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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

Through the work we are doing together with people around the world, we are creating a critical mass of reborn, renewed, inspired, enthusiastic consciousness. Within that large creative field, there are wheels within wheels. There is the field of our own immediate life. And there is the field that includes all of us on this pulse of spirit list today. I am sure we are each interested in building critical mass in our individual lives, and we are building critical mass in a body of people. Where there is critical mass, abundant life appears.

Life is a spirit and energy. Who wouldn’t want to experience more of it? When life is abundant, things are growing and thriving. Things are happening, seemingly, all by themselves. That doesn’t mean we are not working. On April 2, at Sunrise Ranch, we hosted two wonderful performing artists in our Dome: Liz Barnez and Ruthie Foster. I noticed that the people at Sunrise Ranch were working hard to produce this concert, and I do want to say how proud I am of Sunrise Ranch. We turned out big-time to welcome people in fine fashion. So I’m very proud of us for how we did that. Afterwards, I had some sore muscles and just plain fatigue. But, oh, it hurt good! And after all the work that was done to prepare, the concert itself had a life of its own.

It does hurt good to really apply oneself in the creative process and to do what’s needed to be done to bring critical mass. In a group of people, it takes working with each other. It takes real openness to the power of love that brings us together, and openness to the wonder and the possibility that’s available in creation.

It takes something else, too, if a group of people are to reach critical mass. Because you can touch something wonderful, and I don’t care what you call it—you can call it God or Spirit or love, or you can call it the Christ—but whatever you call it, you can touch a wonderful possibility for your life; but then the question becomes, how do you sustain it? We can sense that there’s something wonderful “up there,” if that is how you think of it, or “in here.” But how does that reality live in your life? How does it sustain itself in the world? It takes a creative field of consciousness to manifest the possibilities we touch for our life in this world. That is true for anyone personally. It is also true for any group of people. That group has to hold a field of consciousness for the power of love to be sustained among them and to achieve critical mass for the manifestation of life.

So that is our vital interest—creating a field of consciousness that can sustain the experience of love, and let love be love. We are interested in letting love be itself in human experience, so that it can manifest life here on earth in a lovely way. Love is the power of the universe, and we know that power does not always manifest in a lovely way in people’s experience. Certainly the Japanese have found that out as they faced the latest nuclear crisis. And given the global ramifications of the crisis, the rest of humanity has been facing that reality too. This is a wonderful universe with wonderful power, but it has to be brought into being at the level in which we live in a way that creates life, not death. So we are interested in building that field which allows life to be abundant in human experience.

This work is a simple matter, really—embarrassingly simple. It takes a clear field of consciousness—a clear field of thinking and feeling—for there to be abundant life in human experience. When people set themselves to the work we are doing, they touch a wonderful possibility, however they would name it. But when it comes to sustaining that in their ongoing experience, they bump up against the fact that the field of human consciousness is not clear. There is a mix of factors—some ability to carry the positive charge of love and sustain it, and a mix of other things.

I received an e-mail from Laurence Gawronsky. Laurence is a business leader in Cape Town, South Africa, and he has been actively involved in our work for many years. He had read my article on Critical Mass, and he was pointing out that in his experience it is the job of someone who’s offering leadership to take a mass of criticism and turn it into critical mass—to take a negative body of mental energy and conviction in negativity that dwells in the mind and emotions and transform it into something else. The usual experience when people come together in a group, in whatever setting, is that there are all kinds of negatively charged aspects of consciousness that are present. So what does it take to let that field clarify so that life could appear?

Life really is fun! It doesn’t always seem that way to people—it can seem like a struggle. It can certainly seem like a struggle when you are wading through what is unclear with other people. For the most part, it seems that the body of humanity has bought into the idea that life isn’t fun and it would be impossible to work to have a clear field with others. But in those rare experiences that people have where it is done, where there really is a clear field and the creative spirit can move on through, it’s thrilling. My most recent experience of a group of people holding a clear field for life to appear was the concert with Liz and Ruthie. It was absolutely thrilling! Creation is thrilling.

It seems to me, in the work I do, that, generally speaking, people underestimate the difficulty that they are having working with an unclear field of thought and feeling. You can look at it at whatever level you like—at the personal level or at the group level, at whatever level of magnitude, from a family to the whole world—people struggle with a unclear field of consciousness and energy that they are sharing with others, usually without even being aware of it, or aware of the possibility that it could be different.

So what does it take to allow a field of consciousness and energy to clear? To start with, it takes great openness to the possibility of something different from what’s been experienced; and with that, a refusal to embrace the negatively charged thoughts and feelings that are present in consciousness. They’re present, but you can allow them to reshape so that the joy of life can be present and there can be creation.

What we are seeking to achieve is a healing for the body of thought and feeling that is present. When it occurs, there begins to be a critical mass of creative consciousness. So here we are, a network of people around the world. How do we come to critical mass? Belief and faith is certainly a factor—not just intellectual belief but the real conviction in mind and heart that something different is possible; that all the niggly and gnarly things that get in the way of a creative life for a person could be put aside, and something else could be embraced. It is possible that we could work out the factors between us and hold something in consciousness and in energy around the world, and in fact we are. That is having an effect in the world, to whatever degree. When we are participating in that, there is a personal thrill, and the immediate field in which we are participating—whether it’s the immediate field of thought and feeling or the immediate field of engagement with other people—becomes an opportunity to participate in the global field.

In that global field, we are becoming a critical mass of love. We are transcending all the things that might tend to separate us. We are bringing clarity to the field of consciousness that we share together, so that what is emerging from God the Possible can enter the field. And if we find that there are thoughts and feelings we are entertaining that are worshipping a God of Impossibility, we can give those thoughts and feelings the boot. They can go. I’m not interested in God the Impossible. I’m interested in God the Possible, the God of opportunity, the God of Creation, the God of Love, the God of Life, and the God of Joy. How about you?

David Karchere
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gertrude landreville
gertrude landreville
May 22, 2011 11:59 pm

I personally know the God of Joy – try Exsultate Jubilate by Mozart…

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