Global Days of Unity

David Karchere

Sunrise Ranch and Emissaries of Divine Light around the globe are taking part in a grand experiment, Global Days of Unity. It is our great pleasure to join our light with the light of all those who are participating.

These words from Mother Teresa embody the spirit of Global Days of Unity:

Prayer in action is love; love in action is service.

This is from the Global Days of Unity website:

Global Days of Unity is a unifying field for all forces, voices and expressions of love to co-create a whole that transcends the sum of its parts. It’s an invitation for the family of love and consciousness to come together and infuse the collective field with vibrations of Unity, Peace and Love.

Change will not come to us, it will come through us when we are awake to the fullness of who we are and connected to the fundamental truth of oneness. As we change, the world will change. Infusing our collective field with energies of love is the beginning of a new humanity.

Welcome to this great experiment.

The time is now. Not marching, not fighting, and not legislating, but co-creating an intentional energetic impact. Wherever you are, let us co-create an ever growing circle of connection from all across the earth to resonate, amplify and infuse the field of consciousness with vibrations of Unity, Peace and Love.

This isn’t a one-off moment of meditation. This is the moment that so many of us have been longing for; the beginning of an unprecedented shift in consciousness which creates the spaciousness for a whole new paradigm to emerge.

 We all have a role to play, and we are all needed.

 While actions are essential, transformation will only come when we first transform ourselves and allow our actions to rise out of this new energetic reality.

 This is about the courage to fly together on the wings of the unknown and the humility to co-discover the unimaginable.

What is unity all about and what is the basis for it?

We live in a world where, unfortunately, individuality has become a plague. Instead of a beautiful differentiation of essence, unique to each one—and unique selves together harmoniously—individuality has become a basis for separation among people. It’s become the basis for division and competition, and a win-lose mentality. What is changing today that transforms separateness to oneness? Why is today the day? Is it because there is a pandemic? Is it because there is something happening to us? As the initiators of the Global Days of Unity said so well, this is not something happening to us—it is happening through us.

And what is happening through us?

The basis of unity is essentially invisible and there is nothing in our current culture, of itself, that can create unity, no matter how well intentioned. There is no person who, of themselves, can be the unifying element. There is no organization, no community, no project, no effort, no belief, no spiritual practice. There is nothing in our human world that can create it. And why is that? It’s because the basis for unity is already present and always has been, at an invisible level. It can’t be created, as if for the first time on earth, by any of us, or even all of us together. It can only be embraced as we become aware of it. Oneness is not a result of our efforts. We are already one. That is our reality.

We live in a holarchy, meaning there are many levels of reality, all of which are whole of themselves, and all of which are part of a larger whole. There is an essence to this whole that we play a part in as humankind. There is a shared essence embodied in all life on Planet Earth and in the Earth itself. The word Love is a name for that essence. The very essence of what unifies us all is The Spirit of Love.

I want to distinguish this common essence from the many forms of human love, all of which can be beautiful. But we are now talking about the highest love, an invisible essence that we can’t own and we can’t bottle. We can crack open to it.

Maybe that’s what is happening on this day. Our hearts are cracking open and our minds are opening. We are embracing an already-existing reality that we’ve been fighting against as humankind. Cracking open, it comes into us. Initially, as an individual, it lifts us up and inspires us.

When we do indeed crack open to it and let it in, we then have the opportunity to let it out. And while none of us, of ourselves, can be the unifying factor, nonetheless we can be a voice for it. We can be an expression of it. We can be an embodiment of it in our lives; not claiming anything special for ourselves other than just the delight of being an expression of the unifying factor. That takes an uncommon humility, an uncommon openness, an uncommon selflessness.

The great teacher Jesus said that we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves. The reality of who we are is individual, and we all have a unique essence of spirit to bring to the world. But we find that essence when we lose the competition of individuality. When, in a moment, we lose all the attempt to be somebody and something, and crack open to what gives us the very core nature of who we are. We share that core reality with every human being on the face of the planet, whether they have awakened to it or not.

If we think of those we look to as having reminded us of who we are, today and over millennia, they brought to us that very core essence. That is why they are so highly loved. We could make the mistake of loving them only for their unique personage, which might be noble, wise, lovable or endearing. But more importantly, they remind us of what is essentially true of each of us and of the opportunity we have to be an expression and an embodiment of that spirit that is not only core for us individually but is core for us all. That spirit is what unifies us. It is the basis for truly being together and for integration. And certainly, it takes a massive surrender for any human being to open to a higher reality for themselves, and then to be a voice for it and an expression and embodiment of it. And for us to integrate as humankind, we are facing a mass surrender. Not a giving up or a giving in but a looking up, a letting go, and opening to the vibration of love so that vibration can come through and energize the world in a different way, bringing not only transformation but transmutation, a change of state.

When hydrogen atoms are drawn to the very center of the sun—which is the only place where their fusion can occur—they experience a fusion that is not just a transformation. It is more than a change of form. Fusion is a change of state, and there is a release of unfathomable energy—enough to light up a solar system. In the vigil that we are holding through this pandemic, that is what is happening, as we let it.

I wrote a book titled Becoming a Sun. The title is perhaps a nice bit of poetry. But the thing about ideas that are true is that they become more true the more you come to know them. And how true is this: we are becoming a sun. That is what’s happening through us collectively.

The pathway to this collective event is through the mind and heart of each individual who participates. How else would it happen? It is not going to descend on us collectively without that. At least not in a way that involves humankind in an uplifting, creative way.

This is what it means to have his happen through us. Each of us is embracing the Love we know in common. We are each embracing our common longing, our common prayer, our common reality. We are embracing the already-existing basis for global unity. We are expressing and embodying it. And so, we are finding our common spiritual center. Fusion is taking place. We are transmuting. We are becoming a sun.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
March 26, 2020 6:43 am

You are the new day…

That is the refrain of a song, by the same name; lyrics by Peter Knight and John David. The version I know is sung by The King’s Singers.

One more day when time is running out for everyone…
Love of life means hope for me
Born on a new day.

The sun is shining on this new day in Africa; in Cape Town, at the tip of the continent. This is my day to let love and gratitude radiate through me with respect to the Global Days of Unity. South Africa will be on its Lockdown from midnight this coming Friday. We will have our vigil.

In this part of the world, we have the word Ubuntu, meaning community; but it means more than that; it means sharing and respect; embracing the common good.

We are bringing about global ubuntu.

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