Igniting Regeneration


Welcome the spirit that brings clarity in the heaven of your Being, allowing the fog to clear, allowing the ancient sadness that afflicts a human life to be dissipated in the light of the sun that shines through you and through me. We have the innate ability to access that radiance. When we do, there is ignition for our soul. For that to happen, the fog must clear.

The purpose and mission of Emissaries of Divine Light is the spiritual regeneration of humanity. We are committed to spiritual regeneration because the regeneration of all the world depends on this. The regeneration of our culture, our communities, our health, our education, our technology, all depends on the regeneration at the core of the human soul. So truly, we are committed to the total regeneration of humanity, and we know where it starts.

Where is that place in the human heart where the creative fire within ignites the human soul? There is creative fire within all human beings. In essence, it is the same fire. It is universal. And yet, it is intensely personal. When it ignites individual hearts it ignites the heart of all humankind. How else would it happen? The process of regeneration for any individual depends on baring our soul to the fire that ignites it.

All the issues that we face in the world and all the existential threats that we face as humanity have a single, simple answer that is available to every human being on the face of the earth. Spiritual ignition. Within us all is that place of origin of our human experience in our own heart of hearts. And when that place is ignited, it changes everything. How do we expose that inmost place to the fire of Creation? What is the fog that has to clear so that we can receive that fire in our human experience? These questions are facing every human being, whether they realize it or not.

I am not asking you to expose this inmost place to me, though it is true that when people bare their heart of hearts to the fire within them, the people around them bear witness to their burning. But that is secondary. The first order of business for any human being is to find that mystical place and lay it bare to the creative fire within them.

Multistage space rockets have a booster rocket that lifts the space capsule into space. Once that purpose is fulfilled and the fuel is exhausted, the booster rocket falls away, and new rockets are ignited so that the capsule can continue into space. That is symbolic of what happens in the ignition of our souls and the journey that we take in life. For me, there are experiences that brought me to this present moment that are like that booster rocket. They were awesome, and they got me here. But right now they are just dead weight.

How about you? Do you have anything in your current experience that is dead weight, that needs to be ejected? Is there an expended booster rocket for you to let go of so that you can continue on your journey?

The Spirit of Purification has a direct relationship to the thymus gland and to the human heart. In our culture, the word purification has a puritanical overlay, associated with a Protestant ethos and a wagging finger and a shaming of people for the impurity. But the true meaning of the word is something beautiful. There is a fog to be lifted from your heart and from mine so that we may live, so that the very seed of regeneration can be planted in us, so that there can be ignition in our experience. Can we admit that at least sometimes there is a cloud over the heart that prevents that? And if that cloud is there for a person, they go wandering around in a fog and darkness without the hope and promise of regeneration.

This is an intensely personal matter for anyone. It is also universal. We are addressing the regeneration of all of humanity. The seed of fire within you and within me is the same. It is one seed.

We call this regeneration. That makes it seem as if we are going back to something that was before. The opportunity for ignition by the fire of Creation has been at our core all the time. We were born with it, it is true. And humanity was born with the seed of what we are becoming now. And there certainly have been glimpses of the fulfillment in the history of humankind. There are seeds of fire already planted in the human soul, living embers that have kept hope in the human heart and the promise of our future in consciousness. But what we are doing now has never been done—never! We have never had 7.6 billion people on the planet. The planet itself, and the solar system of which it is a part, has never been in this place in its cosmic journey. We have never been poised as we are today for a global breakthrough in creativity, as well as the global collapse of human civilization as we know it. Both are in the offing. And here we are—booster rockets ejected with the seed of a new day in us, ready to ignite our souls.

I don’t consider myself a shy and retiring type. And we all have different personalities, some introverts by nature and some extroverts. Whatever your personality, you can say it loud and you can say it soft, but bring the dream. Know the dream in yourself. Have the courage to state it for yourself, to proclaim it in your living, to allow ignition to happen.

There are pine cones covered with a resin that must be melted for the cone to open and release its seeds. When a forest fire moves through a pine forest bearing such cones, the seeds are distributed by gravity and wind. I’m sure that is an intense experience for the pine cone. Let us be like that pine cone, seeking the fire that activates us and lets life flourish.

A friend of mine asks this question of people: If you were a heat-seeking missile, exactly what would you be seeking? There is that natural urge in every human heart, in every human soul, for the warmth and power of Creation. We crave ignition by the power of Universal Love. And Universal Love is not just being nice to each other—although we might enjoy that. Universal Love is the power of Creation that is in all people and in all things. Our very flesh is crying out for that, is desiring it, is wanting it, is seeking it and inviting it in. Our heart of hearts is looking for the intensification that lets it in and allows combustion to happen.

And yet, in our contemporary culture we have sprinkler systems installed throughout the human soul. When the power of Creation begins to move, the sprinklers turn on and the fire is put out. It could be through substance abuse, video games, workaholism, or prescribed drugs for children which are now so rampant. There are fire suppression systems of all kinds in our culture that are on automatic, so if there is a little pain from the spark of ignition, the sprinkler system comes on.

Here we are, booster rockets ready to be ejected, next stage ready to be ignited. Are the fire extinguishers coming on? Are we up for this one? Of course, we are all in a different place and stage in our lives, but we all have this same opportunity to expose our human soul to the fire that made us and is still within us. And so we allow the urge of creativity that is natural to us—the urge to be of service, the urge to love, the urge to care, the urge to act courageously—to come forth as it naturally does when we bare our heart and expose ourselves to ignition.

