Pour Out Your Radiance and Welcome Your World

I have just returned from a trip to our Emissary community in Southern Australia, Riverdell Spiritual Centre, and want to extend a huge blessing to you from our family there. I also want to acknowledge my deep appreciation that Cliffe Connor, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, went on this trip with me. We fired up the place because of our love for each other and our love for Lyell and Andrew Horwood, who are the coordinators in the community of which they are a part. And I can tell you that things have changed as a result of our visit. When you pour your love into something, things change.

The whole time I was there, it was obvious to me how important it is to be bringing the radiance of my entire self. And my entire self is connected to each one of you—there’s no way around that. The connection is stronger when love is involved, but it is true regardless. I realized how much the field of love and generation that I’ve shared over the years, in long-term relationships or even just in the moments that we’ve been together, comes with me wherever I go. When you love the same thing, you create a field together, and that field is one rich with possibility, rich with fertility and opportunity. And I know, without a doubt, I have learned that the best way to play in that field is to bring my radiance.

There are often times when we are surrounded by activities and people, where we feel overwhelmed by the amount of things we have to do. Anybody feel they’re too busy? I do. I sometimes am double- or triple-booked and have to decide either to do all those things a little bit, or choose one and pour myself into it.

And that’s the key: whatever I choose, I pour myself into it. I have found that the most wonderful thing about being busy is that I get to pour myself in all the time and I generate an atmosphere as a result of all the wonderful opportunities in my life. The busier I am, the more I have to do, the more I get to generate, the more atmosphere. I use the word pneumaplasm, which is the spiritual substance, the atmosphere that happens when I radiate my love into it. The more I do that, the more clearly I see, the more possibility is present and the more joy I know. How about that?! As opposed to feeling “Oh, man, another thing I have to do?” How about “Oh boy! Another thing I get to do!”

I know that might sound Pollyanna, or as though I am looking at something through rose-colored glasses. I think not. I think everything that comes my way is asking for Jane Anetrini’s specific presence and blessing in it, even if it’s just to be touched, because it’s come into my world. And guess what? I think that’s true of you, too. Your unique blessing is essential, essential for the most creative and potent field amongst us. The field has an impact on the world, inviting a change of consciousness from “This is a dreary, impossible, busy experience” to “I wonder what will be coming next?!”

I had a patient come in yesterday who had just been in a car accident, and she said to me with tears in her eyes, “People keep saying that you create your own world, and why does this keep happening to me?” And having known her for a number of years, I knew it wasn’t the opportunity to really have that conversation. But I have discovered that everything that comes to me, when seen as a blessing—even a car accident—brings new and more wonderful things. I don’t like being in car accidents, but I’ve been in plenty; I’ve been the driver in only one. But I do know that every time I’m faced with a crisis, my ability to pour my own radiance and love into the situation changes everything—it not only helps my body heal more quickly; it also addresses what could be a great opportunity for cursing, complaint and depression. What would that choice serve? In what way does cursing make my field more fertile, more joyful, or more creative? It just doesn’t. I’m not saying there aren’t things that aren’t working properly that need a creative Word spoken into them. That Word is brought through my radiance, through my love and appreciation for the opportunity and the people who are in my field. And guess what? That’s everybody, not just the ones who are nice to me, not just the ones who I think I want in my field.

There is a creative cycle that we participate in. We participate whether we are conscious of it or not. We are radiant into our world, and then something comes back. When we do this consciously we are on hand to welcome whatever it is that returns. I heard many stories when I was a little girl about doing something nice for a stranger, and it turns out to be someone important and there ends up being a big surprise or gift as a result. Those stories always stayed with me, about the unseen possible return of just being kind. And as a girl, I know I lived in the hope that maybe I would be the recipient of one of those surprises, that some wonderful thing would happen. But as I have lived my life, I realize the bonus is I get to live in the joy of having done it. I get to live in the atmosphere of knowing I was there, I did what I do best, which was be myself, and I loved and blessed that which came right to my hand, even the things that sometimes felt unpleasant.

While I was in Australia, Cliffe and I, with Andrew and Lyell, had many occasions to be with people. Andrew created a schedule for conferences, public talks, board meetings, community meetings, services… And I found that no matter where I was, when I was glad with who showed up, what came out of my mouth was a lot more intelligent and powerful. You are in touch with this most potent possibility, because so much current is moving through you. Well, I want to invite you into the possibility that you could be in that kind of love all the time—all the time, in love with that which animates you. That life force that animates you is so luscious, so gorgeous, so perfect. And if that’s true of you, it’s true of the people in your world as well. It’s nice to have someone come up to you, and you see them for their gorgeous self and have them see you for your luscious self, and then see what will happen.

I had opportunities, when I was in Australia, to meet a lot of people for the very first time. When someone is new, you see them with fresh eyes. It is nice to know we can see each other all the time with fresh eyes. I’m not encouraging blindness or loss of wisdom but openness to new possibility and inquiry. As I bring myself into each situation, things can look different to all who are present. It’s a bit like chemistry—introduce another oxygen atom to water, H2O, and you have peroxide, H2O2. A very different entity. That is true with people too.

When you bring your radiance, wonderful things get born. And I have decided that there are parts of me I’ve held back, so watch out—just watch out! When there are parts of ourselves we have kept secluded out of fear or resistance to the fact that we might make a mistake, those things, when born out of our own radiance and our own love, will be gorgeous. They might not be “perfect” but they will be full of life and full of opportunity and full of possibility to welcome a new world.

I extend my blessing to you. You are what the world needs. Your love is unique and powerful and has already changed and blessed the world. Thank you. Bring more and let the universe thank you in return.

Jane Anetrini
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