Love Changes Everything

What is the power of Love? It cannot run your car or your dishwasher. It is a different kind of power that works in a different context. When it comes to those worldly things, Love is nothing.


Presence is nothing. It is not money. It is not fortune, fame, popularity, or friends. What will it earn you? 


The subject of this Pulse of Spirit is nothing. And the sooner we realize it is nothing, the sooner we realize it is everything. What we are talking about is everything


Presence is nothing. And yet, if you are not present, if you do not know Presence, you truly have nothing. It is nothing. And it is everything. 


What is the presence of another person? Seemingly nothing.


Presence and Love are relevant to the field of consciousness that we know individually. Presence is everything in that field. And between us, a sense of Presence collectively is everything. It is critical for an organization, a department, among friends, or for a team of people. In the Presence known among people, there is Love, family, community, and the essence of everything worthwhile. But still, Presence itself is nothing.


The power of Love works in the field of consciousness. It transforms consciousness. And it is all-powerful in that regard if you let it in. As the song says, Love Changes Everything. It changes everything in you. And when Love moves among us in our shared field of consciousness, it changes everything. It is all-powerful. Presence and power also bring wisdom, the knowing that comes along with them. That is another quality of consciousness. The conscious field we share has energy, the compelling all-powerful Love that reverberates in that field, but it also has knowledge. It fires the mind with the unfolding Code of Life. 


American futurist R. Buckminster Fuller said this about wisdom: 


Effective decisions can only be made by independently thinking and adequately informed human individuals and their telepathically intercommunicated wisdom—the wisdom of the majority of all such human individuals—qualifying for continuance in the Universe as local cosmic problem-solvers, in love with the truth and in individually spontaneous self-commitment to absolute faith in the wisdom, integrity, and love of God who seems to wish Earthian humans to survive.


As we are discovering, there are multiple human intelligences: musical, interpersonal, spatial-visual, linguistic intelligences, and more. There are many ways cosmic wisdom, the unfolding Code of Life, expresses itself through Earthian humans. Like an improvised piece played on the piano, there may be repeating themes, but it is ever-unfolding, ever-new.


Sometimes people talk about their higher power. These are higher powers—the power of Presence, the power of Love, and the power of wisdom. And they are relevant to consciousness and to the field that we share. If we let them move here, these powers have implications for other things—for money and fame and fortune and all the rest because we act differently when they are on the move. 


That would be a perfect sales pitch, right? It is made lots of times: If you do this spiritual thing, you will make lots of money. You will have many followers. It makes you want to urp, does it not? There is something wrong with that. We know it does not work that way. This is nothing. This is nothing in terms of all that. And yet, at the same time, it has profound implications for our life. 


Jesus had a wonderful way of saying this, sometimes greatly misunderstood. He simply said, My kingdom is not of this world. And then some good Christians think, O, yes, it is after you die. 


My kingdom is not of this world—it is not about the world of fame and fortune. It is about the kingdom of heaven that is at hand right here and now. It is about the field of consciousness we share and the power and energy we know in that field.


My kingdom is not of this world. And yet, when a person knows that kingdom for themselves and allows higher powers to activate their field of consciousness, they become a profound force in the world. They cannot help but be. 


In this blog, I have been addressing in recent weeks the great spoiler of human experience—self-activity. When someone’s personal presence is self-activated and not activated by a presence that transcends the human experience, it is egoic and personality-driven. It is driven at the level of the human experience, not by a higher power. So, they try to be somebody, which has all kinds of implications for human psychology. 


Self-active thinking is when the mind starts kicking over, trying to figure things out without opening up to universal intelligence. It becomes manipulative and controlling, and then anxious and desperate in the end. At least, that’s usually how it goes. The self-active mind becomes anxious and desperate because the equation of life does not solve on a self-active basis. 


And then there is power on a self-active basis. People attempt to have power all by themselves, apart from a larger context. It is rife in the world politically. Watch the news. Name your country—there it is, self-active power rearing its head. That is on the international scene. But it happens on a personal level too. People try to control other people, whether it is in some brutal, tyrannical way or seductive way. It is an attempt to have power as a personality. 


