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David-Karchere_NEW2014.200x243There are essentially four things you can think about. You can think about things—physical form. You can think about people. You can think about thinking. And you can think about invisible realities that carry a potentiality for your own life and for the world in which we live. I believe that’s the highest level of thinking. You can’t design a garden, write a song or envision a new way of life without participating in that kind of thinking. If you write a song, both the words and the music were created because mind and heart were participating in a pattern of thought about something that’s invisible and unheard. And because mind and heart perceive something of the invisible and unheard, it becomes seen and heard.

We have just completed two weeks of sessions here at Sunrise Ranch. We had two days of an Attunement Education Summit, four days of a Spiritual Education Summit, and then six days together as Trustees of Emissaries of Divine Light. When we realize that our mind is something more than a biological computer, that it is an instrument of Creation, things get exciting. That occurred for us in these sessions. We were re-visioning our educational program, asking, How could we do it differently? How might it reshape? What’s really the potentiality in this field? We were asking those questions and answering them in our deliberations.

What we ended up with was not just a bright idea. It was a creation whose time had come, something invisible that was waiting to be born. It was born in the consciousness of the people who were there together. That was a miraculous thing. You might ask, Why get so excited about an idea? But it was more than an idea. It was the birth of a reality in consciousness.

When you are really doing enlightened thinking, something is born in consciousness. That birth in consciousness is the conception of a reality in form. Something is being conceived relative to form when it’s born in consciousness.

One of the choruses from the Messiah says this: “And all flesh shall see it together.” That is relevant to our own participation in enlightened thinking. It may be a song, it may be an educational program, a greenhouse, or a family. But whatever it is, it is miraculous when all flesh sees it together. Or, perhaps, hears it together. When, even though what you are seeing has not yet manifested, you see it with one or more others. Can you see that greenhouse? Can you see those tomatoes? Or whatever it is. Can you hear that song? We haven’t sung it yet, but I can hear it.

So we need enlightened thinking—thinking about the unseen and the unheard—to create. If you don’t do that kind of thinking, you relegate yourself to a laborer. You relegate yourself to putting one foot in front of the other and doing what you think needs to be done. But you are not really fully participating in the act of Creation. You have to think enlightened thoughts in order to participate in Creation. You have to imagine what could be but what isn’t yet. And if you can’t imagine that, you’re living in the same old world. You’re relegating your thinking to the world of things and people as you believe them to be.

Usually, when there isn’t enlightened thinking going on, the thinking people do about the things in our world and the people in our world goes negative. Or they become lost in an endless round of intellectual abstraction. They are examining what’s present and ultimately becoming unsatisfied with it. They are examining the existing world of people, things and thought, looking for something fresh and new, and wondering why they don’t find it. There is participation in Creation and a delight in that that can only be satisfied by thinking a new thought. And when you think that new thought, it’s not just an idea if you’re truly doing creative thinking. It is the seed of a reality to be born.

There is a larger pattern of Creation that we are participating in when we engage in enlightened thinking. We are becoming aware of a potentiality that is pregnant in the heaven of Being, waiting to be born. But if we never think the thought, it is never born into consciousness. And if it isn’t born into consciousness, the manifest is never conceived. We never write that song, build that greenhouse, begin that family. We have to see the potential of it in the heaven.

Truly enlightened thinking is a workout, not only for our mind but also for our emotions. When I’m really getting ready to do some truly creative thinking, I start talking to my own feelings. Come on. Get ready. We’re going to be creating here. You’ve got to get up for this. You’ve got to feel into this. You have to feel the melody of that song. You have to perceive what’s possible.

For the people who met in the Education Summit, we had to see the pattern of Creation as it’s looking to be born relative to the educational program of Emissaries of Divine Light. That is more than just “figuring it out.” There is work for the mind to do when we are really creating. But you have to feel into it. You have to perceive the unseen through the feeling realm. In fact, that’s the first way we touch the potential of something.

When I write music, I feel it first as a big wave. Before there are notes or a beat, I feel this wave coming, and then another wave. Within that wave there is rhythm and there are notes. All that is perceived in the feeling realm.

We can spoil our participation in Creation by the way we think. There’s nothing that spoils creative thought like a Debbie-Downer attitude: Oh, that could never happen, or whatever it is. At Sunrise Ranch, some of us were looking at fabric and flooring for the renovation of our Accommodations Building. We endured people looking at it and telling us that our vision for the remodel looked awful. Of course, we had to ask ourselves, Is that true? It took people who were willing to think creatively together to see as much as they could see, and trust that what they were seeing was what was looking to be born.

It takes courage to let something be born in consciousness and, with the greatest accuracy possible, let the potential that hasn’t yet manifested be stewarded into birth. You have to believe in your own ability to participate enough that you will think the thought, you will see it with others and share it with others, and then have the courage to actually let it be born into form.

