Global Emergence

David Karchere

Here we are, aware of the vastness of the universe in which we live, and aware, also, of the very near presence of Divinity available to us. And every time we open heart and mind to that presence, there it is with us. In fact, it enters us so that it is within us, not just above us. And we discover that we are indeed that. We are the living expression of that presence. As we realize that and then express and embody it, we can truly say,  I am Divine Light

And then we find that at the heart of this field in which we are together, there is gravity that draws us to that heart. It isn’t a physical thing, but nonetheless there is a vibrational center. There is a compelling spiritual quality that is ultimately attractive. We find that what we have opened ourselves to has come into us individually and has come among us. And it evokes our ultimate love.

There is the magic that so many of us who read this Pulse of Spirit have shared recently. In the changing ways we associate, required by the global pandemic, the social structure that has been in place has been deconstructed in many ways. Do you have some deconstruction going on in your life? In how you relate to people and in what’s happening in your day-to-day interactions? And perhaps those physical changes are deconstructing deeper layers of our social relationships.

That same deconstruction is taking place around the planet and it is allowing for a global emergence. That wasn’t the original name of a new online platform that we’ve created. For seemingly incidental reasons, the original name just didn’t work out. There was somebody down the road who was using the name we were thinking of. We began to think about what we should call our new online platform for regenerative culture. Global Emergence? Yes! And here we are, and that’s what’s happening. There is something emerging that is so beautiful.

In our Wednesday evening service here at Sunrise Ranch, Oren Yakovee was speaking about tensegrity and how it can hold together a geometric structure. You might call this phenomenon by another name: sacred geometry.

I’m interested in the sacred geometry of our emerging relationships. This is so central to our global emergence. That sacred geometry is formed by the clarity of what we know together in Being. Before there was a social structure, there was Being. Predating any social structure is the reality of Being, which is the foundation of the world. The foundation of the world is held in Being. Before there ever was a human being, Creation was held by the sacred architecture of Being.

That architecture isn’t found on a physical blueprint. It is created by the true and right and creative relationships among the plurality of one Being. A word that evokes that awareness is a plural Hebrew word for Divine Being: Elohim.

Between any two or more of the plurality of Being, there is held an absolute, unwavering, true and resonant reality. The line between two Beings begins to resonate with the power of Creation moving through that line. There is the harmonization, there is the reciprocation, and in the answering back and forth the reverberation on that line creates a vibrational pattern. That vibrational pattern begins to do its work, and all the substance in the field begins to resonate with it.

We are about that, even now. We did, quite apparently, incarnate to be here together in this day. We took physical flesh form as a human being, and yet never lost our innate abilities of creatorship as a Being. Before any social structure, in the sacred architecture of Being, as the line between any two of us is held clearly, we meet face-to-face, without guile, without any dishonesties, without coloration of the patterns of Divine Love and Divine Light. We are simply here as Creator Beings to hold a line that can reverberate between us.

That reverberation between any two people brings substance to itself. And then all those beautiful representations of sacred geometry are nothing compared to the sacred geometry of awake human beings holding the geometry of Being in human form. I do believe that for each of us our old social structure has been deconstructed enough that, if we let it, it will fall away, releasing us into the freedom and the liberty of Being, which is the freedom and the liberty of creatorship. You might say social structure is reborn, not as a confining, restricting reality—or unreality—but as a living reality. Realizing that we don’t live an isolated life and that we are not only a Divine Being but a human being, we create a social structure that is kind to our humanity and aware of the existing social structure around us. But, nonetheless, we create a living reality that has integrity, strength, truth and honesty.

I am to some degree speaking of something visionary. I’m speaking the prayer of my heart, and I believe very likely the prayer of your heart. But I am not just speaking something visionary. I am speaking about something that is known by us, however consciously, to whatever degree it is. Certainly, the deconstruction part is being known, unless you’re living a very different life from me. There are old experiences that are being deconstructed. There is a breaking apart, there’s an opening up, there’s a letting go. There is a forgiving. There is a prayerfulness.

But there is also the resonance of a new reality that we are knowing together that is unprecedented. Not that there haven’t been wonderful experiences in the past, and things we’ve shared and known. But somehow, on this day, there is something altogether fresh and new that we are knowing together.

