Opening Gateways For Spiritual Generation

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

Pneumaplasm, which is the substance of the energetic field surrounding each of us, is generated out of our flesh as the creative Spirit moves through us in the living of life. There is a wonderful story of Creation that tells of a mist coming up from the ground; and immediately following, the Invisible Spirit creates man from earth, and breathes into him the breath of life. The mist is a depiction of pneumaplasm.

We carry pneumaplasm as we come into the world. If you look at a baby, it’s practically dripping off them. And you can feel the radiance that shines through the baby’s energetic pattern. As the baby grows to be a child and the child an adult, the generation of pneumaplasm happens more or less automatically. That is one of the reasons children run around so much. They are generating an energetic body that is crucial for their growth and development. There are many activities that generate pneumaplasm as a young person grows into adulthood. Puberty is a major factor in the early teens. The hormones play a part in that and there is a development physically. But what is happening isn’t only physical. There is a remarkable generation in the energy pattern of the person that results from what is happening in the physical, and that pattern of energy is crucial to the mental and emotional development.

In one of his talks, Uranda suggests that for most people, as they come into adulthood, the generation of pneumaplasm is no longer on automatic and so often it slows down greatly. Life gives us conscious responsibility for generating pneumaplasm at that point. It is as if our life force says, “I’ve taken care of this for you, but now you’re going to have to be consciously involved.” Uranda pointed out that, for many people, the transfer does not go very well—the handoff gets dropped. Certainly there is a fuzzy awareness of necessity for ongoing generation in this area in the world in general. One of the reasons for Emissaries of Divine Light is to call people’s attention to the opportunity to build their own energetic body. Generally, people are conscious about putting money in the bank. But they are not so aware about investing in this energetic reservoir that is so crucial to living a fulfilled life.

There is a depiction of this in the comics. Most of us are familiar with the comic strip Peanuts, where Pigpen walks around with a cloud of dirt around his head. Is that a metaphor for someone with an unclear pattern of pneumaplasm? And perhaps the volcano in Iceland and the cloud hanging over Europe is a physical representation of a phenomenon at another level for humanity. Have you been around anybody recently who “blew their stack”? Perhaps the volcano in Iceland was reflecting something back to people around the world.

We each have the opportunity to generate pneumaplasm personally, and in that sense to put money in our bank. I’m impressed with the fairness of life. When we bring a blessing into our world, we generate pneumaplasm by doing it. We put money in the bank when we’re of service. We put money in the bank when we’re loving, when we offer care to other people. And where there’s something brought into the world that’s less than creative, we are eroding the body of substance that we carry. When we take away from the experience of other people, we rob money from our own bank. The laws of the human world don’t always seem just, but the laws of life always are. When we harmonize with them we participate joyfully in that justice.

What is it that allows the vibration of life to generate our mist, our pneumaplasm, and breathe through our nostrils? And how can we assist other people to open to this experience?

I had the pleasure of listening to all the audios that are available of Uranda’s 1953 class, which I just completed recently. He was teaching people to be Attunement servers, offering spiritual healing to others. I was impressed by the fact that there was very little said about where you put your hands when you share an Attunement. There was a lot said about how you open up doors to assist people to generate their own body of pneumaplasm. That may be done through a word, a glance, or simply through what you hold in your thoughts and your feelings toward someone.

We can have a profound influence on someone’s life simply by what we believe about them. Do we believe that the person could change? Do we believe that at the core of the person is someone who is a being of love, someone who is genuine and authentic? No matter what the person may be manifesting in their life, no matter how much that may be blocked in their living, we have the opportunity to see what is true at the core and believe that things could change in another person’s experience.

Here are three other attitudes and actions that open gateways for spiritual generation.

Openness to Something New and Wonderful

Openness to something new and wonderful generates spiritual substance. It is a very simple matter, but if we walk through our life not believing that there is something new and wonderful that is showing itself, we have shut a gateway for spiritual generation. If you can assist a person to see what is showing itself in a creative way in their life, you will have assisted them to reopen this gateway for generation.


