On the Precipice—Bringing the New World


Welcome to this most incredible moment. We are on the precipice of what is being born right now. I acknowledge all those standing with me, ready to jump into what’s next.

I wrote these words this morning:

I am in heaven.
I am in the vibrational place of love.
I am on the precipice of Creation.
I am letting go of all my great ideas,
all my sabotaging and destructive feelings.
I am surrendered to the vibration of love
which is encoded with the design of its own creation.
I am being transformed as I am dying.
I am being transformed as I am being born.
I am in heaven, on the precipice of a new life.
Join me there.

I am doing this and I am not alone. This is not just about a physical human being born. We have all experienced physical birth, our own entry into this world. As we are experiencing birth now, it is of a different nature. We are both in the position of feeling and bringing the pressure, as a mother does, and assisting the process as a midwife. We are welcoming what is coming, the new babe, the new cycle, and participating in the process of what it is we are welcoming.

I have been with women delivering a child, who are pushing, and it is not a lot of fun but it is an inevitable situation. Someone is going to be born. In the most beautiful scenarios there is also a welcoming party—the father, the family, and often a knowledgeable midwife. Being knowledgeable doesn’t mean there aren’t unexpected things in a physical birth. This is also true in a spiritual birth. When we are becoming a sun, surprises happen.

It is not uncommon in physical birth for the mother to declare she wants out of the process. “Okay, I’m done—I’m not doing it anymore.” “I can’t do this!” That usually happens during the stage of transition. And at that point the intensity is great and there really is no stopping. Life is going to have its way. It can’t be controlled by human thought or will. A birth process is happening for each of us now. Obviously not in the physical sense of birthing a human child. It is happening right now with what is to be born from the still place within ourselves. Something is being born in this moment and we get to be conscious creators. When we go to that still place and allow that which is passing away to be part of the transformation, and that which is being born to be part of the transformation, we become masterful. Everything is used. The discomfort we are feeling, the uncertainty—when you are not really that sure where you are going, this can all be used. The uncertainty is part of the birth. There is trust in that current that is moving through you and through everything. As I said earlier, there is a design inherent in the vibration of love that I can participate in by being present and creating consciously, letting myself be resonant with that particular current, which is the current of all life. There is a unique part for me to bring forth, as there is for you, but it all harmonizes together because it is the same design in the invisible current of love.

I want to acknowledge that I am addressing a group of very important people. And why are you important? And do you believe you are?

We have entered the Christmas season and the biggest part of the celebration is about the birth of the Christ child happening in the manger. But there was a whole pattern set up before that happened. The shepherds did not have the Internet. The wise men did not have iPhones. There was something happening way before that birth happened. There was a field of knowing, of important people paying attention. Do you think Herod, who heard of this birth, had the Internet? How do you think he knew about this child that was going to be born, that was going to carry great power? How did the Magi get their invitation? Because important people were paying attention.

They were paying attention and noticing that something was happening. They may not have known exactly what, but I believe they could feel they were on a precipice. What are some of the things you feel when you are there? Anxious? Uncertain? Tense? Back then, they may have felt the risk, they may have felt the uncertainty, the fear that accompanies feeling things you can’t explain. What is happening? “I can feel it but can’t see it.” I believe they chose to stay present and available so that this wondrous event could happen. I don’t use Christmas songs as a point of historic reference, but I do think they capture the atmosphere of what was taking place as the vibrational pattern of love was being manifest through those important people paying attention. “Angels we have heard on high”—who could hear them? In the song, while shepherds watched their flocks by night, one of the lines states that dread came upon them. Isn’t that how tension, pressure and being on the precipice can feel? Dread! What is happening? The angels spoke up here too! They said, “Fear not”—this is a joyous occasion! From another song: “The world in solemn stillness lay to hear the angels sing.” Important people know their power in the situation. Be still, listen, be radiant, be a sun.

That is why we are important people: we are willing to stay present and hold something so this new, whatever this new is, can happen because we are staying centered in heaven, allowing ourselves to be in touch with the design, in the vibration of love that would let it be so.

Back then, something was happening—people were paying attention. There was protection provided by conscious people so something could happen—something, in this case someone, could be born. There was an invitation felt to participate so that there could be the welcoming of this wonderful event. And as is usually the case, things were not all lined up, explained or understood ahead of time.

How does this work for you? Here is this newborn circumstance you are in right now. Now what? Look for your important people. Look for those who are holding the vibration of heaven—the angels, the shepherds, the Magi. Call them what you like, there are different roles to play. The Magi are bringing gifts, things that are necessary. The shepherds are holding a sacred atmosphere for it to happen. The angels are making sure that there is an atmosphere that the people can feel. Mary and Joseph were doing their job; the Christ child was doing his.

This is not just a human story, about a baby being born. Otherwise we would not be talking about it over two thousand years later. Something happened. Something happened so a message through a human being could be brought, an important one for me—an important one that says do not live in the human ways that are destroying love in the world. Find ways to keep yourself centered, thankful, giving expression to your radiant spirit. Be generous, pay attention. I am watching, looking for people who are doing this in their life so that we become good at doing it together.

