Exploration, Discovery and Creation


At lunch today somebody was telling me that they are having an experience at Sunrise Ranch of healing their inner child, as they put it. And they realized that, with that healing, there were things that they could have been carrying with them for the next ten years of their life that they now wouldn’t be.

This is about trajectory. This person had an insight into the trajectory of their own life and how it changed. I’m happy about the fact that Sunrise Ranch offers a context in which people have such experiences. But, of course, this person changed because of the work that they themselves did. Because you can be in the middle of great circumstances, but if you are not taking in the resource that is available to you, and letting creativity out through you, nothing is really changing.

I am addressing trajectory—the path we go down in our life. It is a momentary thing, as Martin Cecil’s poem “Any Moment” says:

All our moments add together

            Like the digits in a sum,

And the answer tells us plainly

            Whether life or death shall come.

Every moment creates trajectory. But it is not simple addition, because there is a pattern to what unfolds on our life path. When we are open in the moment, the unfolding pattern of life has a rhyme and a reason to it. It builds and there is an increase of life, an increase of capacity, an increase of joy and fulfillment. By the same token, when we are shutting down, we are walking down a path of decreasing life.

Life is a path of regeneration or degeneration, and we end up walking down one of those paths in life. It is all according to what we’re opening to in the present moment and what we are living into. We talk about living into human drama. That is the narrative for going down the path of degeneration. If we are doing that, we are telling the story of it. And there’s something personal about it, but it is also an experience that a person attributes to the whole world around them. They see their world that way and are telling a story about that path. If we are walking down the path of increase, we are seeing that all around. And yes, you could see another person going down a path of degeneration—that’s plain enough. But nonetheless, the story we are living into is what is being born and what is increasing. We are finding people who are part of that story with whom to generate.

What I’m talking about applies to us as individuals. It also applies to any group of people, and it applies to the world as a whole. We have the very large ambition of changing the trajectory of the world in which we live because we are at the trim tab of consciousness that we are. We are living into regeneration as an individual, as a group of people, and then we are bringing that influence into the larger world. Yes, we can see all the things that are happening that are degenerating, but what catches our eye is that there is something being born that is beautiful.

I keep quoting Karen Boyett saying that education is, by its nature, an expansive process. And that it is critical to have something soothing, comforting and supportive for the individual, so that they feel ready to expand. They have to feel the supportive nature of life itself and of other people. We, as educators, have a role to play to help people feel that. That is one reason we teach blessing and understanding in the first part of the creative process in our classes here. We are evoking a field of love and a field of understanding—a field of sacred space in which we feel known and we know.

It’s interesting to think of these qualities as something one person gives to another, or even something that happens inside of one person. But think of them from a non-local point of view. At Sunrise Ranch, this isn’t actually only something that is individual to anyone. It’s in the air for us all. It’s in this field and we all have a chance to tune into the field and hold it in the field and tell the story of it and live the narrative of it in the field. Or we can live another narrative. We can live the degenerative narrative for ourselves. And if we are, we are sharing the “wealth” of our gloomy story and our feeling of being unloved.

Our personal story becomes a quality of the field we generate one way or another. The story is personal, but it’s actually a collective story. We have a collective story of blessing to live into and to know together. Or we can live into a degenerative story.

I felt the creative field we have generated at the lunch table today. But it doesn’t happen every lunchtime at Sunrise Ranch or anyplace else. We have to consciously be living into that field and we could have found somebody else at another table who was having a totally different experience. They were living into something different.

This is about consciously living into the field. When you live into the field of consciousness and energy around you, you are a living expression of that field. There is the dynamic of what we’re sharing back and forth, and the reciprocity of giving and receiving. Creative energy and awareness are generated and expanded through us. We feel strong and we feel comforted by the field.

At the origin of that word comfort is that little word fort, which has the same origin as the word fortify. It is comforting and soothing. But it is also strengthening. Blessing and understanding of each other are strengthening acts, and in that strengthening we are coming forth, we are expanding.

There are three facets of this expansion: exploration, discovery and creation. When we have come to a place of comfort in ourselves and we begin to expand, we naturally begin to explore the field. We meet other people or meet something new in the people that we know. We begin to think about that field in a different way. We begin to explore not only the manifest dimensions of that field but the unmanifest dimensions. So if we are exploring the garden, we are not only out there looking around to see what has been planted. We are exploring gardening. We are exploring the design of a garden, but then specifically this garden. We are exploring because we’re expanding, and we’re moving out with vision into the field. And because we are exploring, we are discovering things not only about the manifest world that are important but about the invisible dimensions of that world that haven’t manifested yet.

This exploration and discovery relates to other people as well. I am interested in exploring the unmanifest dimensions of you that are now invisible.

