Divine Ecstasy Creates a New World


There is so much that can distract us from the process of Creation and distract us from our role as a creator. There are so many very important things happening in our world. Surely the future must depend on those things. Surely it must depend on what the U.S. government or the deep state is doing. What we do doesn’t matter. What you and I create or don’t create falls into insignificance in our own minds next to what world powers do, or next to what multinational corporations do, next to Apple, Google and Facebook.

There are so many things that, in our own minds, overshadow our role as creators in our own life and our role as creators on this planet. We are waiting for the ETs. They are either coming to save us or coming to take us away, depending on who you’re listening to. Surely what we think and feel and what we do in our lives—how we engage with each other and how we engage with this planet—shrinks into insignificance next to the arrival of a UFO.

Oh, it’s the archangels! The archangels are working it all out. We are here, running around like little ants on the surface of the planet, and the archangels are just working it all out. You just wait for them to kick the coming era into motion.

Or maybe it’s God Himself, or Herself. God is going to do it. God is just waiting for the day, or waiting for us to fulfill some biblical prophecy, and then everything will change. Surely our little activities in our own lives, in our own towns, in our own organizations and families, shrink into insignificance next to acts of God—earthquakes, tornados, floods and the like.

There are so many things that make us discount what is happening in our own immediate experience, and that make us discount the urge of Creation in us, and the wisdom and consequence of that urge when it is acted upon. We have inflated factors that are external to ourselves and deflated the creative potential that is within ourselves. And so, generally speaking as human beings, we fail to see what is really happening here, which is that we are making the world out of the fabric of our own souls.

That ends up being a matter of character. But when you use the word character, we have the risk of getting all moralistic about it according to someone’s view of the matter. So with that moralistic view of character comes a pointing of fingers toward others and a shaming of them for not living up to the standards that we might not be living up to ourselves in some way.

Character can be a stick to pound other people with. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the very fabric of the soul. What is happening in human experience is made out of the fabric of the human soul as it has been comprised, and so we have the world as it is. And yet the DNA of a new world is present within the soul itself, waiting to find expression, waiting for our participation in the act of Creation.

2037. Do you know the significance of that date? It is the date by which experts in artificial intelligence tell us that our neocortex will be plugged into the worldwide network—plugged into everything. Think of Alexa on steroids. Alexa is Amazon’s answer to controlling your household lights and your household appliances. That ability, expanded to access the worldwide web and much more, will be wired into the human brain.

So it’s all about technology, right? Anything we might do shrinks into insignificance in the face of that. We’re just worker bees while artificial intelligence is determining the future of the world.

Well, let’s take the technologists at their word. In 2037 the world will be plugged into your neocortex. How are you feeling about that? What if today, how you are thinking and feeling will be spread across a worldwide network connected to every human being on the face of the earth?  And who knows what the impact will be. Now do you think human character might make a difference? In any scenario you look at, what is happening to our own souls and the expression of them matters. The Creator is at the core of the human soul. The Creator is within us and is us. The coming forth of that reality means everything.

For those who are religiously oriented, I can worship God with you. I can drop to my knees at the spirit and teaching that Jesus Christ brought to the world. But God can’t save us now, and neither can Jesus, if we don’t save ourselves. It is in our hands now. This isn’t relying on personality. It’s not even relying on our human intelligence. This is a call for the coming forth of souls. It relies on the Creator, not up in heaven alone—the Creator right here, in you and in me. Our future relies on our creatorship being activated. We were born to be creators, and our future relies on us inheriting and owning that birthright.

This begins with a keen and vital interest in the process of creation, which we, as a human race, seem to know so little about. Yes, we have been successful in procreating. But go beyond that—the creation of relationship, the creation of community, the creation of humankind as a race of people at peace and in love—how much do we really know about that? The creation of a thriving planet—how do we do that? I say it is made out of the very fabric, the very DNA, of the soul. And how is your soul today? Activated? In love? Coming forth? Creating? Feeling its power? Feeling its natural responsibility as a Creator for the world in which we live?

I want to read some words that were translated into the King James Bible. It came out this way:

And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
                                                           (Luke 17:20,21)

When we hear Jesus’ message couched in terms of the elegance of Elizabethan English, we may think of ruffles and petticoats, or Shakespeare, or whatever else such language evokes. I suggest to you that he was speaking in the plainest language he knew at the time. “It cometh not by observation.” It’s not outside yourself. It’s not with the ETs, it’s not with the government, it’s not with Apple. It’s within you. Stop being distracted by everything you’re looking at and thinking that that’s where the answer is, that that’s where the significance is. You have the Creator within you. The realm of the Creator is within you to be expressed and to come out.

We can hardly believe it. Everything else is so much more intriguing, so much more sophisticated, so much more complex. Well, if you want intricacy and complexity, there is nothing more complex than the pattern of Creation that is pregnant within you. The seeds of Creation within you are that. But those seeds don’t come by sophistication, and they don’t come by looking outside yourself and worshipping that thing that is outside yourself.

The teaching that was introduced originally at the initiation of all the world’s great religions was to stop worshipping things outside ourselves and start worshiping what is within ourselves—which is the Creator—and to allow that to come forth. In our own Judeo-Christian tradition, when Moses started asking, “Well, who is that Creator? Who shall I say has sent me?” the very tricky answer came back: “I Am. I Am the Creator. I Am That I Am.” The reality of who I am is the Creator. And you too.

Thinking about what we are bringing to the world, it is rightly characterized as a message, perhaps even a teaching. It is something that is disseminated and attractive to some people. Perhaps some people will want to associate with those of us who are bringing a certain message and a teaching. But when I get serious about what it is I have to share—and I daresay the same is exactly true of you—it is not just a teaching and it is not just a message. It is the very seed of Creation.

What are we doing with that seed? We have it within ourselves. Are we in an act of Creation, sowing that seed, individually and then together? I am not here to just give a teaching or a message. There is a message and a teaching in what I am saying, but something more than a message and a teaching. I am here to participate with you in an act of Creation, to re-create the world.

That is what we are doing here at Sunrise Ranch and with Emissaries of Divine Light all around the world. We are participating in the act of Creation. We are on our knees, we are with heads bowed, not just to worship something somewhere else, or to believe in something, but to participate in an act of Creation, which is a spiritual act, allowing the depth of the reality of the Creator to engage with all of our humanity, and then engage profoundly with each other. In what we call community, we are collectively engaged in an act of Creation. We are creating the culture that is the culture of a new world and a new planet—nothing short of that. And we are allowing the DNA of a new culture and a new planet to move into consciousness—into mind and heart, and into the culture that we are sharing in miniature with people closest to us.

Are you beginning to get excited? I am! I’m excited for the people with whom I work most closely at Sunrise Ranch, and for all who are with us around the world. We are participating in a mini-culture that brings the seeds of a new world. We are sowing those seeds in the essence of the spirit that we are bringing to each other, and we are cultivating those seeds. In the ecstasy of Creation, the seeds are sown. Having a little ecstasy today? I hope so! The ecstasy of living allows Creation to occur.

Oftentimes, as I read my Attunement Cards, at the end I hear a little internal voice that says, “I really apologize for my ecstasy as I read these cards.” The reading is, for me, an ecstatic experience of being in Attunement, of being in the creative process, of expressing myself, of sowing the seeds of Creation in the world. It is through divine ecstasy and passion that we create a new world. No apologies needed.

Jesus said:

Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

And as Dr. Bill Bahan used to say, “The kingdom of God is within you—let it out!”

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
August 24, 2018 11:11 pm

Activate! Animate! Create! How exciting…
Do it, with joy and thanksgiving.

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