To participate in this process, we have to overcome any residual shame we have about our own mind and our own mental processes, or any beliefs that we have about the nature of our own creative thinking. That shame can become cultural, so that a group of people come to believe that they are incapable of Creation. Sometimes spiritual people get suspicious of thinking. They think, Oh, we’re going to be spiritual. Oh, we’re going to be in the flow; we’re all just going to be in the flow. Don’t get mental about it. I understand that we need to be in the flow. But we also need to be conscious and thinking, because there are things in our life that will never get born if we don’t open ourselves up to think of them. We have to entertain the idea if we are going to entertain the possibility of the spiritual being born in the living of life.

Perhaps the spiritual person decides they don’t want to crank out their thinking in a worldly way. The person thinks, Maybe a good solution is not to think, so we won’t run the risk of self-active thinking. And nobody will be able to tell me that I’m thinking on an ego basis because I’ve stopped thinking! No, we’re supposed to think.

For the religious, maybe God is going to figure all this out. We’re just going to allow God’s plan to work. And one day Jesus is going to come down on a cloud and the kingdom is going to come. I’m waiting for the kingdom. God’s got a plan. I’m clueless, but God’s got a plan.

Why did God make you or me? Was it not because there’s a kind of thinking that God can’t do “up there,” wherever you might think He is? If He could figure it out up there, He wouldn’t have needed us with minds down here. Our mind is here so that God can think here through us, so that the creative Being that we are can incarnate fully, live here, and think, and entertain, at this level of things, with this perspective, what could work here. Presumably it’s figured out somewhere else for somewhere else. I’m pretty sure that God can figure out the solar system and the galaxy without my mind. But He can’t figure out how to create the Emissary education program without my mind and the mind of other people. He can’t figure out what’s in your world, and what needs to be born there, without you. He can’t check out the factors. He can’t imagine what could be born there without your mind to do it. And your heart too—and that’s why you have these capacities. That’s why I have mine.

We are the Creator, here in living flesh, for this world. Whoopee! And we have to take that giant step of courage to think the thought and then do the deed, whatever the deed is, knowing we may mess up and our shame may get triggered in the process. We may fall flat on our face. But what else are you going to do? Is there a better alternative than to allow the muscle of one’s own mind to be exercised? And if you allow that to happen, your emotions are going to be exercised too.

If you are thinking creatively with others, you may feel all kinds of things. Oh, they didn’t listen to my idea. My idea didn’t get used. They thought what I said was stupid. I thought what I said was stupid. Often, at the root of the “feels” that lead to such thoughts is shame.

I do believe that if we’re going to do some clear, true, creative thinking, we need to give our own emotions a little talking-to. Are you up for this? You may feel a few things along the way—are you ready for that?

Enlightened thinking is an act of Creation. We experienced this during the Attunement Education Summit. Toward the end of our time, we were looking at each other, knowing we hadn’t really decided on anything. We just knew that what we had seen together was going to manifest in the days to come. And yes, there was more to take form, more to be designed, more to be done. But when we really see it together, whatever it is, we are creating it together at whatever stage it is in being born on earth.

I trust you feel the excitement of the potential for participating at this level of things in your own life, and then the potential of all of us doing that together, allowing in the big picture of things what’s waiting to be born for this world to be born into consciousness, so that it can be born into manifestation in this world. If our head is all filled with the politics, economics, ecology, the finance of the day, the culture of the day, we have no space in consciousness to entertain a vision of the world that is to come. I want to be involved in that. I want to participate in that. It is not just imagination. It’s opening ourselves up to the true potentiality of mankind, the true potentiality of Planet Earth. Is there any space in consciousness for us to see that together and live in that, and then manifest that together as human beings? Every moment of our life is an opportunity to answer yes to that question.

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Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
April 18, 2016 1:53 pm

My father was a University teacher of German and French and often did translating jobs after hours. One of these was translating the blueprints for the French Mirage jet fighter, the prime attack fighter for the Australian Air Force from the 60’s to the 90’s. Accurate translation was critical!

As I understand the 7 days of Creation, the Spirit of God activates the heart first with the idea for a new creation, and the heart informs the mind that there’s a God plan coming. The mind then decodes, translates, the message and formulates it in a way that can be communicated to others so that the field of agreement can form. That decoding process is the key as to whether God’s intention lands or whether our mind mistranslates the creative energy based upon our own private desires or past experiences of hurt and shame.

In any act of enlightened thinking, the heart WILL be vitally involved as the first organ to receive the impulse of Spirit. That watery realm needs to be calm & still to reflect the heavenly vision so that the mind can see what God intends. For enlightened thinking to occur, the heart has to be at ease, open, receptive. The clunkiness that can occur when people think together is the presence of flotsam and jetsam on the surface of the water so the reflection isn’t clear, in which case it’s harder to see what God’s creative idea is. Let the heart be still. Let the mind be curious & flexible, willing to do the enlightened, imaginative thinking that can only be done in this realm of things. Let God’s creation, our creation, emerge in its fullness through heart and mind dancing together.

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