Holy Conception

David Karchere

Sixty-eight years ago, on December 21, 1952, Lloyd Arthur Meeker gave a talk on Attunement in which he spoke about opening up the flow of the Highest Love through the pineal gland. He used the metaphor of the Christmas story for that opening.

We know that the Attunement experience is intrinsically linked with consciousness. When we have an experience of Attunement, it changes consciousness; and when consciousness changes, it increases Attunement. And so, I suppose that he knew that by invoking this Christmas story he would open consciousness in a way that created an opening of the Seventh Seal, the place of the Highest Love in the pineal.

We have that very same opportunity today at this time of year. We are not victims of celestial events. We are participants. We are a participant in the solstice. It is not happening to us; it is happening through us—through all the planets and through the consciousness of all aware Beings. We are solsticing. 

This is an auspicious time for holy conception by the Highest Love, which comes through the Holy Ghost.

Many people in this modern era breeze through celestial events without noticing that they are propitious times to allow spiritual intensification to occur. They are opportunities for a deeper experience of Attunement personally and in the world. And certainly, this winter solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere is that. We are being called home. Don’t you feel that at this time of year? That you are being called home by the solstice to that inmost place in yourself, that place of deepest Attunement, that place of most profound knowing?

I notice that in the symbology of the Christmas story, it was a time of trouble—in the land and the lives of the key characters. Joseph and Mary had a birth conceived out of wedlock. In the culture of the day, that was a huge matter.

There was the journey from Nazareth down to Bethlehem. That would be a two-hour car ride today—no small journey for a pregnant woman. And how did she travel? By foot? We imagine so.

And when they got there, there was no place in the world for them to stay or to deliver the baby. If you went to a town just as a stopover, and couldn’t find a hotel room, couldn’t find a bed-and-breakfast, so you had to stay in a barn? Never mind the fact that Mary had a baby to deliver. And King Herod was after the baby to take his life.

What an allegory for this Christmas time! There is a holy conception to take place in the middle of the trouble of the world. And yet the solstice is here, and we are still being called home. We are called to holy conception.

I’d like to look more deeply at the story. The very idea of a virgin birth—what does that mean? It defies biology.

The story stands human sexuality on its head. We think of human birth occurring as the result of a man and woman coming together. This story invites us to forget that part of the life process long enough to open to something else that is transpiring in conception, whether it is the conception of a physical child, the conception of an idea, the conception of a project, or the conception of the future itself. Forget our coming together as individual human beings for a moment so that you can focus on holy conception.

There were two key figures in the story of holy conception: Mother Mary and the Holy Ghost. Most of the story is from the standpoint of Mary, is it not? It was about what she experienced—her pregnancy and birth process, those who came around, and who was born from her womb. We tend to see things from the human perspective, understandably enough. There is in the story something of the divine perspective as well. We hear from the angel, and then the heavenly host. We don’t hear from the Holy Ghost in the story. But the holy conception was from the Holy Ghost.

We use the word ghost to speak of spooks at Halloween. I don’t think it’s that kind of ghost. This was ghost substance—the auric substance that extends from the source of all in the invisible realms. It is the extension of the Heavenly Father to human experience through the pineal gland, carried by the silver cord—that special stream of auric substance that connects us to the Invisible and which runs through our entire vibrational system as a human being.

The Holy Ghost was bringing the spiritual DNA of the Christ child in this story. Today, in this solstice time, the Holy Ghost brings the spiritual DNA of a new humanity. It is conceiving the rebirth of humankind. And the rebirth of humankind is the rebirth of Planet Earth.

How is that to transpire? Does it merely happen out of an imagined long, steady period of constant evolution? People who study evolution notice that it happens in leaps. But what is less commonly understood is that those leaps follow the download of spiritual DNA through the Holy Ghost into the auric field of Creation—and for us as human beings, into our consciousness, into our heart and mind.

You are Mary. I am Mary. We are the Spirit of the Womb that welcomes the Highest Love. In these moments, let us fulfill that role. Let us be Mary, let us be the Spirit of the Womb, and welcome the coming of the Holy Ghost. Welcome the holy conception. Welcome the spiritual DNA of our rebirth.

How wide shall we open? How strongly shall we heed the call to come home? How deeply shall the seeds of a new humanity be planted in our soul?

A parallel story in the Gospel of Luke speaks of Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, who gave birth to John the Baptist. The storyteller takes note of how she seemed to be beyond childbearing age. Physically speaking, some women might be beyond childbearing age, though there are surprises even then. But we are never, any of us, beyond the age of holy conception and rebirth. Not ever, as long as we have life.