As the chick pecks at the eggshell, the shell breaks apart. The chick is born out of that shell and emerges into the world. I wouldn’t dare to say just where we are in that process—I think there’s still some breaking apart of the shell going on. And yet, do you not see that there is not only that breaking apart? There is the emergence out of the shell. There is liberation into a global emergence.

The world as it has been was created according to what was happening between people. That has been, at the foundation of it, an experience of separateness from the reality of the Divine. In this global emergence, culture is being redefined and reordered. The thoughts that have been with me this week are about a new brother- and sisterhood. In acknowledging that there is a special closeness between each of us and particular people—there are partnerships, marriages, friendships and family connections—there is also the global brother- and sisterhood that humanity has so longed for but has been so evasive. And so, we have war and conflict of all kinds, and we have domination and oppression, and some glimpses of what it means to know brother- and sisterhood. How much does your heart long for that? I know mine does.

That brother- and sisterhood is only known in the sacred geometry of Divine Reality. I don’t know how else it happens, no matter how badly we want it, no matter how much we try to make it happen. There is a process for us personally if brother- and sisterhood is to be known. There has to be a deconstruction so that we are not trying to be spiritual, or perhaps trying to be spiritually centered, elevated or enlightened.

There is a shell that is broken for us personally, and we’ve taken that daring leap to simply be an expression of the divinity within us. Not making any claims about it: I’m God, or I’m enlightened, or anything like that. No claims, but simply the acknowledgment that the truest thing about me—and the same is true for us all—is the Divine. The truest thing is that I am a Being of Love and a Being of Light. Acting with integrity as that, I am then in position to hold a creative vibrational line of relationship with you. And so it is with us all.

Ultimately, the things of God can only be done by God. No matter how hard we might want to try to do spiritual things in human strength and wisdom, we are unable to. But as the shell cracks open and the Divine emerges through us, there is someone who knows, who is ultimately us. And it is that one in you and in me, coming forth, who knows what it is to re-create the brother- and sisterhood that has been so violated in the human world in which we live.

I was thinking of the global teaching known in so many faiths around the world: The Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What a profound teaching! Sometimes we have a glimpse of other people and see how they are not paying attention to that rule. We see how they are missing something in their own human experience, and they are demanding that somebody give it to them. But they’re not giving it themselves. And so, no matter how hard they try, it is missing in their own life experience.

I suppose the Golden Rule, as an ethical or moral teaching, might help. If someone thought deeply and entertained the possibility that what they see as a lack in their own life as a human being is ultimately something they are unwilling to give to another, they might change. And yet, when the Divine truly comes through us, and we know that as ourselves, aren’t we simply practicing the Golden Rule? Isn’t it the most natural thing in the world? To have the greatest care, the greatest love for another Being, not in some kind of human strength, not because we fell in love in the usual way, but simply because that is our very nature and it is what we know: we are all part of one constellation of Being, all part of One Reality.

I don’t have much faith in our attempts to be good. It doesn’t seem to be working very well thus far. When we awaken to Reality and the reality of who we are, and the reality of who everyone else is, we are not attempting to be good. We’re just living in Reality. And that Reality is known in our brother- and sisterhood.

Then the constellation of our togetherness lights up. The sacred geometry of our togetherness vibrates with the power of the universe. And the reciprocity of energy flowing back and forth between us is natural and easy. It is exactly this that is needed to offer an Attunement to the world, that brings a vibration that changes the world. That Attunement has the power to change auric substance. How else could we bring a global emergence? And that is exactly what we are doing and why we came. As wonderful and fulfilling as it is to know our brother- and sisterhood, in that knowing we are becoming a sun, lit up as the sun for an even higher purpose—sharing an Attunement with the world.

We open to all the creative forces of the cosmos as they come to focus right here on our planet, and as they are immediately available to us. We open to all that creative power, all that grand Love, allowing it to come into our heads and into our minds, into our bodies, into our hearts, all the way down to our feet. And we allow it to reverberate in our heart chakra, and move out through our hands, out through our fingers and our palms. It extends to anyone who comes to consciousness. And they become our contact point, through whom the world is changed.


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