In it for the Glory

David Karchere

Here’s to the South African rugby team, the Springboks! Congratulations! They just won the 2019 Rugby World Cup. I feel the glory!

Feeling my South African friends reveling in their victory, I couldn’t help but think that my life is about the glory. How about yours? Aren’t we in it for the glory? I am speaking of the glory of life itself, lived to the fullest, lived with meaning and purpose, and in love and in truth and in honesty—the glory. I’m in it for the glory of us all.

What is the glory? It is life lived to the fullest in a fulfilling way. It is a life full of gratitude, and a life full of the vibrancy of what life is. The glory is a life filled with love. I can’t imagine a real glory without love—without people that you love, the things that you love, the world around you in love, or without that spirit of love full and free, expressing itself in life. Who doesn’t want that?

I imagine that there wouldn’t be anyone who, in their heart of hearts, wouldn’t want to experience a life filled with love, with fulfillment for the people that they love, the world that they love, and the children that they love. Who would not want that? And who wouldn’t want the glory? The fulfillment of what love looks like in our human life—in our families, in our communities, in our nations and in our world? Who wouldn’t want a thriving world? Not with desertification around the world, and hunger, but with thriving life everywhere; teeming life—not decimation of species, thriving of species. Who wouldn’t want that?

They say that there is not a single human problem for which there is not a technological answer. A physicist working on the problem says it would take roughly the global military budget to create machines that would take the excess carbon out of the atmosphere. We have the technology. And there are so many other things for which we have the technology. That doesn’t appear to be what is missing.

Could it be that there’s something else happening in human consciousness that is keeping the answer from us, that is not letting the desire in our hearts be fulfilled in glory? That is tripping us up individually and together as a body of humanity? I believe that’s true. I believe there is an ancient tribalism and an ancient superstition that is infecting our culture. It is infecting consciousness, and it has even infected our spirituality around the world. And even when there have been visionaries that have brought a new vision for what it means to express the urge to let love live in the world and fulfill a life with glory, the truth that those visionaries have brought has become infected with that old superstition and tribalism. And so, beliefs and attitudes that sabotage love’s fulfillment have been carried along and carried along—a very ancient ignorance based in a very deep-rooted belief that we are helpless victims of a cruel world.

And so, here we are today, when ancient superstitions have been carried into this present time on the wings of culture. It has infected whatever truth has been brought into the world, whether brought by Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Moses, or anyone else. Do you think it’s possible that there’s an overlay of an ancient superstition that’s infected our consciousness as human beings? The glory of love in life has been covered over and is not seen. The pattern of love that would allow love to bring us together in harmony and brotherhood and sisterhood, is unknown. And instead, we live out of tribalism, separation and superstition.

There is something, largely unknown among the people of the world, that unifies us already. Superstition keeps us from knowing it, because experiencing ourselves as helpless victims, we cannot experience ourselves as empowered creators. We cannot experience the authorship of the world in which we live, which is one reality that is larger than us and which holds all together in harmony already. But without accepting that beneficent authorship of the world in which we live, and of our own lives, we are left with superstition, tribalism and division.

It’s clear that you and I didn’t invent our own lives. We didn’t give birth to ourselves. We didn’t give birth to this world around us, not as human beings. There is a reality that gave birth to us that is beyond what we have done. There was our human lineage down through the ages and the genius of our human biology. There is the miracle of Creation, which we are a part of.

Beyond the physical factors, there is the genius, the energy, and the glory of life itself, most of which is a mystery to us as human beings. How do we open to the glory that fulfills the promise of love in our human experience? It takes a radical openness to the authorship of our lives. That authorship comes with a pattern to it; an unfolding pattern of Creation that is there for humanity and it is there for you and me.

Watching videos of South Africans celebrating, I couldn’t help but feel for citizens of the country. There is such high crime and murder, even right in beautiful Cape Town and Cape Flats, where there are gangs, little economic opportunity for many, and the kind of huge discrepancy in income levels between rich and poor that never leads to a healthy culture. There is rampant violent crime.

And still, the promise brought by Nelson Mandela rings in the hearts of the people; the promise of being one nation with all races coming together in harmony. That promise has been undercut by corrupt leaders coming after him. Their actions have caused a loss of faith in the leadership from the people and, to some degree, even a loss of faith in the promise of the nation. Yet the desire for glory in the human heart remains. The Rugby World Cup was an opportunity where it had a chance to express itself and come out through the Springboks, and then through the whole nation and the world.

South Africa has its own particular brand of ignorance. It is built on superstition and tribalism. It’s a tribalism not only from Africa but from Europe and those who came from Europe, and from other cultures around the world. We have our own brand of ignorance in America. It seems that none of the peoples of the world are exempt from it.