Something magical happens when we are in this process of expansion. Through the power of consciousness engaging with the field, we are led to create. We are expanding outside of ourselves and into the field and we are seeing that field. We are exploring and discovering it, and by the power of consciousness we are engaging with it and we are changing it. If you think long enough about a garden, and if you explore and discover the field of the garden, it will draw you into a process of creation. You won’t be able to stop from going down there with a hoe or with some carrot seeds. You become drawn into that field, and then you take action. That action is an extension of consciousness.

I have that power with you and you with me. If I am discovering more of you, in that very act I’m calling forth what I am discovering. I am changing you by my discovery. Did you know you have a hidden talent for drama? For cooking? For making people feel welcome?

In the very act of seeing something, I am calling forth what I see. Consciousness is amazing. Think of every facet of how we relate to each other. We could be going down the old path, telling the old story of diminishing life. Or we could be on a path of discovery, exploration and of calling forth more life.

What we are trying to accomplish here at Sunrise Ranch, and for Emissaries of Divine Light around the world, is for all of us to feel comforted, supported and in a place where we hit an inflection point—a point where we are ready to make a profound choice at an invisible place deep within our soul. It is a point at which we say to ourselves, I’m ready to expand, I’m ready to come forth. It feels right and good. I feel supported to come forth.

Ultimately, this is an individual choice. It is a local choice. As it is, it becomes a field phenomenon. We sense that the field is saying: I am ready to expand; to explore and discover and move out into the larger world. Our consciousness is moving into that larger field. Our spirit is moving there, our creativity is moving there. 

We are interested in our educational process and in building people toward this inflection point. That process assists a person to reach a point where they feel the soothing, comforting support from within. We are assisting people to come to a place in themselves where this experience is like a muscle that they have strengthened and developed so that, no matter what is happening in the field, they have learned how to access support and comfort and sacred space for themselves, knowing that none of us live a life all by ourselves. But, nonetheless, they have built sufficient strength of spiritual centering that, no matter what is happening externally, they can access the sacred space, the comfort, the support, the love, the blessing that gives them the courage to move forward, that allows them to sustain their decision to expand into their life. And so they continue to discover and not retract.

Do you want to build that muscle? So you have that muscle for yourself and you are there for the people who are still developing it? That is what we’re trying to accomplish here. That is what we call a server. An Emissary server is someone who has built that muscle so strong in themselves that they can exercise it no matter what the circumstance is, no matter what seems to be happening around them and no matter what stories other people are telling. They can live into the story of increase and know that for themselves. They can live into the field, and they’re strong enough that they can not only do it for themselves but they can make it available for the people who are around them. They can share not only the comfort and the surround and the sacred space but they can also share this inflection point, which is the choice to explore, discover and create.

Can you feel this choice? Can you feel what it feels like to expand into the field no matter what is happening?

I am so loved. I am in sacred space. Surrounding me is heaven, and the angels are with me. I’m here for this, and I know that I am. I have the natural urge and the natural courage to expand into my world; to discover it and to create in it.

Developing the strength of that choice for ourselves as individuals requires the ability to invoke blessing and understanding in your own life experience. Because you can attempt to go bravely on, not feeling supported, not feeling any sacred space around you, not feeling understood, but that doesn’t go very far. It’s a good recipe for burnout. You have to invoke the love of the Most High to have the pure energy to expand creatively into your field.

I receive it. I open myself to it. It is here for me, and it has never left me! I invoke the sweetness and the beauty of heavenly reality in my own life and I surround myself in it, and then from there I choose to live my life, expanding from out of that reality.

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Raymond Salton
Raymond Salton
July 14, 2018 5:15 am

How refreshing to hear,feel,see,touch,taste the exquisite beauty surrounding us That from a spiritual standpoint is being made new in each moment or cycle because as a collective we hold sacred space for one another Today I sat in my garden and actually felt the joy of mother nature There are two white roses in full bloom on one plant that smelled of a beautiful perfume Perfect design A joy to witness gods creation in a way I have not seen before My own internal garden is in full bloom as I am tracking a trajectory in my consciousness that is GENERATIVE out into my world My heart longs to assist others around me to articulate their story as I listen holding a radiant stance in silence In stillness the power of blessing is magnified to that person that is beyond any concept I may hold Where two or more stand in spiritual agreement there is the creative field that holds us all Heaven is on earth as true friendship allows divine love to be made manifest Thank you David and the many who consistently resonate with this pulse of spiritual expression The angels surround us as I am angelic in my consciousness I feel that energy It expands effortlessly in the creative field that each one of us takes the responsibility to create and recreate The degenerative cycle is hard work I know that only to well in my life Burnout is the end result !!Bless you for sharing the simple truth from Martin Cecil That shows the fact of the matter whether we are living or dying Blessings Raymond

Janet Wagstaff
Janet Wagstaff
July 13, 2018 1:40 pm

Thank you. I open myself to the spirit of heaven to bring forth creativity, love and true friendship on earth. What more meaningful employment could there be than this!

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