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The word philosophy invokes a picture of differing constructs of the world. There is your philosophy and mine, and we can debate over them. And even if there’s not an official philosophy that somebody adopts, most people have their own personal pet philosophies of life.

The origin of the word is from the Greek and it has to do with love of wisdom and knowledge. For many academic subjects, there is the philosophy of that subject—a philosophy of education, politics, history, etc. And there are competing philosophies for all those subjects.

What is missing in this picture is a central philosophy for the individual around which all other philosophies revolve and make sense. For most people, there is no integrating philosophy. There is certainly no central, unifying philosophy for humankind as a whole. Probably, if anyone presented one to you, you would greet such an idea with great suspicion.

Our primal spirituality is the innate spirituality with which we were born, and which should, ideally, develop and strengthen through a person’s life. From the perspective of our primal spirituality, there is a central, unifying philosophy. It is the innate wisdom and understanding that comes to a person when they trust what they see when they are being their most authentic selves. The more a person lives authentically, the more that wisdom and understanding grows.

Retrieving the concept of philosophy from the world of competing ideas in academia, philosophy is simply what we see and know when we look at our world. What we see is highly dependent on the place from which we are seeing it. For instance, if you experience yourself as oppressed by people who are wealthier and more powerful than you, you might develop a political philosophy based on that worldview.

The place from which a person can begin to become conscious of a central, unifying philosophy for their life is the inmost place of their being. From that intimate space of our own being, we see the unfolding pattern of Creation. We gain true sight.

The central, unifying philosophy for the individual is not just a mental construct. It is a world view that is formed by what they see and know when they are in the truest place within themselves.

In the educational systems of the developed world, we are taught all kinds of philosophies. Those philosophies can widen vision and understanding. To really understand something, it can help to look at it from many different perspectives. But in the process, how often does a person cease to trust their own eyes and what they see from the most authentic, intimate spaces of their own reality? So many people lost that perspective a long time ago. And then they’re left with the competing philosophies of others.

I remember seeing, as a child, the strangeness of the adult world. I didn’t have words for what I saw at the time, but it seemed to me that the adults around me were being artificial. There was a sophistication that was frightening. There was separation and resentment. It seemed clear that they weren’t living in the innocent, intimate space that was natural for me as a child.

Do you have a similar memory? That is what a child sees, I believe. And somehow most of us end up, in some way, accepting the adult world as real, and then denying our own innate knowing of reality. “Adult” philosophies begin to substitute for the worldview that we have innately as a child.

The innate world view of a child should be allowed the opportunity to mature with the child. It should gain depth, clarity and complexity. But it should not be abandoned in favor of one or more of the competing philosophies of the world in which the child finds himself.

We’re giving a four-part series of courses on primal spirituality based on the idea that we each have an innate knowing, an innate connection, and that through all the sophistication of the world in which we live, we’ve come not to trust living from that place where those things are experienced. We have to come back to our primal spirituality, our built-in spirituality, to re-embrace what we already know. That brings us to a central philosophy of reality which is an ever-unfolding picture of what’s true and real.

Reclaiming the place of primal intimacy within ourselves, we begin to resonate with the vibration of love which is the creative power that is natural to that place. We see the world from that intimate space with the eyes of innocence and wonder. The majesty of Creation is all around us. Yes, there is a human overlay on that pattern in all kinds of ways. But the pattern is still there.

Here is a way to shift human experience that is lost in the world of competing philosophies which lead to conflict. The shift begins with a deliberate movement into the intimate space of being and a commitment to live from that place. With that change, we resonate with what naturally lives in that space and emerges from it. And our philosophy is the pattern of reality that we see from that space. Intimacy, Resonance, Philosophy.

The last part of this shift in human experience is our message to the world. This is the outer form of what we express. These words you are reading are a message. Like any message that carries meaning, these words embody a philosophy that is born out of what I know living in the intimate spaces of Being, and they contain the vibration I know in that space. The message completes the pattern that shifts human experience for me. In receiving the message, they can shift experience for another person.

If you didn’t notice this, I am seeking to enroll you in a new vision of life as a human being. Here’s the big idea: It is natural for us as human beings to gather together in the intimate space that we naturally and innately share as human beings—except that we don’t do it, for the most part. So what I am suggesting is that we need to re-invoke that experience in ourselves and come back to that natural place of being. We’re not just a personality, we’re not just a thing, we’re not just moving energy. No, we’re a being. And all of Being is around us.

I am suggesting that when we come into the intimate space of Being where we gain intelligence and power, we are coming into a place of great love where the natural bonds of love that are present among us as beings are there. We don’t have to try to love each other—we already do, actually, in that place. I am suggesting that coming into that place, we are coming into our natural power as human beings. And then, having achieved that first step of intimacy, that there’s a second thing that happens, which is we begin to gain resonance. We begin to gain resonance with one another; we begin to vibrate together, we begin to sing together—not necessarily actual singing, but in some way we are working in concert as a unique self symphony.

