Get God in Ya


Please be gentle with your breath and the whole of your being as you listen to this prayer of the day.

GOD, with You now, I release all my sorrow, my heartache, my worry and my pain.

I release my suffering and my doubt in Your care, 

I allow You to move through me now and all around me, touching every cell, every muscle, every organ and every bone, every thought and every feeling. 

I allow You to be within me now and beside me. 

God, I ask You to move into me, to light me up with Your Life and with Your Love,

to hold me as I walk constantly beside You. 

God, be on my journey now and in each unfolding moment.

God help me,

God forgive me,

God guide me.

God always support me and understand me so I can be opened up to understand You.

God let me surrender into Your constant care and as I do, I know Your guidance will bring the miraculous. 

God hold me safe as I walk the pathway to my greater becoming with You.

God take all of me in and let me be guided by You and You alone.

God let me be the cause that affects my whole world with Love.

God guide me to become the cause which lights up my world with Your divine guidance.

I will become a glorious beacon. 

God let me know You more, and by knowing You I will know myself.

God show me how to be the gardener of my world

and with You my garden will flourish.

Even weeds will be beautified and grow in Love.

God, as I transcend and transform all my suffering into living Life in Love

with YOU my transcendence will become LIMITLESS. 

God, in my new Light body, my vision will be clearer, and in my clarity I will SEE with Christ Vision.

I will see everything anew with Christ LIGHT.

God as I see You and know You as the Greater and more Powerful part of my life,

I will let go and become the lamb that You make GREAT.

God, take my thinking and make it Your thinking.

God, take my words and make them Your words so I Speak with light.

God, take my whole body and make my body Holy.

God, clear my past and suffering and allow me to begin anew in each fresh moment.

God let the shadow of my thoughts be only a gateway toward the Light, that one day ALL my thinking, feeling, seeing and being shall be only Light.

God, let everything I do be YOUR work of LIGHT. 



Hear me now, GOD, my Love is IN TRUST WITH YOU. 

ALWAYS in CONSTANT connection to YOU, God. 

At light speed with You constantly and in vibrant living holy connection, in Christ Vision with You, GOD. 

And by these words, I have God in me Now. 




What stops people from leading a happy, fulfilling life? Does it not come down to this? A perception of unmet needs.

We could question which human needs are real or which are not. A traditional list of basic needs includes food, shelter, and clothing. And it is hard to imagine that a child does not have a need for the loving emotional surround of adults.

Then you could ask, Need for what? Are we talking about what you need to survive? Or to thrive? Or are we talking about what you need to be creative and fulfill your life destiny?

Whatever the reality of any need might be, the issue that stops people from leading a happy, fulfilling life is their perception of a need. And then, what they do about it.

Most of us have probably witnessed someone who had a perceived need and who then tried to satisfy that need in a self-destructive way. Most of us have seen a person who desired a love relationship but who chose someone we knew would be unhealthy in their life. Oh, no! Not them!

Addictive patterns are an attempt to satisfy the need for joy and contentment, perhaps at a physical level. On a temporary basis, opioids are quite good at that. But they have terrible side effects, sometimes resulting in death—not a very good way to meet a perceived need.

And yes, we need food. But not necessarily that food. And not necessarily that much.

There are ways that people seek to satisfy their perceived needs that end up compromising themselves and that tears apart their well-being.

America, where I live, has its own version of these issues. But we didn’t invent them. And they are global, experienced by people from cultures around the world. For all of us, how we deal with our perceived needs determines so much else in our life.

Would you not say that that is a crucial factor in your own life, or in the life of people you know—the ability to endure the lack of a perceived need, to keep going anyway, forging ahead, finding a way to be with that need and be creative in your life anyway? Many a person has come undone over such an issue. And people who know how to deal with it thrive.

So, what is it that allows a person to stand in the face of their perceived needs and endure a lack in their life without compromising themselves?

The reality is that none of us have ultimate control over how the world around us meets our needs, whatever those needs might really be. We don’t control how other people meet our needs.

You might believe in the Law of Cause and Effect—Karma—and that if you put something positive out there into the world, something positive will come back. But still, you don’t control exactly what comes back to you, or the people through whom it might come.

Where do we have sovereignty? What do we have ultimate control over?

As long as we are of sound mind, we have the ability to consciously open to the creative wisdom and power within us. We have absolute control over that choice. It is our choice to make, and no one can stop us. When we open in this way, we are opening to the power of the universe—Love. We are opening up to the intelligence of the universe—Truth. We are opening to the presence of the One Who Dwells within us. This is the Creator who is within all things and all people. It is the reality people sometimes call God.

When we open in this way, the Presence, the wisdom, and the power we have opened to comes into us. It visits our human capacities of body, heart, and mind. The Creator comes into us. A great human need is now being fulfilled from within us.

This leads us to the second thing over which we have total sovereignty: the expression of the wisdom and power we have to give to the world, and the spiritual presence we know. And in doing so, we are meeting the needs in the world around us in a way only we can. I’m not saying that we are then able to meet every need we see or meet every need completely. That’s unrealistic. But we contribute our share. We can do our part. We have total sovereignty in that act.

