November Monthly Excerpts

From:  Darkness
David Karchere
November 1, 2010

At the beginning of the creative process, darkness is on the face of the deep. And because every moment is a beginning, we each bring our own share of darkness to our experience now. Our darkness is the unformed and the unknown. It is the unshaped depth of consciousness that powers our emotions, and it is the unformed potential of life. How we hold that darkness in our life is a critical factor. We can believe it shouldn’t be there, that it’s something to be dreaded, something to be covered over and avoided. Or we can learn to welcome it.

The human world has obscured darkness. The use of artificial illumination has chased away the darkness of night. There are many things that obscure the darkness of the deep that are present in each of us—television, the Internet and obsessive work, to name a few. How can there be magic in our lives if we don’t make friends with our darkness?

When you welcome your own darkness, you embrace a great pool of substance. And when the focus of awareness touches that pool, the creative vibration moving through thought and feeling activates it. We become powerful in our life when we not only welcome the darkness but when we know what to do to let something happen in that darkness, when we let the reality of our own spirit engage the darkness. Only then can something new happen.

From:  Darkness
David Karchere
November 1, 2010

If a person wants to experience the pleasure and fulfillment of creation, then old structures that are constraining them have to be left behind. Life doesn’t continue to build structure on structure, thing upon thing that keeps piling up, with nothing changing or breaking down. Forms of life are born and they pass away. They’re not here forever. What was a form from the past becomes raw material for what’s next. Through it all, life is revealed.

In the world the way it is, something has to break if pleasure and fulfillment is to come. It is easier when a person participates in the process consciously and deliberately. But, for the most part, that’s not how human beings are doing it on Planet Earth. They’re trying to preserve things that are well past their sell-by date. Life is on the move, and if old experiences are being clung to, something’s got to break.

The question becomes, where is the person in the midst of that experience? Are they attached to what is breaking? That’s hard. When something is breaking in our own life, we have a chance to see that the reality of who we are transcends what is breaking. We have the opportunity to find out that the reality of who we are is eternal being; that we are breaking open, not breaking down. And in that is power.

From:  Spiritual and Emotional Mastery
David Karchere
November 8, 2010

The word we use for people who are called to the apex place in consciousness for humanity is priesthood. They are called to let what is present at the apex of the whole body of human consciousness change. They are called to spiritual mastery, by whatever name and to be masterful in letting what’s present in the Invisible pour through and transform consciousness.

There is a need and a call to the spiritual maturity that is necessary for spiritual mastery. What I’ve found is there’s no such thing as spiritual mastery or spiritual maturity without there first being emotional maturity and emotional mastery. And emotional mastery implies emotional surrender. It implies being mastered by what you’re surrendering to. And the only way that real emotional mastery comes is as the emotional body surrenders to the Unseen.

So we are called to emotional maturity, not emotional repression or emotional recklessness. Where there is emotional maturity and emotional mastery, who and what we are can vibrate with Spirit, and we are in position to have a profound influence in the body of consciousness of humanity.

From:  Spiritual and Emotional Mastery
David Karchere
November 8, 2010

There are four primary human emotions: fear, anger, happiness and sadness. These four emotions relate to the longing of the human soul. A key factor is whether there is a conscious openness to the influence of Spirit that lets in what the soul is longing for.

The human soul cries out for a fuller experience of the unseen Spirit that is its source. And when it cries out, it seems like it’s crying out in anger and in sadness and in fear, and in happiness. When spiritual reality is present and available through a person and the emotions are opened up to that reality, the spiritual reality has the opportunity to answer the call of the emotional body, to step in and give the emotional body what it’s looking for—to say, in essence, “I know what you want.” When the spiritual reality of a person steps into that emotional body, the experience changes.

Most people are afraid of their own emotions and, for the most part, do their best to sideline them so they don’t interfere with their life. They feel threatened by their emotions, much as a parent might feel threatened by a crying, angry child. We have the opportunity to hear the calls of the emotional body and to step in and to bring the authority of Spirit. And, from the standpoint of our emotional body, we have a chance to release and be mastered by the reality of Spirit, which is our own ultimate reality.

From:  Spiritual and Emotional Mastery
David Karchere
November 8, 2010

The substance of the emotional body determines what happens in your life and in mine, and in the life of humanity. Do you think the advertisers of the world want that from you? The advertisers of the world want your emotional body, make no mistake. The politicians of the world want your emotional body. The businesspeople of the world, the financiers of the world, want your emotional body. The religious leaders of the world want it. And for most of humanity, they’ve got it. Make no mistake. Because if they’ve got your feelings, they’ve got your money, they’ve got your labor, they’ve got your thinking, they’ve got your way of living. They’ve got you.

So the gold standard for setting the direction of a person’s life, and the life of humanity, is the ability to capture the response of the emotional body. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. That is where he will go. If we find ourselves working with what is at the apex of consciousness, we are interested in letting the emotional body be set free so that spiritual reality can govern in human consciousness, and so that the reality of who we are as divine beings can be present in and through human consciousness. As we let it be so for ourselves, the capstone experience is present for us personally and for the body of humanity.

From:  The Flow of Truth
Maureen Waller
November 15, 2010

I’ve been thinking about a place where I lived for a time years ago. Because the local water was very hard, the pipes in the house had been almost totally calcified. And so when a water softener was installed, which was a wonderful idea, many of the pipes that were being held together only by the deposits sprang leaks, and it looked as though there was something wrong. Of course there was work to do to clear that up, because you can’t have leaking water all over the place. So the work on that was done, and then the water could run freely through those pipes.

I see this as a wonderful image, portraying what is happening in the world these days:  a softening of the calcification in human hearts as the truth pours through. As it does, it shows up the leaks. That can be very frightening, because it looks as if something is wrong. I’d say something is right with that. But there need to be people who know what to do when the leaks show up, that’s for sure.

What I’m working towards is not just improving and clarifying my own experience. I am looking to the future, so that the work I have done—which is owning what I create—can contribute to what happens for others and can help to decalcify those channels through which the truth can flow. Allowing the flow of the water of truth to dissolve the calcified places in the human heart often requires that we be prepared for some discomfort, as the way that has been familiar passes away. But I would ask, hasn’t the familiar way been painful? So the choice is clear. Accept and open to that process of healing or have a more and more limited experience. That choice is for each one to make.

From:  Catch Fire!
Ruth Buckingham
November 22, 2010

Consider the opportunity we have to catch fire, to be available and willing to be in the creative current moving through human consciousness. It is that current that is bringing evolution and that is changing what humanity is experiencing. It is our time. It is the opportunity that we have been waiting for—we who know that our mission is to assist in raising the level of human awareness.

Now this is a two-edged sword. It’s very easy to get enthused and inspired by the idea. But as consciousness continues to evolve, the pressure of change comes on and we become aware of our own personal pattern of resistance. There comes a point when there is a choice. There is a time when we reach what has been a ceiling. What do we do then? We can choose to accept the ceiling and, to some extent, fall back asleep. Or we can move on the compulsion to break open and welcome something huge in our experience.

There is a new level and frequency of consciousness calling us, a new stage in our development that is requiring us to step up. If you have been walking on your spiritual path for a time, you might find yourself saying, “Oh, but I’ve done that before. What do you mean ‘another step up’?” The call “to catch fire” is a call to move beyond where we’ve been before and to see discomfort, dis-ease and disturbance as indications that things are changing and Spirit is on the move. The ceilings we bump into are not limits to stay beneath, sitting quietly, hoping they’ll go away, or struggling valiantly to remove them from our experience. They are the precursors to a new experience and a new world.

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