Fulfill Your Purpose with Your Radiance


How beautiful it is to be together on this wintry day in Colorado, a few days before the solstice. The solstice is evidence of one of the recurring rhythms in our world. Many of the current rhythms in the world are unnatural and imposed, and therefore out of balance with love’s design. If we are to change this world from its destructive ways, we need to be in the vibration of love and allow the wisdom in that design to emerge. This will allow a vibrant home to be present and a living heaven on earth. Recently I have thought it more accurate to say we are about realigning the world. Maybe it’s because I’m a chiropractor! There has always been an alignment available, and we keep taking things out of alignment with our self-centered ways. The other verb I might use is restore. The world is designed to function beautifully, but human beings have interfered with that design and they have the ability to restore it back to its true design.

I want to read a few of the lines from a prayer, written by Lana Roach, to invoke an atmosphere of that heavenly possibility:

God, I pray that You assist us to expand ourselves beyond our ideas about how things are and how they should be.

Just breathe into that! May we expand ourselves beyond our ideas of how things are and how they should be. In the world we know now, we have ideas about how things work. We believe we know what is possible and how it will always be because of what has been. Or we have great ideas of how things should be and want to impose them. We can expand and let those limitations break away, knowing that wisdom is present and this is a new day. There is more energy, more love available when we expand beyond our best ideas into the wisdom of love. Love is the thing that is real. Love is the thing that is animating me and you and the world.

If you are still in your body, you can know the experience of love. It is what is animating you right now. Can you feel your heartbeat? Are you controlling that on your own, or is love doing it? I know there are techniques that can alter our bodily functions. Controlled breathing, meditation, and many herbs and medicines can do that. But I am speaking about the way we were made. It is the energy of love that created you and me. It is my prayer that I pay more attention to that current, pay attention to the current that is animating everything, including me. Occasionally I have taken myself out of that pattern and created a world that now needs to be realigned and restored into the design as it is meant to be—love’s design, God’s design. One of the challenges of having free will and the ability to think and choose is that we can choose to say no to love’s way. “Nope, I got a better idea.”

Here is another line from Lana’s prayer:

May we know Your heart for us and for the world and people around us. May we raise up and peer through the lenses of Your eyes and may our thoughts align with Your thoughts, so that we can participate in our lives while rooted in a holy place.

I am in heaven and the revelation of myself is holy. When I am in heaven, the revelation of myself is holy, wholesome. May I use my heavenly vision and let the radiance of my Being be holy. May I refocus all the energy that is coming to me, so that it is bringing righteous radiant love into the world, so that the world might feel my warmth, it might feel the brightness of who I am, so that it might feel the answer. Being with you might be the only chance a person has to touch the truth of themselves. You may be the only opportunity they have to know that the answer is within them. Do not hold back your blessings or your radiance. Not only will they bless the world, they will bless you. Letting something move through you that is holy allows that which is not holy to leave. There will be “no room in the inn” for unholy spirits.

I wrote these words this morning. They came to me as I was thinking about the difference between listening to myself, as if I know it all, and listening in heaven. I am aware that I have strong feelings about things that I should be paying attention to, and also knowing that something wants to be born that is pure and holy through me today—and through you. Something can be shared that is pure, righteous and holy. Something that will reveal to the world that only love is real. These are the words I wrote:

Surging heat and sharpened knives come at me, demanding my attention
Pain and chaos want entry into my life, claiming eminent domain
You are mine, they declare
Give us your everything
And oh so gently the Queen’s breath appears
Addressing these hungry dogs with love and patience, holding them safe
Knowing they long to be at rest
And play again with joyful abandon in the Garden
Steadily she steps forward, bringing the warmth and gravity of the sun,
Allowing these passions to serve her and her realm
And she declares
What will we create on this fine winter’s day?

Has anybody else had strong emotions visit that felt like chomping dogs and sharpened knives coming at them, demanding their attention? Eminent domain—“You are mine! Do what we say!” Here is the opportunity to know the difference between a passionate emotional reaction and a steady current of life. Life does not demand that you “Do what I say!” Life and love are steady and trustworthy. Stay steady. There is something that happens when we stay steady and centered in this holy place that Lana so beautifully spoke about. If it is the accurate revelation of God through me, it will intensify and come through clearly, creatively. Passionate reactions often destroy, leaving us with a need to clean things up after we have reacted.

