Higher Intelligence

I celebrate that in this community of people, there is a higher intelligence to which we connect. It is a remarkable experience. I think we all feel at least flashes of it. When we are together, there it is—a higher reality, a higher presence, a higher intelligence.

I looked up the phrase higher intelligence. It is generally associated with IQ and brain power. It is seen as a quality of the human capacity. But that is not what I am speaking of here.

We speak of A Higher Self. Higher intelligence is born from higher ranges of selfhood. Higher intelligence is the central guidance system for humanity and an internal GPS for the individual.

Someone might think we are just making this up. But we can prove it. We prove it by opening up to our Higher Selves and higher intelligence. When we do, we become intelligent. If there were nothing there to tune in to, then when you tried to tune in to it, nothing would happen. But that is not our experience.

I prove to myself every day that there is a higher intelligence just by opening up to it.

In our lives, there is the truth channel—our connection to higher intelligence. What is truth? We say it is design and control: design relating to the pattern of things in space, and control relating to how design unfolds over time. To live a creative life, we have to become masters of design and control, masters of truth—not making truth or taming it but learning to live in a way that harmonizes with truth and allows it to come through.

The truth I am speaking of is not dogma or belief. I am talking about the living truth, the truth of reality. To allow the truth of what is real to come into being and bring life, we have to tune in to a higher intelligence. Higher intelligence brings life. As Jesus said, it is liberating. It makes you free to live. This is how he said it:

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

This statement is so often thought of in religious terms, as if there is a religious dogma that you must know. “You shall know this truth, this belief, this dogma, and it will make you free.

Did dogma ever make you free? Not me! But when you see what Jesus was saying in terms of realitythe truth of what is realwhat an amazing statement! You are going to know the truth of what is real. I am adding that phrase for the sake of keeping it in the range that I know to be true. What a promise to make: And you shall know the truth, and when you do, as you do, it makes you free—free to be who you are, free to create, free to be alive. There is the other side of it all: When you do not know the truth, when you are living in ignorance, unconscious of higher intelligence, you are bound, and you do not feel alive.

Knowing the truth channel, there is an awakening to the inspiration of higher intelligence and an openness to let it come into consciousness. But that is not actually enough to live creatively and allow the central guidance system for humanity to operate. If you only awaken to a higher intelligence and do not do anything about it, it does not change your life. If you do not know the truth in a way that is relevant to your life and then act on it and bring it into your world, the truth channel is not fully operative.

There are two poles to the vertical axis of truth, the truth channel. On the one end is becoming aware of higher intelligence relative to your life and the world that you are living in. But then that guidance has to come through youit has to govern you and then direct what you are bringing into the world. That activates the other pole of the vertical axis of truth.

For this to work for us collectively, it is not enough to simply be present in a state of collective awareness and feel gratified that we have entered that enlightened state. To flourish, we have to allow higher intelligence to govern the culture in which we liveto guide how we relate to each other, to govern the pattern that is unfolding among us; to create a constellation among us that is beautiful, that has synergy and power and allows us to harmonize together. First, we have to harmonize with the higher intelligence that we are connecting to, and then harmonize with each other in bringing it into the world.

This is what is so lacking in our global culture. It isn’t lacking altogether, or we would probably have blown ourselves up by now. But in so many ways, it is lacking. And without that higher intelligence beginning to come through the other end of the truth channel into living, it can look like we are approaching some moment of world peace and prosperity. But then the Tower of Babel comes crashing down.

So what is needed? First of all, our Attunement with higher intelligence, individually and together. And then, that higher intelligence has to come through us with authority and power. How else could it affect the immediate spheres of our life where we have personal responsibility? How else would it enter world culture?

The truth channel forms a vertical axis in our life, and there are two ends to that axis. One without the other does not help that much. Authority and power and governance without higher intelligence? Yikes! It’s tyrannical. It does not bring life. We dread people who assert egoic power in the world, not guided by a higher intelligence.

Higher intelligence, or enlightenment, without an ability to bring it through with authority, power, and vitality? What is that? Irrelevant. Impotent. An incapacity to bring life.

Both poles of the truth channel have to be connected up. For each of us individually, all the good ideas, all the enlightened awareness, without an ability to bring it through in your life so that it guides and directs you, end up unfulfilled. Only when we bring that awareness all the way through in the living of our life does it truly matter to us and our world. This is how the central ordering power for our lives comes through and brings divine control to the unfolding pattern of life.  

 When this happens, the inner urge of Creation expresses itself through us, and we call the world in which we operate to harmonize with the unfolding design of life. That urge expresses itself as the will and desire of both Creator and Creation. It is the powerful compulsion for the ordering power of Reality to have its way in and through us and in the world.  

 These matters are very real for me. When I think of my life and the world of my responsibilities, and what is needed for that world to flourish, the axis of truth has to be there. So, I am speaking of all this in global terms and in terms of our community, but I want to tell you: it is really personal for me. The imperative to see what is transpiring with a higher intelligence and to allow my mind to entertain vision and possibility—that is an everyday thing for me. And then I feel the responsibility to enable what we bring through the truth channel together to be relevant in the world. To me, that is the process of letting something beautiful unfold in all we create and bring to the world.  

 If that does not excite you, I do not know what to say. What could be more exhilarating than this?  


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Nadeja Gerasimow
Nadeja Gerasimow
November 7, 2022 2:13 pm

Higher Intelligence is very experiential when one is aware that it is always present. So much joy and delight in knowing this. With you in this journey of ever expanding awareness. Love to all. ❤️🙏

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 5, 2022 8:29 am

I was speaking with a friend, yesterday. Many have come and gone from our Emissary body, many with disillusionment. Did they not see the gift? Where they not steadfast enough? Were they seeking a path of dogma and instruction?

If you want to ascend the peak, you must keep moving upward. Keep going. Kindle your spirit. You have to aspire – be inspired – in order to attain the summit. I am not sure if I believe in a goal, or end-game, but I am in the ascent. A pilgrim.

We are in the process of freeing ourselves to the higher love, to a higher intelligence, releasing all the manmade rules and authoritarian principles. This may be hard for some to fathom. They want to know what we believe, the patterns and symbols of our worship; the trappings of what gives us validity and authority. If you do not acquaint yourself with the very spirit of life, that spark of existence, you will search the four corners of the earth and not find it. You will continue to be a grail-seeker or settle for disillusionment, accusing others of being false.

We are becoming familiar with other ranges of intelligence aside from IQ, which was a standard measurement of intelligence. We now talk about EQ, or emotional intelligence, and social intelligence, or SQ. So, let’s make a bid for HQ, or higher intelligence.

I like HQ because the letters also stand for ‘head-quarters’, and this is actually the spiritual domain we are considering with David. The Head Quarters of our being.

November 3, 2022 10:22 pm

I believe and trust in the higher intelligence (Divine guidance) of truth. I see attempts to high jack truth when it doesn’t fit certain narratives of others. Our world needs truth to be revealed so that the divine pattern of life can be realized and we are ‘set free’. Seek truth, speak truth and stand for truth.

November 3, 2022 6:08 pm

Yes – the first step – First, we have to harmonize with the higher intelligence that we are connecting to,and then harmonize with each other in bringing it into the world. Blessings….

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