So we are here to take a stand for that pattern of love that unites us—not just the feeling of love, not just the desire for love, but the very pattern of love. We are held together in that pattern as human beings. It is the pattern of the authorship of our lives that pre-existed our coming on earth, and that is present now. It is surrender to that pattern in life that brings the glory—giving up our tribalism, giving up our superstition, forsaking our rights as a victim, and declaring our right to create, we know glory. Nobody can stop us from that—nobody.

It’s easy to prove that at some level, in any given circumstance, you might be victimized. Somebody could say something to you that you do not like and that might be hurtful. Somebody might steal from you. Some anonymous entity could exercise worldly power that might affect you. The government could tax you. In the short term, all those things are true and undeniable. In that sense, at a practical level, we can be victimized by other people and by the world around us. A hurricane can come. Or global warming, a forest fire, a flood—all undeniable.

Despite that, I believe in the power of Creation through you and through me. I believe that when an individual stands up and declares themself as a creator and expresses themself joyfully and honestly and consistently into the world, that person carries the power of Creation, and that power will prevail. In the end, that power wins.

And yes, there are short-term challenges. But there is no power bigger than the power of Creation. You and I have access to it when we acknowledge the authorship of it, which is bigger than us. It’s bigger than us as a human being; it’s bigger than the individual origin of our own Being. There is a collective authorship, whether you call it the angels of heaven, you call it God, you call it the reality of Being, or you call it the Cosmos. You can call it what you like, but there is a collective authorship. And when we are turned to that and allow ourselves to be an instrument of that and a conveyer of the knowledge of that—when we are tuned in to the pattern of that wisdom as it is unfolding through ourselves, we carry the power of love, and the power to bring glory.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of that authorship, the reality of Being expressing itself. The author of the world and of our lives has a natural authority over what it creates, and over what it has created. It has a natural authority over our own life experience. We then have a natural authority over the world in which we live. It’s the authority of the Creator, the authority of the very pattern of Creation, when we are in tune with it, when we are part of the circle of life, and an expression of it; when we are part of it, consciously as a human being.

When we are the awakened truth—whether it has come through our own awareness, through the great visionaries of the past, or of the current day—we are no longer infected with superstition and the conviction that we are a helpless victim. The Creator—the author of the reality in which we are living—is then coming through us. We are knowing ourselves as an expression of that. The tide turns for an individual when that is the attitude and the experience. And the tide turns for humanity when there is some number of us who are knowing ourselves together, harmonizing together in that reality as that; when the pattern of reality is allowed to constellate our relationships and hold us together, instead of letting our ignorance drive us apart, as it’s doing all over the world.

I am here to be a voice for this emerging Reality. Are you? We have all the layers of human experience in which to make that real—all the things we say, all the things we do, all the things we manifest, and all our projects. The great vision of Emissaries of Divine Light is that while all of those facets of human experience are important, ultimately, in this day, we are not going to change the world by conquering it, by changing it politically, or by changing its economic structure. We are not going to change the world by only bringing the power of Creation in outer ways that change the borderlines of countries or create huge organizations. Yes, there’s something to be done in the forms of the world as it is, but the power that we are bringing is the power of awake consciousness. And that is the most powerful force on the planet, because through awake consciousness comes the Creator, who brings the power of spiritual expression; the expression of the true spirit of love through us in our lives. This is the pivotal factor in the future of humankind.

The world needs this. If we find ourselves in an experience of feeling helpless, as a victim of the circumstances that we are in, we have to let ourselves be found by that great power and wisdom and, in our surrender to it, allow ourselves to be lifted up into glory, lifted up into victory, lifted up into the expression of love with wisdom in our world, harmonizing with all other human beings who are knowing the same experience and bringing the authority and the power of Being into the world. This is not the power to overcome in some kind of worldly way. It is the power to create glory, the power to create victory—the victory of living in the current of the spirit of love.

Glory brings joy. I’m sure the Springboks had great overflowing joy personally. But they weren’t doing it just for themselves, were they? They were doing it for Nelson Mandela. They were doing it for their people, for their country and its future. They were doing it for the vision that they held together. Because you can’t keep glory to yourself, really. Real glory can’t be hoarded. It wants to be freed up. And when we are in an experience of glory, we experience extreme, radical gratitude. We experience that radical gratitude for the source of the glory, which is the author of it all—the love that created it all, that’s bigger than we are, and the truth that was given to us so that we might know the power of love with wisdom.

This is the key. Some of the most malicious people that have lived on this planet did what they did out of love—love for country, love for religion, love for family, or love for race. They did it out of love, and that’s not the problem. They didn’t find the truth of that love. This, we must find, with great honesty.

I’m in it for the glory. Are you?

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 9, 2019 6:03 am

Earthly structures are just that; structures in consciousness; mind-sets. But in truth, I am free, to think and be.

There is a radical step; to live with the power of the cosmos, the power of the Creator, coursing through me. That seems radical, but this is the way forward for us all.
To trust that. Thereby comes the glory.

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