Eternal Beings Entering a Field of Space and Time


We are eternal Beings entering a field of space and time as we enter the field of human experience. We are doing it all the time. And yet for most human beings there’s so much cultural storytelling going on—so much involvement with human drama—that this foundational truth of our Being is ignored.

Nonetheless, here we are, entering this field of space and time. The initial point of entry into that field is through the emotional experience. As eternal Beings, we enter the human experience through the field of the heart that we are knowing ourselves and we’re sharing with each other. We are in that heart dimension of the human field, and the heart is our connection into the field of the planet and all people, because this whole planet and all people are connected at a heart level.

For most, there is a lack of emotional intelligence. So people just don’t see the connected field of the heart. Consequently, they are wandering through life, telling a cultural story. The result is that the person cannot assume their creatorship, nor do they experience themselves as eternal Beings.

Some of us are awaking to the reality that we are an eternal Being. We are eternal and we are, even now, entering our flesh. What is entering into the flesh is not of the flesh. It is us as a Being. As a Being we are entering our flesh and we are entering the flesh of the world. When a person is unconscious about that, there is little awareness of the emotional field that is the first dimension of the human field they are entering.

Most people are skipping along on the surface of their human consciousness, thinking thoughts, telling stories, and then getting all emotional about the stories. That’s different from entering into the heart-connected field of all Creation and all people. We are together in that heart-connected field.

When we enter into that field consciously we are bringing the voltage of the power of the Creator who we are, which is love. We are bringing tremendous power to other people. We are bringing tremendous power to the planet, and all that power that is coming through us is grounded in the field. It is energizing our bodies and it is energizing the planet. It is bringing creative manifestation. All that is happening at so many levels, but it requires consciously entering the one field that we’re sharing together.

It is a rare person who is conscious of that and is consciously doing it. But we are awakening to this reality and we have the opportunity together to be an initiating factor for this experience. We can initiate the world into this. This is what I’m seeking to do.

I was initiated into this experience and I’m happy to share that initiation with anyone who wants to be a part of it; anyone who wants to receive the initiation and then bring it to the world. Certainly, the world that we’re living in needs it. The people we know need it. As has been said, so many people are living lives of quiet desperation. We are here to initiate them out of their cultural story and into the reality of being an eternal Being who is incarnating into the human field. The people we know need this initiation. Our world needs this.

This initiation into a new experience doesn’t happen all by itself. There is something spontaneous bubbling up in everybody. But in our function as human beings it takes initiation, and you have to want initiation. That’s how it was for me. I wanted a new experience so badly. And there was someone who came into my life and showed me how to access it.

So you have to ask for a new experience. You have to want the experience of being the one who is larger than your human experience but who is entering it. You have to ask for that initiation and you have to receive it.

If we are initiated we have a chance to bring that initiation to others. I am interested in the initiation into the only thing that will actually set you free—the experience of being oneself as an eternal Being entering human flesh.

As the Master teacher Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” The truth of who you are, known and expressed and embodied, frees you and empowers you. When we are fully being the creator Being that we are, we are free.

I want this for the community of awakening people I know. Let’s do this together. Let’s be in this together and go deep in this together. Let us become a sun, an initiating agent of this experience in the world. And then let us share the richness of what it means to live in a heart-connected field together, activating that field in this deep, grounded way in communion with one another.


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
July 19, 2017 12:41 am

July 18 is the day known globally as Mandela Day; in South Africa, we are proud of what Nelson Mandela brought. So, on this day, there is an initiative for anyone and everyone to make a personal contribution of 67 minutes of time for the greater good (with respect to the 67 years Mandela gave to his pursuit of opening South Africa to another order). There is rise of consciousness and conscience in civil society; those willing to give; those who see and feel the value of making a contribution in life. With this rise is coming the demise of the old order of governance; people are seeing through the veil of lies and consequences of corruption. We the people are doing the work.

By working together, we see through the nonsense of the divisions of race, color and creed. We find the common ground and rejoice in our sharing. It is a simple as knitting squares for blankets, preparing soup in an outreach kitchen, cleaning up the beaches – simple, local and down to earth.

It is happening; people are making a difference, actually. This is exciting.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
July 16, 2017 6:56 am

Thank you David, I felt that we at Gate House took full advantage of your invitation to radiate love into our worlds this morning.

We viewed a video clip from Oprah inviting legacy building through the simple act of heart-centred actions. We are celebrating Madiba’s legacy this month in South Africa with Nelson Madela’s birthday on the 18th July – a big day for all South Africans here. And a unifying focus for all its people.

In the beautiful town of Franschhoek, Bastille Day was celebrated over the weekend – this links us all to a significant date in the European calendar for all people – and the striving towards towards Freedom of the People.

Good to share these connections after our victorious Global Attunement Day yesterday wherein we could merge as One Family transcending culture and religion radiating Love and Healing to our World from the Power of our authentic Eternal Beings. A powerful day indeed.

with love, Anne-Lise

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