Not too long ago, I was in a class where we wrote about seeing ourselves as a mythic figure. The whole point of the exercise was to stop thinking in earthly human terms, to stretch into your greatness, to see that there is more going on for you than just the mundane laundry and dishes in your life. We took the opportunity to feel into our mission and the importance of our lives. We were invited to be grand. See yourself as one of those important people.

I wrote these words, and I want to read them not as an exclamation of who I am but to invite you to touch something about who you might be. There is something special about you that you are here to bring. You may not have been willing to bring it into the world because you have not given yourself space to see your greatness. And when you have been told of your greatness, you may have often denied it by saying, “Oh, surely not me.” We don’t receive compliments easily. We often find it hard to be seen, hard to be loved.

So I am going to read the words, and while this is an experience I have had internally, find your centering place where you now are on the precipice of what is yours to do for the next part of your life. And think of yourself in this story—think of your story.

My home lies in the east, full of trees and birds, fruits and flowers. The air is sweet and the sun is warm. The rain comes every day to cleanse and bless. This is my realm. I am the queen of this heaven on earth. I planted it, cared for it, and it grew. My people flourished.

And the world called me. It is hungry and dry. It is lonely and lost. It is confused and searching. It is feeling unworthy of love and blessing.

I have laced upon my chest the love and blessings of my people. I have mingled in my hair the petals and feathers of my world. I have written in my heart the welcome and abundance being offered by my people to the world.

I have vessels of oil to bless and dress the broken parts of this world. I have prisms and crystals to open the vision and bring the light to those who have lost their sight. I have fragrance and balm for those who have let their joy and pleasure wither up and dry like last season’s leaves.

I am here, marked by the One I serve, to remember, to remind, to welcome, to love, to cherish, to protect, and to hold steady as I stir up a storm and rattle the foundations of a world that is dying. I am fortified by the fruits and fragrance of my land, by the love and prayers of my people, to hold steady, keep going, rise up again and again to allow the waiting world to find its final grief, to allow this broken-hearted family to be seen and heard, to show my face, my lineage, that they might remember theirs; to care for all that presents itself in my heart, and mend it so that the walls of protection and the fortress of honor may be strong and true.

How about you? How about you? The world needs you as much as it needs me. And we are not going to get this job done alone. The world needs your balm, it needs your joy, it needs your power, it needs your blessing. But you cannot give it unless you stay steady in the place from whence it comes. You need to stay on the precipice. Otherwise you will get all mixed up and distracted with the world the way it is now. We get confused, we try to be “good” instead of powerfully loving and radiant. We withhold our blessing.

There is a line in the Song of Solomon: “Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.” (Song of Solomon 2:10) I invite you to do that today. Come away with me, together arm in arm on the precipice, jumping into our future together. Let us become a sun together. We are rising up together. And I know many of my friends are right there with me. The invitation to the world becomes stronger when we are doing this together. I am in heaven, on the precipice of my new life. I am in heaven, allowing the vibrational patterns of love to be known on this earth again because I live, and I allow myself to live, fully embodied by the holiness that is mine and yours.

Something is being born. It is our radiance that will allow it to be born. We are becoming a sun. Be the radiance that you are, from this precipice. Let that which is dying die in the presence of our transformation. Let that which is being born be born in the presence of that transformation, so that we might celebrate this new day.

Thank you for being a part of this birth. This is a grand adventure and I want to do it with you. I need you. We need each other.

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Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
December 9, 2017 1:01 pm

I’m sitting here early on Sunday morning, sitting with your words inviting me to let my radiance blaze forth as I stand of the precipice of my life, with elements of things dying and things being born within me and around me. And I say a resounding “YES!”, I’m with you in taking this stance to my life and “YES!”, I’m standing with you in the only place where the power of Life’s creation is happening – on that precipice.

Today I offer a public talk for the first time since Lyell and I moved to Melbourne. It’s in a church setting (I’m friends with the Minister there) and I’ll be following their normal Service. The Minister himself is on a precipice as he’s moving to a new parish in February and has invited me to continue our collaboration in his new setting. Somehow the presentation today seems part of a new birth cycle and I’m curious as to where this will lead. Meantime, I can feel what’s dying is my medical practice, as it seems increasingly irrelevant to what I feel called to now. I’m observing this happening within me and there’s not much emotion – it’s like watching something float away down the river. It’s just leaving.

I let go. I open to the fresh wind that is lifting my wings. I’m on the precipice and ready to soar. I look around and see a host of others standing here too. We are one, and we are many, and from all the lands on earth we come. We’ve shared a dream and now the reality is here – we’re ready to soar together.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
December 8, 2017 11:44 pm


Thank you for the invitation to be grand.

Thank you for the invitation to be in concert with you – the manifest in partnership with the invisible presences of spirit – in the grandness of the Cosmic Imperative now unveiling.

Thank you for your authority and inspiration.

Thank you for providing a meeting-point in consciousness.

I am with you.

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