What happens when there is self-activity? Ancient stories—what we might now call myths and legends—attempt to answer the question: What goes wrong in the human experience, and why? 


One such story is the story of Pandora. There was a box that contained all the ills of the world—Pandora’s box. She became curious, opened up the box, and let loose sickness and death. 


The story of Adam and Eve is another story that attempts to answer the question: What happened? In this case, Why is the world so hard? Why don’t we live in paradise? There were these two naked people, they were innocent, and you know how it goes. 


The story I want to focus on is the story of the Tower of Babel. It seeks to answer the question: Why can’t we understand each other?


According to the story, at one time all people spoke the same language. They attempted to build a tower to the sky to make a name for themselves. Sounds like ego-based self-activity to me!


The problem was that they had brick to use instead of stone. And they had slime for mortar. (Slime was a petroleum product, like pitch.) Symbolically, they didn’t have the real building blocks for human culture. No wonder their attempts failed!


With their egoic approach, they couldn’t understand each other’s speech. They scattered and couldn’t complete the tower.


Have you ever had that experience? It can be like ships passing in the night. You thought you were talking the same language, with a similar understanding of what was happening. And then you discovered that the entire conception of reality was completely different. 


The author of the Tower of Babel attempted to explain why this happens—people trying to make a name for themselves. Ego. 


So it is a story of self-active personality. When there is self-active personality, communication goes haywire. And yet, when we are in the activated field of consciousness, wisdom is present; and if we are sharing that field together, we are sharing the unfolding Code of Life. As Buckminster Fuller put it:


Effective decisions can only be made by independently thinking and adequately informed human individuals and their telepathically intercommunicated wisdom.


These are powers we inherit when we receive the download of Presence, wisdom, and Love. We have the power to bring coherence into the field. And how do we do it? By awakening consciousness to the unity of the field. We are all living within the unfolding Code of Life. It is a spontaneous thing. The Code of Life is not static, in a book someplace or on a computer disk. It is the pattern of Creation, ever-emerging, ever-new. When we are in it together, consciously aware of it as it emerges, we understand each other. We are empowered as creators.


If you are having a self-active experience, you do not have the power to bring a coherent field of understanding among a group of people. You might be able to impose your will or impose some kind of groupthink. But that is not a shared understanding of the unfolding Code of Life.


Post-modern culture has become so accustomed to being unable to understand what is happening in our world that people tend to accept that it is impossible—that from the micro to the macro, you cannot know and understand what is happening. 


I say we are meant to understand. And we are entirely capable of sharing an understanding and covering the world with sight, to see and know what is happening in our field of Creation and to let the unfolding Code of Creation guide it. 


As a host of creators, we cannot create together if we have a Tower of Babel: I do not understand you, you do not understand me. We cannot create together if we do not see the same thing, even if we see it from different perspectives. 


How do we let the Tower of Babel come tumbling down? How do we create a field of vision and understanding? By opening to our higher powers. By letting a higher Love change everything.


Over the past weeks, I keep hearing from people that something is building. The energy is rising in the conscious field we share. The field is being activated from above, and a new awareness is entering it. A new wisdom is being awakened. Divine Presence is known. Love is on the rise. And Love changes everything.


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
March 18, 2023 7:11 am

As nothing is everything, so to be a nobody, is to be everybody. I am because you are – Ubuntu.

Why is there such fear in being a nobody – it freaks people out to think that they amount to nothing. It gives them no hope. No sense of why they are here and sinks the psyche into depression and suicide. This is a very dangerous space to be in and makes an individual take all manner of risks – drugs, alcohol, crazy acts of tyranny and desperation. But here is the overlooked solution – Love changes everything!

Start loving everything out of nothing. Love the world around you, even the teabag in your cup. The majestic – love the moon and stars above. Marvel at a bird. Create joy… something builds from nothing; you might say, a cathedral consciousness starts to emerge. There is a new world, hidden in plain sight!

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
March 16, 2023 7:46 pm

Your words, David, on nothing and everything reminded me of a cartoon in which the head monk of a monastery is surrounded by several other monks as he unwraps a large box they have given him on his birthday. At last he opens the box and finds nothing inside! He passionately exclaims: “Ah, nothing! It’s everything I’ve always wanted!”

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