourselves your will to be done. We thank you, O Lord, for all we have received from our sacred place of Sunrise, and pray that it may be safely there for further transformation and younger generations, in the Christ spirit. Aum-en.
Kari Bye
Voss, Norway

Have been praying nonstop in my heart.
Kristin Hoffman
New York, U.S.A.

O beloved heavenly Father, heavenly Mother, we who dwell in Thy heaven in a space for the birthing of Thy spirit, we honor and hold sacred and inviolate the sacred site of Eden Valley, Sunrise Ranch, for having provided and continuing to provide a living flame, the flame of Thy Being, the flame of our destiny, the flame of the sacred fire which provides a place that is cool and calm and filled with beauty and memory of the true Eden, the Eden beyond the time-space narrative of our current cycle. And we who dwell in this heaven—praising Thy spirit, knowing the nature of our function for this planet, for this world, to allow all substance, all energy, all patterning to align and know the dominion of Thy presence in this heaven we are dwelling in—join you in bringing right control, order, balance, safety, care and protection for all that live, all the creatures, all that lives in this sacred place, for Thy further birthing of this new world.

And so we assume the position of Thy servants and stewards, Thy family on earth. We extend your goodwill. We let the bridge of radiation, the radiant home that Sunrise provides, continue to live in our hearts as it is living in the hearts of thousands all over the world. We are so grateful for your presence, O beloved Lord, beloved King and Queen of this heaven, of this world. Aum-en.
Howard Goodman
Cape Town, South Africa

I pray for you and Sunrise Ranch. I pray for all those who are doing their best to keep it safe. Sunrise Ranch is a sacred place to be kept safe. My heart is there with you.
Jae Hyoung Lee
Jeju Island, South Korea

You are all in my thoughts, dreams and prayers.
Tierro Lee
Longmont, Colorado U.S.A.

My prayers from Buenos Aires. Love and Blessings.
Carlos Sal Zurita

Let us allow the great Love to surround us, to rebuild and heal our Sunrise Ranch. Let us become the living flame of oneness and meet the magnificence in ourselves, meet the supreme joy in ourselves, become part of the living, loving flame of ourselves. Begin to bring those elements into ultimate Being, the magnificent, the supreme joy, the loving, the loving and living flame. And know this is the pulsation of truth, which moves between the cosmic life force and our breath.

Breathe in your magnificent self. Breathe out the magnificence. Breathe in the loving, living flame. Breathe out in the loving, living flame. Breathe in the supreme joyfulness of you. And breathe out in the supreme joy. Meet the universe with these components of the Divine, and the universe will meet you, and love will arise, and love will surround, and love will enfold us all.

Peace between me and each friend. Peace in the morning and peace at the end of the day. Peace in each hour, and peace the whole way. Peace on our journey, all of the way. Peace in our work that we need to do to rebuild Sunrise Ranch. Peace in my life, and peace comes from you. Aum-en.
Karen Pritchard
Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Let’s enter a time of Attunement. And let’s tune in to this fire. It is the fire of Mother Nature, simply seeking to take care of herself, seeking to balance herself, seeking to renew, seeking to cope with things that are imposed upon her by human beings. We know there is no menace, even though there is risk.

May we greet her with understanding and love and care—care for her, care for her forests, care for her trees, her plants, care for her animals, for the bear, for the elk, for the moose, for the mountain lions, for all the little creatures and the birds. We are here with understanding and compassion, and with our request: simply that the sacredness of what a human being is, the sacredness of the Family of the World, is present in Eden Valley, doing something with and for Mother Nature and for the glory of Creation itself.

So as we offer understanding and love, we ask her understanding and love and support for what we are doing, that we may be in harmony together, not fighting. And we know that Mother Nature is not fighting, and neither are we. We come in peace. We come to bring life, and life more abundantly. We come for the greater glory of life, knowing that there is far more glory to come; that with all the wonder of life that’s been on this planet, her future is great and long and wondrous. We are here to be a part of that future as the Family of the World, to do our part in love and understanding, hearts united with each other and with the Mother herself. So may it be, as we bless Eden Valley. We bless all those who are serving to keep her safe. We bless Mother Nature. We bless this beautiful planet. Aum-en.
David Karchere
Sunrise Ranch, U.S.A.

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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
October 22, 2020 7:31 am

Almighty Father in the Highest Heavens, hear our prayers for the building of a new cycle for Sunrise Ranch and its continued mission on our Planet. Most merciful and compassionate God, guide everyone in Your ways to bring everything needed to this cycle now. Thank you. We are assured and know that it is done in your Kingdom and by your Power. Now.

October 21, 2020 3:27 am

Most merciful and compassionate God,
Giver of Life and Love
Please hear the prayers of those in need
and bring Your blessings to the good people of Sunrise Ranch. In all things and in all times please help us to remember that even when life seems darkest, You are there to guide and protect.

Ngugi Kimani
Ngugi Kimani
October 20, 2020 11:53 pm

I pray for you!
It is well.
Angels are watching over the Sunrise Ranch property according to Psalms 91 vs11
Fear not!

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