I have spent too much time repairing things, wishing I had kept my mouth shut, or wishing I had just stayed still longer to perceive what might come from that holy place, from my internal steady place. I have had my strong feelings declare eminent domain. Eminent domain is a reference to the government declaring its right to your property. In this scenario it is your feelings declaring they own you; you belong to your emotional reaction. I have had it happen enough times that I don’t think anyone has to ever do it again! I will declare for all of you, the season for that is over. Let’s all celebrate—it’s over! We never have to do it again! I believe when anyone has a true victory, it is a victory for others as well. So I give it to you. This is my victory and you can take it as your own. You don’t ever have to emotionally react again.

I am speaking what I believe is true: a victory in the human experience, in consciousness, that is allowing something holy to be known on earth, does not have to be done on an individual basis. It is done for the whole when we do it for ourselves, and those who are conscious can be a part of it. That is the evolution of consciousness for humanity. That is the restoration of the world. We are one body and we do this together. We do not have to do these things one at a time by ourselves. When we experience a victory over the misaligned state, the invitation is present for all humanity to know it. When there are two in agreement it is amplified. Three in agreement magnifies it more. All of us in agreement, it becomes a speeding train of conscious evolution.

More from Lana:

May we carry a grateful and caring heart for one another. May we take time to give thanks. And may we give generously and touch others with our love, especially those in need.

Generosity is one of the things that allows the flow of a holy spirit into the world. It accelerates transformation. It unclogs the stuck goop that sits in your heart saying, “I know better than love.” It allows that which is radiant and warm and of great gravity to come into the world, so that there is this speeding train serving a purpose. Do you have a sense you came with a purpose? I think most people reading this would say yes, they do. And sometimes we forget. When asked, one might say, “Well, I thought I did, but I don’t know what it is,” or “I’ve forgotten.” There are all kinds of ways our mind tries to convince us that we are incapable of fulfilling this purpose. Feelings come like a hungry dog or a sharpened knife to try and cut us away from that current of purpose and power. But that purpose and power is there. Love is real. Love is present.

We have come with a purpose. We have come with the ability to do something grand, to change the patterns that are so prevalent on the earth, which make no sense and bring no one joy. They bring death and they bring sorrow. In the midst of all that, we may have lost our dream. We may have lost our connection to that which is holy and true of ourselves. How do you know you are holy? You are still breathing. How do you know you are precious? Love is moving through you right now. Life loves you. If life is not moving through you, if love is not moving through you, you become just a corpse.

We are full of life. We are holy. We are full of love. We have the possibility of bringing the warmth and gravity of the sun, the radiance of who we are, to breathe it into our world, to calm those things that are demanding our attention to be served. When I say the Queen breathes with the breath of who she is into her realm, she is not serving those things. You are not serving those things that are demanding your attention and eminent domain. They have no right to demand that. They serve you, as the king or queen of your realm. Stand up, people! Stand up for your kingdom, stand up for yourself. Be the one who stands in the holy place and lets your kingdom rest, lets the world know the possibility that it can be realigned. It can know what it is like to be restored into its vivacity, into its juiciness. Juicy people have life moving through them, and they are attractive and radiant. You could be introverted and still be juicy. I am not introverted. Is that obvious? I have been shamed for being extroverted. Anybody been shamed for being introverted? I have had so many introverts tell me to just calm down. And I have at times wished some introverts would come out! We need to see the beauty of the design of how it works together, because introversion and extroversion can be choices, based on the fact that you really don’t want to present yourself or you really want to be seen at center stage. Or it could just be your gift. It could be the beauty of how you are designed to be.

There are many other systems that reveal individual differences. What’s your enneagram? What’s your spirit animal? What’s your animal totem? What’s your sun sign, your rising sign? Where’s your moon? What’s your genetic lineage? I decided it was a gift to be the way I am. I could use it all as a means of my spiritual expression, instead of an excuse for my limitations or a defining view.

We use these things as tools to assist us to see the gifts we have to give and others have to give. We see the possibilities of how we might express ourselves, how we might be the revelation of God on earth. We are not defined by our personality, our limitations, or our wounds. We are uniquely designed to fulfill our purpose.

There are so many tools that have come my way to let me see my limited thinking. Many years ago a book was published, called Color Me Beautiful. There were people trained to assist you to find what “season” you are, according to the guidelines. That would determine what colors you should wear to be your most attractive self! I was determined to be a “winter.” Winters should wear bold and bright colors. At the time I read the book, I was wearing beige and really muted colors. And I did not realize that I was doing that because I liked blending in. I liked people not noticing me. And so when it was brought to my attention how much better I looked in those bright colors I thought, yeah, but then people are going to see me!

