It’s About the Glory

David-Karchere_NEW2014.200x243Your life and mine is all about what is coming together creatively. It’s all about the glory of our life. That isn’t to say that there aren’t things that are falling apart or coming undone. It’s not to say that there is no misfortune for us in our life, or so it might seem. However, our lives are still all about what is coming together. They are all about the creative fulfillment of our life and what we have the opportunity to create in the world in which we live.

There are always things that are leaving us. There are people who are leaving us, there are circumstances that are coming undone and passing away. Maybe there’s a place where we’ve lived, and that’s leaving us, or we’re leaving it, but it’s no longer going to be a part of our life. There are things that are passing away from us—money you are spending, objects you lose, cars that break down and are ready for the junkyard. If you have surgery, the doctor may remove part of your body. Our life is not about those things, quite apparently. That’s why they’re leaving. If we make our life about those things that are leaving us, we are guaranteeing for ourselves a life of misery. Because you cannot make a happy life out of things that are leaving you.

Our life is about the glory of our life. It is about the creative opportunity that we have in our life to do something glorious. We have that opportunity right now in this moment. That’s my experience as I write to you right now, and I trust it is your experience in reading it.

To me, this life is glorious. For instance, we have the opportunity to connect with people all around the world who are sharing an experience of spiritual awakening. As we do, we are building a sun—a field of consciousness and energy that brings spiritual awakening to the world and to our own experience.

I just returned from a tour in Norway with Phil Richardson and Ruth Buckingham, hosted by Kari Bye and her husband, Arnfinn. Kari took us to numerous historic and natural sites—fjords and a Viking museum. That assisted us to feel the roots of the people of Norway.

We had a chance to meet people who are awakening spiritually and are passionate about that. What a joy! When our lives are about the glory, they’re about the people who are coming together to know that glory. Our lives are about what can be created at all levels of our human experience.

Some of those creations are very physical. Where I live, at Sunrise Ranch, there are all kinds of very physical forms—pastures, buildings, cows and people. And so it is in all our lives. But there are other levels of form as well. There are mental forms; liberating ideas that we think about together. There is the energetic atmosphere that we generate with other people, and the feelings of love in all its forms that we share.

When it’s about the glory, it’s about the opportunity for Creation at all levels. When your life is truly about that, you don’t have to make any excuses. Did you ever notice that? When you are expressing yourself creatively in your life and living a life of integrity, with the potential that your life contains, you don’t have to make up excuses for your life. You just live a life that’s about the creative opportunity before you.

There is another possibility: people sometimes get together to agonize over their experience of being mired in the world as it is. Sometimes they agonize over the things that are falling apart in their lives, or the things that aren’t going the way they want them to. And it’s possible to build a life that way. Instead of coming together to create, two people can come together to commiserate about everything that is falling apart. They can agonize about it together. In fact, we have a world of people, many of whom are doing just that, and we live in a world that is in so many ways in agony.

When that happens, a person ends up telling a story about the agony. And often, they don’t let the facts get in the way of the story. The real facts may be changed for the sake of a story that is about victimhood. Truthfulness is being open to the potentiality that’s present and living it. It is seeing the facts as they are and letting them be used for Creation.

To let your life be about the glory, there has to be fluidity. There are patterns of thought and feeling that become rigid in a person’s experience when their life orients to what is falling apart. There can be the kind of self-will that’s trying to hold it all together. The person wrestles with the forms of their life and tries to make them come out the way the person thinks they should.

Someone who has opened up to the potentiality in their life is someone who is fluid enough to let go of the human patterns that they’ve been living in. They release their self-will. Because as long as there’s self-will, the higher will that is born out of the creative possibility that’s present in a person’s life can’t guide them. They’re too busy wrestling with the things that are not working, too busy trying to hold together a world that’s coming apart on them. That’s all an act of self-will. In that state of consciousness, a person ultimately falls prey to the worst inclinations of their own humanity—all the self-sabotaging habits, all the things that aren’t actually helping the person to live a happy and fulfilled life.