All facets of human culture are in great need of regeneration. And there are people doing great work in the fields of technology, culture-building, the arts, financial systems, with great creative imagination, allowing the thoughts of a new day to be manifest in what they are creating. Within such people there is a keen sense that there has to be something in place in the heart of humanity for it all to come together. Sometimes we use the word spiritual to indicate what that is, oftentimes without much clear understanding of just what that word spiritual might mean. For me, I don’t care what we call it or how we think of it as long as we are open to the reality of the experience. It is enough to know that there is the Great Mystery from which the igniting spark appears, and to open ourselves to it.

The reality of this experience is the simplest of things. It is an experience that transcends what your intellect or mind could define. That troubles us sometimes. If we are creating a new financial system, we could perhaps describe that in detail. If we are creating a new technology, we could lay out the blueprints for it. But there is something inside that you cannot define in that way. You can describe it in terms of parable or symbol, but it is a place in our Being that transcends the human intellect. It is simply a state of presence, a state of Being, and it is a kind of personal centering where you stay in that place where there is the fire of Creation.

It is so easy to become preoccupied and then taken down with the human experience, going through a process of transformation. We can become caught up in the pain of it—and there usually is some pain in transformation at some level of our Being. We can become caught up in some kind of self-pity or sympathy for another that takes us out of the state of Being, from which the fire of regeneration radiates. And then the whole human experience collapses, with pointing fingers, and despair about the state of humanity and about the state of our own life. In that condition, hope leaves us because we have left the place where ignition happens and from which Creation proceeds.

It is simply a state of Being, a state of presence which, when known individually and known together, changes everything. Then our culture is reborn. We are thinking together in ways that we never have before, with collective mind, because we are in that place of ignition where Creation begins.

In this day, we have this question to ask ourselves as awakening people around the world: Will we allow ourselves to be taken down by despair, by preoccupation with what is happening in us or among us, or in the world at large, and therefore come out of the place where spiritual regeneration is ignited?

It is such a simple matter, hard to put your finger on, and yet have you not been present in some culture, some community, some family, where that went wrong? Where all of a sudden the people involved came out of that place of presence, that place of Being, that place where ignition is happening, into a place of despair because there was preoccupation with what someone thought shouldn’t be happening? And then the fingers start pointing and the human experience goes from bad to worse. That is rampant in the United States of America today, and other places around the world. Coming out of a place of creativity, a place of vision, a place out of which the future can be born, humankind moves into despair.

There is a place where the flow of life is known. We can be in that place together. When you are fully present as you and I am fully present as me, we do not have to work to create peace between us. If you are in a state of peace and love and I am in a state of peace and love, we are not actually working that hard to relate. We don’t have long peace talks, peace treaties and mediations and negotiations. There are things to talk about in allowing the fog to clear. But everything changes when I am in the presence of peace, when I am bringing the power of Universal Love into my life, and you are too.

The fog has cleared. We are ignited. We stand as witnesses to one another, asking ourselves, What is looking to be born now? What are the seeds of love creating now?

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Williamm Omega
Williamm Omega
March 14, 2018 5:48 pm

David, what a great line, “Welcome the spirit that brings clarity in the heaven of your Being,…..”
I love it. Yes, Heaven is within you. What a gift the entire message is to me … Incredible! It calls me to Sunrise.

“What is looking to be born now?” In collaborative Devotion, fulfillment of the seemingly impossible (yet inevitable) accomplishment of all beings Living in totally Harmonious Oneness within the Purest Consciousness of One LOve, Is At Hand.

What is looking to be Born is simply the experiential, transforming awareness of LOve’s Eternal Presence. In passing through the Gate of Light within the very Presence of the Essence of our Being, we find ourselves Awake/Reborn in Union with Infinite LOve!

So the question arises: How does one gain the Awakening of Awareness (beyond words)of what ‘Always Is’ present as Ultimate Truth? One answer is: Be open to the “seeds of love” offered through others, and within yourself, and all around you. Gently allow the Divine unfolding.

“What are the seeds of love creating now?” They are Creating opportunities for each One of Us to let go, release beliefs/ideas/traditions/resistance, come empty and humble, and allow LOve’s Ever-Presence to consume and permeate our Consciousness with Devotional LOve; freeing us from illusion and releasing us into Unhampered Liberty!

I would like very much to come to Sunrise again to join in a single collaborative effort to fulfill the answer to the questions posed. Thank you so much, David and each of you for being there …

***End of submission
***Note to staff: Please do not edit this offering. If editing is deemed necessary, please communicate with me and await my response regarding your wishes before printing this submission. If this submission is deemed acceptable as is, I am grateful for you allowing me to share it in ‘Pulse of Spirit. Thank you so much. God Bless you.
Will Omega

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
March 9, 2018 11:08 pm

What is the meaning of work? It often carries a burdensome tone, yet there are many forms of work; work to some is not burdensome because it brings joy and creativity.

My place of work brings continual joy and creativity; I am an educator of young children. There is never a dull moment. There are aspects of preparation and record-keeping I find tedious but I bring these aspects of the job into the up-current of the creative process and they get taken care of in the flow of the work-cycle – and the chores at home!

Move, flow, participate, contribute. Gratitude, grace, giving and receiving; being part of the universal love of creation. This is Life worth living.

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