How about you? Do you want people to see you? Let’s have another victory together. Let us be seen and let us see each other. We can shine and be our radiant selves. We are going into the winter solstice here in the North. There is going to be minimal light, so we need yours. We need yours to be the radiant presence of God on earth through human form. We need you to be the son and daughter of God you were designed to be. Be the presence of what is holy through human form.

In the Southern Hemisphere they are having their summer solstice. The shortest day of the year in the North and the longest day in the South happens on Thursday, the twenty-first of December, at 9:28 a.m. Mountain time. We are coming to the end of the darkest day; they are coming to the end of the longest day. The rhythms of life are dependable. And in both hemispheres your radiance is needed.

Let us take advantage of the rhythms of life; let us be present fully. As we share some of the manmade holidays, we can acknowledge the holiness in them all. The equinox, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day are all opportunities to share an open loving heart. We can allow the breath of the king and queen to reign over the kingdom.

And oh so gently the Queen’s breath appears
Addressing these hungry dogs with love and patience, holding them safe
Knowing they long to be at rest
And play again with joyful abandon in the Garden
Steadily she steps forward, bringing the warmth and gravity of the sun,
Allowing these passions to serve her and her realm
And she declares
What will we create on this fine winter’s day?

And it is a fine summer’s day in parts of our world. What will we create there? Let us create from this holy radiant place.

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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
December 24, 2017 7:30 am

Dear Jane

Thank you for embodying an example of what it is like to live in full radiance in the collective body and serve a larger field. For this we all need to expand ourselves, re-align and restore our full power.

I invite Pro positivity – expand into wisdom, generosity and let full life flow through. Let R I P – Radiant initiating power be expressed.

Glad to be able to have some time of ‘fasting’ on many levels as we enter into two weeks of holy (down-) time here – glad to be at Home in my body, in and with my family, my community, and therefore also, our world, whilst we all let the re-aligning, restoring and infilling of super radiance naturally be allowed to flow in new ways to fulfill our purpose in Oneness with you.


Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
December 23, 2017 3:26 am

The media seems to holding the planet to ransom with news; true, false, fabricated, biased, emotionally charged, opinionated, impulsive. What is being ingested is as poor as a bad as a diet of junk food; processed nuggets, sugar-coated, deep-fried, refined.

So what! Such information is beyond my realm. I have my own realm and responsibility. There is a distortion where I feel invited, even obliged to get emotionally involved beyond my business; and then, I feel entitled to feel angry about it, sucked in. If not the media, how about TV shows – drama series in particular. I have been finding these on my menu of late; a must view!

How much more the value of my own potential; to own my creativity. I have my own script; my story to unfold. And, I have to known, through the directive of a focused heart and mind, that my story is real and purposeful; one with validity and direction. This is the message of the grander design.

Thank you for this impulse, Jane.

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
December 22, 2017 1:52 am

Thank you so much for this new invitation to Fulfilling Purpose through Radiance. Your words remind me of Rumi’s invitation – “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field – I’ll meet you there”. There, beyond expectations, judgements, assumptions and the like, is the field of simply being – being with oneself; being with others; being with the Divine and allowing the creative impulses from Heaven to descend into one’s heart. We are designed, as you say, to receive those impulses which shower forth from the Divine – the Divine within oneself. That fountain of wisdom, of inspiration, of guidance is always active, and as Lana’s prayer exhorts, may I, may we, be at one with that creative energetic flow and give thanks that we have a part to play in manifesting the Divine Will. When that happens, our lives become deeply fulfilling.

I was recently talking with my son-in-law, an avowed atheist and Richard Dawkins devotee, who had written a poem prompted by the birth of his second child. I highlighted to him some lines that I thought had a spiritual flavour. He said “no, not really – they are about unconditional love”. I replied that that IS the essence of spirituality – to know deeply within oneself the reality of unconditional love. So few people, as adults, know this, and yet is so obvious that as children, we knew this deeply and intuitively. He couldn’t deny that his two children (2 ½ and 4 months) both knew this yet didn’t know that they knew it – it’s just a given as part of their primal spirituality. They are like fish swimming in the sea – so immersed in it they don’t realise it’s there. Love IS the power that guides us, builds up, challenges us, enables us to grow & mature such that we can, at last, be conscious co-creators with Love in manifesting a new world. What a privilege this is!!

Thank you for this call. Thank you for being a living example of that about which you speak. Thank you for inviting all people to join you. I’m with you.

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