I cannot make you fulfill the need that I perceive. But if I perceive a need that you have, and perceive that I have a gift to give relative to that need, I have sovereignty over being able to give that gift. And I could sit here, frustrated because there are people in my life who are not giving me what I want them to give me. But that leads no place. How about exercising sovereignty over what is God-given? That is standing in a place of power, joy, and abundant living.

These principles are relevant to any individual and any group of people, including the whole body of humanity.

Imagine this. You are part of a community of people, all of whom are acutely aware of their perceived needs. In fact, they are cranky because the people around them are not meeting their needs to their satisfaction. And so, in some cases, their demands to have their needs met become more and more strident. In other cases, the person withdraws and pouts, refusing to contribute their gifts to the community. They become unconscious of their own ability to meet the needs of others, or the needs of the community at large.

Do you want to be part of that community? That is a recipe for hell on earth. And in some ways, that is the world that we live in. A lot of demand: I want my needs met! But with a restricted awareness of the needs of others or of our planet. Is that not the spiritual issue that we are living with?

And now, imagine a community of people who are all open to the Presence and power of the Creator within them. They are cracked open. Love is present. And in that power, in that wisdom, everyone is noticing the needs of others, and the needs of the community as a whole. They are also noticing the ability they have to fill some of those needs. They are noticing when a person in that community needs something from them, and then giving that gift thoughtfully, with care.

Even under the most ideal circumstances, I cannot imagine that all the needs that we perceive we have are being totally met all the time. That’s not realistic. Under the best of circumstances, we go through life experiencing lacks. Life is not “perfect,” in that sense, and things do not come when we want them to come. And so, even in the ideal community, it is a community of people who are God-centered, God-open, who are being nourished from within, powerfully. And so they can easily endure their sense of lack in a specific instance.

To turn the current state of this world around, we need people who have high levels of endurance when it comes to the lack of their perceived needs being met. There are enough people who are unconscious of meeting the needs of others and the needs of Planet Earth, so that the world has become what it is—a place where what would ideally be provided to every individual human being is not provided.

There is a right economy and ecology of gift-giving among us as human beings. We all have gifts to give and to receive. There is something to circulate among us. But somebody has got to start the gift-giving. Somebody has got to be fully present without waiting for somebody else to give the gift.

Let that be us. Let us be people who endure the lack of any perceived needs in our life with grace. The only way we do that is by opening to a download of the Creator—that Presence, that Love, that Divine Wisdom, cracking us open so that the creative power that is natural to us is working through us.

You do not endure the world as it is simply by gritting your teeth. That does not go very far. We endure the world as it is with grace, stature, strength, and power, when we allow the download of Divine Presence.

I had a conversation with Karen Pritchard earlier this week. She told me to tell everybody I meet, Get God in ya. That is the remedy to facing our own perception of unmet needs.

You don’t stuff the Creator’s Presence into yourself. But you can let it in.

Get God in ya. It is the only way we live a truly creative life.

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Kari Bye
Kari Bye
January 14, 2023 9:11 pm

I needed more
when I was younger
I need less now
But it is not just age
Now I have more
of God in me
and more of trust
that what I really need
will be provided

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
January 14, 2023 6:23 am

We live in the world of “Get”. We seem to be insatiable beings. By the same token, if we have no urge to ‘get’, we can live uncreative lives. You have to get going in this life, be present and motivated to get long, get motivated, get somewhere, get a job, achieve an outcome.

When distracted, we for-get; forget someone’s birthday, forget our keys, forget who we are, even.

I don’t know if I need to petition God for his goodness, for the things I feel I need. But I do have an important, running conversation within myself – if that is God within me – of what needs my attention: “What next?”, is often my opening conversation into the present moment. Life is very practical; there is always the next step on the journey.

Coming from a British culture, the next step was often, put the kettle on and make a cup of tea! When news came to my grandmother of my grandfather having collapsed and passed away in London, two police women were sent round to her home in Oxford and were very quick to console the situation with an offer to make tea. Doing something for somebody is an immediate response to a need. My elderly neighbour always had tea and biscuits when I went to visit. That cup of tea and her homemade biscuits were love made manifest, along with the radiant warmth not just of her welcome but of sitting by the fireside.

Do unto others as you would be done by. The words of Jesus as reported in the Gospels – Matthew 7.12 and Luke 6.31. This is known as the Golden Rule – the rule of kindness. Maybe that’s all we need. Get that!

January 14, 2023 12:45 am

The perception of unmet needs may explain why so many take comfort from the 23rd Psalm penned by King David (Israel, circa. 1,000 B.C.). “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want (or I lack nothing)”. David had the privilege of being born in a God-fearing nation, but he didn’t just ride on his parent’s coattails — he made a relationship with God his own way of life, as evidenced by the way, as a young lad, he defied the giant Goliath.

January 13, 2023 3:47 pm

Great End Zone – You don’t stuff the Creator’s Presence into yourself. But you can let it in.

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