There is resonance that we are sharing, and in that resonance there is increased power. So there’s your voice and mine, but together there is an increase of power that multiplies, and it is not just incremental. So when we come into intimate space, we begin to vibrate together, we begin to think together, we begin to see together, we begin to have great outpourings of love together. We feel deeply. All that begins to happen in intimate space, and there’s a resonance in that coming together.

Here is a classical way of naming that resonance. In the Book of John it says, “In the beginning was the Word.” (John 1:1) In the beginning was resonance. The Word is the resonance that proceeds from Being. It’s not a word per se, although resonance can be embodied in words. The Living Word is simply our expression of what emanates from us when we are authentically living from our being. When we gain resonance together, there is a great tonal frequency that sounds in the larger world.

That is happening for us at Sunrise Ranch. Resonance is building. The sun is shining at Sunrise Ranch. But it’s not only a geographical thing, because we are joining with friends connected with us all over the world. All together, we are gaining resonance.

.So that’s step two—resonance. Step three is philosophy, which implies that when you stand in a place of Being, you can trust what you see. You become a creator, and you can trust what you see as a creator. You begin to see the unfolding pattern of life: you see what’s dying and you see what’s being born. You see all the parts of your own being. You’re a witness to yourself as a human being, and you’re a witness to all of humankind, so that you see the pattern of Creation unfolding there. Philosophy is simply a knowing of the pattern of Creation as a creator.

If we see the pattern of Creation, we can share that with others. We can invite people to see that yes, there are all these frightful human things happening in the world that create existential risk for humanity, but there’s also something else happening in the pattern of Creation. There’s something being born through me in the middle of all that, and there’s something being born through you. We begin to see we have friends all over the world who are constellating a creative body of humanity. We are finding the parts of ourselves and then the parts of each other that make up humanity. And we’re coming together as awakened humanity. We see that pattern of coming together and it’s so inspiring for someone who has seen all that’s coming apart and what the government is doing and what people in dark rooms are doing with the financial systems of the world. All that is so frightful. But we’re saying we see something else that’s happening. Let’s put our eyes on that and let’s be with that and let’s let that displace all that is dying, and all that has gone past its sell-by date.

The last part of this formula is our message. A message contains all the things that I’ve addressed, but more. It expresses a philosophy born out of what you see from a place of intimacy in yourself. It’s born out of resonance in the inmost place of Being. And, in fact, encoded in our message is the intimate space from which we’re coming, and the resonance that we’re feeling and knowing in that space, and the philosophy or worldview that we have. All of that is encoded in the message. But the message is that and more. It is something said that’s specific to a person or a situation, or things that are happening in the world. It is immediately relevant to people’s experience and sheds light on it. And because it’s encoded with resonance, it carries the power of transmutation in it. It’s an enlightened thought that’s relevant to the experience of someone.

Intimacy, Resonance. Philosophy, Message.

I believe that when an individual truly lives on this basis, the message they give to the world, in whatever form, is encoded with the whole pattern. This means that the hearer of the message can decode it. They can resonate in the intimate space from which the message comes, and they can begin to see what is naturally seen from that place. They can reverse engineer the message to discover this formula for themselves and apply it to their own life experience.

We have the power to bring that kind of message to the world. We gain that power by entering the intimate space of our own being and living from there.

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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
April 2, 2017 3:48 am

It felt good to celebrate the four steps here at Gate House, knowing that we need to ‘deliberately’ accept our encoded identity, and fulfill our purpose of Service through showing up and delivering our message – i feel we did that as a body here this morning, being reminded of our natural authentic easily-revealed-innocence Self when we are in that space of intimacy with our Being. How wonderful and easy to bring a message through a Universal language of LOVE. So many aspects embedded in this language, including empathy, forgiveness and compassion. How else may we connect with those encoded Ones looking for us so that they too can bring more power and sense to our World?

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
April 1, 2017 3:37 pm

The key step in this sequence is reclaiming the place of primal intimacy within ourselves. As you say, “the shift begins with a deliberate movement into the intimate space of being and a commitment to live from that place”. I ask myself “how is that going? What can move me from that place?” I reflect that there are times when emotional currents grab my attention and it seems there’s an imperative to pay attention to the message they carry. With each enneagram type dealing with either shame, fear or anger currents, knowing how to handle these upwellings is vital if a person is to remain in that intimate space of being.

Other factors that can move a person from that intimate space are the habit patterns which create an auto-pilot response to Life without critical thinking, distractions of all kinds and buying into false beliefs. By these conscious or unconscious acts, we leave “the garden of Eden”, that intimate space of being, and feel alone, even abandoned. The first call is to return home again to that intimate space in which resonance may be know – resonance with the energy of the flow of Spirit, moment by moment. With that resonance, a person has a chance for their “cup to runneth over” and the message to be brought as a natural outpouring from the Love that resides within the space of being.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
April 1, 2017 1:52 pm

The world as most experience it is a cacophony, an echo chamber of opinions, theories and conjecture; incongruance. There is much which does not make sense. Of course, if I am disconnected from the fact that there is a grand cosmic design then I believe in randomness and uncertainty. The world in view is really the world of effects; evidence of the outcome of things rather than that which carries the harmony of origination, from deep within.

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