Making a Home for
God on Earth

We have articulated the purpose of Sunrise Ranch and Emissaries of Divine Light in various ways. Our constitution talks about bringing spiritual regeneration to the world. Lately, we have simply said we are here to bring Attunement to the world. Both are true, and both end up meaning the same thing.

Another way we have named the purpose for Sunrise Ranch and Emissaries of Divine Light is to create a home for God on earth.

I want to pose two possibilities for us as human beings:

  1. We are here to make a home for ourselves.
  2. We are here to make a home for God.

Both are true. But if we attempt to make a home for ourselves without making a home for God, we make a home for nobody. Because a home without the reality of what is represented by the word God is not a home.

I’m not trying to convince you of something I believe. I don’t think that would mean very much. I hope that we both take the opportunity to explore what we already know intuitively—that we shine the light of consciousness on what it means to experience home.

What makes a house a home? We have to start with Love, don’t we? It is how a family gets started. It is the hearth we gather around. It is the gravity and the glue for any family or community, for our tribe and nation. It is the hope for our world.

Where does Love come from? There is something supremely human about it. But does it come solely from our human psychology? And have you ever tried to Love someone solely based on human effort?

You might want to contradict me. But I think the chances are good that you know Love comes from a transcendent place. As a human being, we open up to it, and it enters us as a reality that originates from beyond our human experience. And our knowing of home depends on that opening.

For a home to be home, the channel in a person that allows Love to enter the home has to be open. That person has to have the experience of receiving the current of Love from the mystical place from which it is born. And they have to be willing to pass it on.

And then there is the Truth Channel. Truth is the unfolding pattern of life. It is the wisdom that brings loving order to the home. We each have the opportunity to open up the Truth Channel inside ourselves.

If you cannot imagine more than what is in your world right now—something greater, more beautiful, more full of what home is—then the Truth Channel closes down. You are left with what is, with no opportunity for what could be.

To open the Truth Channel, we also have to pay attention to the details of life. Without that, the home is a mess. Possibly with a lot of good intentions. But there is no peace or prosperity without care and attention to the details of the home.

It is a simple formula. A recipe for the ages. When both the Love Channel and the Truth Channel are open, there is Life in the home.

These three elements of home have been addressed with different names around the world for ages. In his 1936 pamphlet, The Triune Ray, the founder of Emissaries of Divine Light called them Light, Love, and Life. On other occasions, he called them the Fire that Burns, the Light that Glows, and the Cloud of Glory.

In the prayer he taught, Jesus called these three activating realities the kingdom, the power, and the glory.

These words refer to energies of cosmic proportion. Where do they come from?

They are cosmic energies. But do we live in a universe full of just matter and energy? The universe is not only alive and evolving. It is Being. It is not only a what. It is a who.

The word God refers to the Universal Self, to the Who. Just as the powers of thought, feeling, and physical life come from us as a human being, the powers of Love, Truth, and Life come from God.

So where does this Triune Ray come from? Clearly, it does not come from the personality self. We do not have the power as a personality to think hard enough, to try to like other people enough, to bring those powers into the world. They come from a higher place than the personality self. In some traditions, it is called the Higher Self—not the most poetic expression in the world. But it makes a point. There is a higher part of us from whence it comes. It comes from the God-Self.

Uranda had many ways of naming the God-Self to break through the crustiness of religiosity and name the truth of the matter—the Wonderful One Within, the One That Dwells, the Master Self, the God Being.

He acknowledged that within all people, there is Being. We are not just a personality, not just mind and emotion. There is Selfhood. It is from Selfhood that the great power of Love emanates. It is from Selfhood that the Light of Truth shines.

There is no home without all these qualities. No home without Love. No home without Truth. No home without the Life of the home that comes from these qualities. AND THERE IS NO HOME IF NOBODY IS THERE. THE HEART OF THE HOME IS THE SELF, FROM WHOM ALL THESE QUALITIES EMANATE.

We are here to make a home for God on earth. We could look at that in many ways. One way to look at it is to think of ourselves as a human being. We ourselves, as a human being, have the project of making a home for the God-Self within our own physical body, our conscious awareness, within our mind and heart. That is the truth of loving yourself. I do not know how you would do that any other way. How do you love yourself without knowing that part of yourself that already loves who you are as a human being? Without creating a home for God in this earth that you are? When you do that, you are making a home for the Love that emanates from that God-Self reality. And now the human dimension of who you are knows love. It is connected up. And now there is not just a home for the God-Self; there is a home for the human self. You feel at home inside yourself. You are being yourself.

Making a home for God has that meaning. It is also true that our physical homes—our houses, apartments, and RVs—can become a home for God on earth. Sunrise Ranch is a community that was created to be that. It was made so that the Triune Ray could be alive and well in this place, for real, in the atmosphere here, in the way that people are together, in the way that people take care of this physical land and all the things that are on it. Together, we can be a home for God.

The greatest gifts brought to humankind have ultimately been the gifts of Selfhood, have they not? The gift has been given by those who, in effect, have said, “This that I am is what you are. The nobility that I am knowing, the Selfhood that I am knowing, the God reality that I am knowing—this is you.”

That is the gift. The gift of Selfhood is preceded by the Truth that emanates from Self. If there is an emanation of Truth and Love from someone, you cannot embrace the Self from whom it is coming while rejecting the Truth and Love they are bringing.

That is what happens in a world that is busy attempting to make a home for people—at least certain people—without making a home for God. When someone brings a higher Truth and a higher Love, they may be loved in some quarters. But all too often, they end up being rejected because the home for God they bring is a threat to the world as it is.

Seeing these things, what shall we do? How shall we create a real home in our houses, in our communities, and upon this planet home?

Welcome, Higher Love!

Welcome, Higher Truth!

Let us become a home for the God-Self here on earth.

So may we live.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 20, 2022 7:48 am

How many are petitioning God for love and much else whilst living shabby or distracted lives. If you are not @home in yourself, there is a vacant house… someone is out to lunch! The myth of the Grail has been the senseless outer search for the very thing that resides within – the Wonderful One Within.
WOW – the wow-factor!!!! At home within ourselves, we can individually and collectively build the Wonderful World in collaboration with our Creator. Let’s do it.

November 17, 2022 3:59 pm

Welcome, Higher Love!
Welcome, Higher Truth!
Let us become a home for the God-Self here on earth.
So may we live.


Michael Piovesan
Michael Piovesan
November 17, 2022 2:50 am


David Barnes
David Barnes
November 17, 2022 12:11 am

Very Good David! Thank you. db

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