The quality of aspiration opens a door for a person’s spiritual generation. A friend of many of ours, George Emery, is well known for saying that there is always more. That is the quality of aspiration. A person who is generating rich pneumaplasm in their life is aspiring to more. They are aspiring to something more for themselves. They are saying to themselves, “I have more to give; I have something of higher quality to give than I have yet given. I could be a bigger person. I could bring more of the quality of the spirit that I love into the world. I could be a greater cause for good in my world than I’ve been. I aspire to see more than I’m seeing today, to be wiser than I am. I aspire for us together to share more than we’ve shared. I love what we’re sharing today, and I want to share more.”

Aspiration opens up the generation of pneumaplasm. Where a person has settled, where a person believes that “this is about as good as it gets; I’ll plateau here,” something inside has died. There is always something more. We could be lying on what others may think of as our deathbed, and know that there is something more for us. There is a blessing to give before we leave. And we are being called to another place where we have yet greater service to offer. We may not know where we are called or what it is we are going to give, but where there is the quality of aspiration, there is a faith that there is something more. That faith and that aspiration open up the generation of pneumaplasm in ways that can’t be opened up in any other way.


A third quality that opens spiritual gateways is generosity. Many of us have a few years under our belt, so our generosity today may look different than it did when we were younger. For me personally, I would find it a challenge to build a clay-tile roof, as I did thirty years ago here on the Glen Ivy Lodge addition. We hauled up buckets of cement and tiles in the middle of the summer here at Glen Ivy. That would be more difficult for me at this time in my life. So I don’t believe my generous service is going to manifest that way. But I do know that I have a lot to give, and that my world needs what I have to give. When a person values the gift that they bring to the world, and is willing to give it, that builds pneumaplasm.

The ultimate fulfillment of our life is our generous service. What we know may be wonderful. The intention we hold for our life can be wonderful. But the fulfillment of our life is in what we actually follow through on and do. A person’s pneumaplasmic body builds and strengthens when they see things all the way to completion. It is said that God is a finisher of things, and the spirit of the Creator moving through a person is, too. Where there is a person who is a finisher of things, there is strength and resiliency in the energetic body of that person.

There are doors to be opened at every level in a person’s generation: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. When those doors are open, there is a body of energetic substance that sets the pattern for a person’s world. The body of energetic substance—that body of pneumaplasm—determines what a person’s world will become. The practical things that we do in life are certainly part of the picture—we need to do practical things. But you and I have probably seen a lot of people do apparently practical things, only to have their world go terribly wrong. And why? It is because our world is paying attention to our pneumaplasm, and according to the quality and quantity of the pneumaplasm we carry, our world responds. Here is where the real ease comes in living, because where the pneumaplasmic body is rich and full and whole—“My yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:30)—the light of being shines through a person’s body of pneumaplasm and the experience is of ease.

This is an individual matter, for you and for me. Finding ourselves together, whether it is on a morning like this or for these last three and a half days, it is a collective matter too. Our fates are tied together here. Our fate is also tied to the larger body of humanity, like it or not, and know it or not. We have a vital part to play, with enlightened self-interest if nothing else, to open up the doors for our world so that there can be generation and purification in the energetic body of all humanity. Sound ambitious? It is what I aspire to. I believe that can happen because of what we do here. I see something new and wonderful coming into the picture for Planet Earth. How about you?

David Karchere
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MichaEL Piovesan
MichaEL Piovesan
April 9, 2023 3:57 am

Correction … pneumaplasmic battery … Damn autocorrection!

MichaEL Piovesan
MichaEL Piovesan
April 9, 2023 3:22 am

This is exactly what I am realising now – that my ‘spiritual body’ is a ‘pneumaplastic battery’ of concentrated breath/spirit energy within my being that radiates through my physical form that I recharge and keep charged moment to moment by breathing the Holy Breath of Love with each conscious breath I take. Another analogy would be a type of internal ‘cold fusion reactor’ which scientists hypothesize is possible but don’t know how to create in physical form but I think they’re working on it. I’m gonna keep working on mine within.

Where can I access the audios of Uranda’s 1953 class?

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