When you make your life about the glory, you put yourself in position to be masterful with your own humanity. I can promise you that when you live your life from your self-will your humanity will deceive you. It will deceive you because you are not in a place of mastery relative to it. And the only way to be in a place of mastery relative to your own thinking and your own feeling and your own will is to be fluid and open and surrendered to the higher will that’s born out of the real opportunity that life has placed before you.

Life is about the glory of that opportunity. I understand that we all have things in our lives that happen that don’t seem so glorious. I’ve got them, just like you do. But watch people’s inclination to make their life revolve around tragedy. Watch the obsession with what’s not working, whether it is some infirmity of the body, an addiction or a broken relationship. That self-preoccupation does not lead to a happy life. Those things may need to be addressed, but your life and mine are not about those things.

When somebody close to us dies, it is almost always a sad thing. We are going to miss that person’s presence in the flesh. And though we can celebrate the glory of their life, it may not seem so glorious that this person is passing on, and it’s right to acknowledge what’s happened and to honor the place that they’ve had in our life. We can also acknowledge the eternality of that person and the truth that at the highest levels of our Being we are eternally connected to them. But still, is the rest of your life going to be about that person’s passing?

There is our own passing too. None of us, as far as I know, are going to be here forever. The younger you are, the more it seems that it will be forever; and the more you move through your years, the more you realize I guess it isn’t going to be forever! But is our life about the eventual passing away of our physical body?

I don’t pretend to know what the glory is after leaving this physical frame, but I know it’s there. My life isn’t about what’s coming apart, even the coming apart of my own body. It’s about the glory. It’s about the glory of Creation. It is about the glory of this present opportunity. We get to be about that in every minute of our life. Every moment, there’s something beautiful and wonderful to be created.

If you need to, you might ask yourself, When did my life get to be about something else? We can catch ourselves in a moment when our life begins to revolve around something other than the creativity that we are here for. The process of things coming apart is part of Creation. But there’s nothing you can do with what’s leaving you except help it get to where it needs to go. Even though it may be sad to think about it, you have already had your opportunity in the flesh to be with that person who has passed away. By the very fact that they are leaving you, you no longer have that same opportunity. Maybe you have a different opportunity with them spiritually, because maybe they are with you closely in spirit, and that’s wonderful. But the opportunity for physical proximity is gone.

Who is that person who is with you? Do you see them? Do you see the people who are coming to be with you? What is the opportunity we have now to create? And how beautiful could that creation be?

We are here to become a sun. We are here to build a sun together. That’s glory! That’s a field of consciousness, a field of awareness, and a field of energy—love energy—the fire of love, the light of truth.

In that process, is it not true for any of us that there is a tendency to self-sabotage and a tendency to have blind spots about one’s own participation in Creation? I believe honesty requires that we acknowledge that we all have those tendencies. We can become ensnared in ways of thinking and feeling that are less than honest with the power of Creation that is within us, less than honest to being love, to being beauty, to being at peace and being powerful. We can fall prey to engrained habits of thinking and feeling and behavior.

To free oneself from such habits we have to loosen up. We have to surrender our self-will so that the glory within us has a chance to get our attention and our feeling response. That takes fluidity so that all the investment in the victimhood state is withdrawn. All the response, all the deep feeling that’s plowed into that state, has to be withdrawn, so that we come home to the reality of who we are. We answer the call of glory.

Come back. Come home. Come back to reasonableness. Come back to your power. Come back to your joy.

It might seem like something is blocking you from doing that in your life. It could be a physical infirmity; it could be some limitation that you perceive around your own capacities. It could be the actions of another person.

There are always factors that limit what is possible in certain directions. What I say is, your life’s not about that. My life’s not about that. My life is not about the things I can’t do. It’s not about the things that are holding me back. It’s not about anybody else, actually, and what they did or didn’t do.