It is the solstice. We are being called home. We are being called to life and to this holy conception, that there might be a rebirth. And according to the conception and the Spirit of the Womb that enfolds the seed of a new human and allows the seed to grow, so will the birth be. The birth is of the living Christ.

So I mark this day, this time in our year together, as a propitious season to participate in this holy conception. Yes, we are Mary, and we are the Holy Ghost, bringing that conception. The story says that the heavenly host proclaimed Glory to God in the highest! There was the heavenly conception and the heavenly birth. And where did it come from? It came from the highest. That’s where all spiritual DNA comes from, from the All That Is, which is the great Heavenly Father, extended through the Holy Ghost. And so we say today, Glory to God in the highest for this heavenly conception and the birth to come. And because of that conception and birth, there is peace brought to the Earth and goodwill to humankind.

Having participated in holy conception and holy birth as an individual—knowing that Attunement is first and foremost something you know for yourself—we then have the honor of playing the role of bringing the Holy Ghost to another person. And of offering the Spirit of the Womb in our communion with another person. The horizontal connection we share as human beings has meaning because there has first of all been the vertical communion spoken of in the story of the virgin birth.

This is an auspicious time of year for the holy conception that leads to holy birth. If our spiritual ancestors are listening, we call to you. Thank you, Lloyd Arthur Meeker, for bringing us the truth of Attunement through your profound teaching of holy conception.

Thank you, Luke, for telling the story.

Thank you, Mary, for being open to the miracle. Thank you, Joseph, for being there with love and care for her.

Glory to the heavenly source of the spiritual DNA for our rebirth as humankind.

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Laurence Mendes
Laurence Mendes
December 27, 2020 12:32 pm

For me this address is masterful. It takes me to the place of remembrance that the Spirit of Mary is me, is mankind, the Mother, the divine feminine to the Holy Ghost, the invisible, the Father, the sacred masculine. I am in Spiritual retreat, beginning with repentence and self forgiveness, sloughing off facades, and committed to revealing a truer self, that I may manifest the truth of the above in Holy conception through my living, bringing heaven here on earth now. Cosmic Blessings. Laurence in England

Ngugi kimani
Ngugi kimani
December 26, 2020 12:07 pm

Hi David!
I always look forward to your insighful posts.
I must confess that I lose the thread when you talk about the auric subsatance tthrough the pineal gland..the silver cord …..etc
But I agree with you the Holy conception is told from the human perspective.. Behind the whole story is God’s soverignity and His Divine infinite Love for all mankind..It has nothing to do with our intellect or religious or social standing. Mary a simple village girl, I assume was but a warm receiver of the glad tidings of GREAT JOY to all Mankind;
And the angel answered unto her.the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee…therefore that Holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God. In truth nobody in opinion can become or make another person become ” Son of God”..It is the work of the Holy Spirit. through the Holy Coveption.Period!
I agee with Fiona too that it is an inward jouney back home to where we came from.
We are eternal beings born from above by the Holy Spirit through the Holy Conception just like Jesus Christ. We are sojourners here in this world of Caesar for a while just as in the case of Abraham the great patriach of Faith;
By Faith he sojourned in the land of Promise as in a strange country , dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac …for he looked for a City with foundations whose builder and maker is God- Heb 11vs9
I have been thinking about the story of the prodigal son.. He gets to the lowest pit and decides to go back home. He says to himself,how many hired servants have enough to eat and to spare.. The bible records that while he was yet afar off his father saw him and he run towards him. and embraced him and kissed him.
What if he returned and was received by a servant with these news.
“So Sorry your Father died just before dawn but left us with this robe and this signet ring to give to you and instructed us to slaughter the fatted calf for you…”
You have guessed it right.. The “gifts” could never mean anything to him. without the Father’s smle and warmth. My story and your strory in coming home this Christmas to our Father and our loved ones is about the Embrace and kisses and thereafter the “gifts”
It is Coming home to our DNA,
coming home to our roots,,
Its coming home to the family hearth
It is coming home to the eternal Fire
To warm our hearts.
Coming home for the Embrace.
Thank you

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
December 26, 2020 7:08 am

We are being called home.

As a child, I went out to play in my neighborhood. I did not feel scared, unsafe, and when called home, there was a place of warmth and nurturance to return to. I had a mum and dad; we had a house, I had food to eat, I had a bed to sleep in. I was a lucky child, born in a safe land in the mid 1950’s.

However, I feel I was compelled to be here at this time for the initiation of unprecedented change. It is not so much a time of outward change but of an inward journey home to know we are not merely human but of cosmic origin.

This is the time to bring love, joy and goodwill to all men.

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