Ultimately, to experience real freedom we have to see that no person and no circumstance could stop us from our glory. Whatever anybody else does or whatever happens in our life, nothing could stop us from that. None of us want to put that to the test. We don’t want to invite calamity just to test out what I am asserting. But with whatever limitations are currently present in your own life now, you can know that your life is not about that. Your life is about the glory that is available for you to know. If you know that in yourself, you are a self-replicating unit of glory. You will be replicating it with the people around you. And by the way, the people who are not interested in that will be leaving you. But there will be people who want to be part of that creativity, who want in. They want in because there’s something so powerful about a person who knows that the glory in their life isn’t depending on anybody else or anything else.

We could be agonizing forever over that business that didn’t succeed or that relationship that ended or that organization that didn’t do what we thought it was supposed to do, or that sibling who…

There are all those things for which we could put our life on hold. But there is an opportunity, as long as we have breath, to do something great, something beautiful—to become a sun.

When we embody the qualities of the sun—qualities of love and beauty, radiance and peace—we are also embodying the gravity of the sun. The sun holds in its orbit what should be in its orbit. This is what we are doing when we are living glory. Yes, there are those things that don’t belong in our orbit, but there are those things that do. By the magic of Creation, when we have the courage and the integrity to live our glory, we generate an attractive power. That power is a magnet for all that needs to be part of what we are creating. It draws to us those people, those circumstances, those events that need to be part of our life.

The opportunity to let your life be about your glory is present, whatever age you are—young, old, or in the middle. It’s never too early and it’s never too late. The time is always now to live the joy of being creative in your life.

Knowing this for ourselves, we can bring this wise counsel to others. We can assist people to navigate and be masterful with their own humanity. We can assist people to see the self-sabotaging habits that may be present; to see the blind spots, to see the rigidities. We can encourage another person to surrender to the higher will of Creation, and so to embrace happiness. To let their life be about the glory and to build a sun with us.

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David Karchere
David Karchere
May 26, 2015 3:37 pm

Yes, my user name is Angel and my password Let.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
May 11, 2015 12:22 pm

We are battling with a dysfunctioning electricity grid here in South Africa, and power outages have become a daily experience for most people. An article appeared in our Newspaper to the effect that God does not shut down his power. What amazed me in the article was that the writer likened God’s magnanimity to the constant radiance of the Sun; the Sun is absolute; that the Sun breathes life into this planet of ours. One day, when I was teaching recently, a child was about to take a bit from an apple, and I said: “Do you realize you are eating the Sun when you eat that apple?” And the truth is, the Sun generates practically everything on Earth; you and me included! And what does this tell me about glory? That the glory of which David speaks is creative and responsive, is in me, is in you. And it is reflecting it’s magic back to me in the person who wrote this article in the newspaper – I felt so directly that I was sharing his inspiration! Like being on the same page!

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
May 10, 2015 4:28 am

I have come from a Glorious-filled Service time here in Cape Town, and a time which initiates for me a new cycle of Building a Sun through Life Destiny Immersion here. It occurred to me from something Fiona Gawronsky said yesterday during our Creative Field Day, that we can use open source – our domain name is Heaven, User-name : Angel, and password : LET – i am well inspired by my friends here and from other parts of the world, who demonstrate that radiance in everything they do. Let’s use Open Source together and flood the planet on this VE day, That would be a victory indeed. love.

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
May 7, 2015 7:39 pm

I entered medical practice hoping that if I was just able to help people fix the ill conditions, the apparent limitations, in their lives, THEN they would naturally live the Glory. How wrong I was! One thing followed another and it seemed a bottomless pit of things needed correcting in some way. Meantime, the glory was put on hold.

And I’ve met remarkable people who refuse to let their conditions limit their knowing of the Glory. At Riverdell, a 78 yr old widow has been coming regularly over the last 2 years and from a place of feeling her life was heading toward boredom and death, she’s reinvented herself with support and now runs meditation classes, offers attunements and brings a wonderful radiant presence everywhere she goes. And she is still careful to take care of her body so she’s able to do these things. She is living the Glory.

I’m inspired by people like her. And I know that it’s my personal responsibility to do likewise. As I do that, I know more joy, fulfilment and ease. The cup of my heart is filled to overflowing.

I join you in a commitment to live the Glory. That’s why we incarnated.

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