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It is wonderful to be paying attention to the invisible, the undimensional. Heaven is the invisible, the undimensional, and it’s all around us, and it’s a pretty big place.

Last week I spoke about marigolds and how many seeds are spread by one flower. This is an experience of abundant giving. The marigold doesn’t worry about all the seeds that are not making new marigolds. We are full of that kind of life as well. What kind of abundance is flowing through us, “without concern for results”?

One red-root pigweed plant makes one hundred thousand seeds. What is the measure of what we create and release? How many gigahertz of love move through you? What is the measure of the invisible coming through, of our letting heaven be the choice of our expression? Often when people choose a spiritual path or decide that they are in touch with the invisible, they think who they are has to disappear in order for the invisible to come. Well, I’m here to say that without you it won’t. It’s just not going to happen without you being the vehicle for it coming on earth.

I’ve been thinking about the story in the Bible of the pool at Bethesda. A man was lying on the ground near the pool, and the Master came and asked, “Wilt thou be made whole?” The first thing out of the man’s mouth wasn’t “Yes.” It was “But you don’t really understand my circumstances. I don’t have a guy to get me into the pool. And only one guy gets to be healed, so without a guy I can’t be healed.” So the question was: “Wilt thou be made whole?” And the first thing that came out was an excuse.

So there was an out-of-luck reality accepted by this man. “I’m just out of luck. I can’t walk, I don’t have a guy, and only one guy gets to be healed. It really stinks to be me.” But the question was: “Wilt thou be made whole?” And if the answer had come back “Yes,” the whole story would have been different.

The Master said, “Rise. Be present. Get out of that condition and rise. Let the abundance of heaven move through you. Rise up, and pick up thy bed, pick up thy circumstances, let go of the excuses, and let’s go.” Excuses are tyranny of the soul. The soul wants to be present in the abundance and bring heaven. “But I don’t have a guy who can pick me up and get me in the pool, and only one guy gets to be made whole.” What a tyranny of consciousness!

So, as the story goes, we know the man rises and is healed. The next thing that enters the story is criticism: “Hey, you’re not supposed to be doing that on the Sabbath.” Along comes another tyrannical belief about how heaven works. First you can’t get in the pool, and then when you get up and you start walking, you can’t do it on the Sabbath.

So what kind of things do we hear in our head? “I can, but just not today. I can, but not with this particular group of people. I can, but I have not evolved enough yet to be whole, to bring heaven, to be present.” We can choose on this day what we’re going to do. “Just give me another week; give me another year. Give me a good vacation.” Did you ever notice how, when people want a vacation, what they really want to do is lie down? They don’t want to get busier. “Let me just lie down in the pool of the tyranny of my consciousness for a while, and then once I’ve got it all figured out, heaven will be revealed—coming attractions.”

It has been researched that if someone hurts him- or herself, the quickest way to get better is to start moving. The statistics say that if a person isn’t up and moving within three days, the chance of them fully recovering within six months is negligible. If you wait longer, the statistics get worse. So what is your job, and what do you do when you stumble over the experiences that seem to confirm “I don’t think I can do this”? Rise up. The sooner you bring heaven, the sooner you will be effectively back on the job.

I’ve had the experience of knowing there was so much heaven trying to move through me, I had to change. Did you ever have that experience? It’s either break or change—break open, which is change, or change by moving with it. Yesterday I was having a conversation with some friends, where we were talking about the compulsion to just bring something and not be so concerned if it fails to look like what you initially envisioned. The compulsion of heaven is much larger than the initial essence that presents itself. You think you’re writing a song, and a symphony comes out—is that failure? You think you’re going to plant a little garden, and you have enough food to feed the neighborhood—is that a failure? It could be, if you judged the form, based on your initial thought.

So the idea of heaven moving through an individual, and seeing what will happen, is very exciting. I can’t wait to see what comes. And the more you show up, the more heaven shows up. The more you let yourself receive it, and release it, the more it will be heaven on earth.

When I was in elementary school, we used to have slide-strip projectors. Now we have PowerPoint presentations. With slide projectors, one picture would come on, and then when the teacher said, “Now,” you hit the dinger and the next one came on. It took a while to get through a film strip of pictures. That is what the experience is like of heaven trying to come on earth without the self showing up—little bits at a time. We know now what is possible with a PowerPoint presentation. Lots of things are going on at once, colors change, overlays of information come in, and sound might be included. And then there are movies. This could be a representation of the human experience. When a person values and loves themselves as a representative of God, so much more of heaven can be revealed than the little bits that manage to slip through the tyranny of our beliefs and excuses. Heaven gets revealed through this juicy self, so full of life and diversity and excitement and abundance and passion—just like the Lord, and just like this whole universe was designed to be.

I often speak about the power of being in a collective, where there’s agreement in holding a container. What about the power of being in a collective where everybody wants to do that, everybody wants to be more passionate than they ever imagined, be themselves fully, bring the presence of God fully, and see what happens? We don’t even have equipment that could get that on film, because it is the undimensional right before it becomes dimensional. And once it happens, it’s the past, and the present is waiting.

Many things have been created as excuses for why we’re not in the fire all the time. For the man at Bethesda, he didn’t have a guy: “Nobody’s going to get me in the pool.” The angel moves the water, only one person gets in, and it’s all over and you have to wait till the angel does it again. What moves in your consciousness that says, “I just can’t; I can’t perceive the invisible—I don’t have the capacity”? If you touch the tone of something that you don’t quite understand, you’ve got it. Now how do you make yourself a vehicle for it? How do you identify with it? How do you stop thinking about the limitations and start orienting towards the bringing of it? How do you remove the tyranny of your own excuses?

Sometimes, we may say to ourselves, “I chose this, and now I’m damned for the rest of my life for making that choice.” Choose something else! You can do that, you know. Choose something else. “On this day, I’m going to choose something else. I choose to serve the Lord. I’ve been choosing the tyranny of my beliefs for a really long time.” Choose life—what’s the worst that could happen? You could be more alive than you are now? Try it; see what happens.

Rise up! When you’re standing and you’re present, the current moves right through you. And as anyone who has had the experience of being in the fire knows, things have to change, because there are things that have been connected to us in the horizontal state for a really long time that have to go when we stand up. When we become aware of those things that have to go—sometimes in little bits at a time, sometimes in big pieces—let’s say, “Thank God! Thank God I don’t have to deal with all the stuff I’ve been carrying around anymore.” Choose something different this day. Choose to be the new movie and not the slide projector. Choose to see what comes through your eyes and your expression when you open to the abundance of the fullness of heaven. If you’re not creating on this day, life’s not going to happen. So take a breath and rise up, and let it move. Be yourself, your full, luminous self.

The rules that human beings have made don’t serve life. The rules of heaven, if there are such things, the design of heaven, serves everything. Be in that, enjoy that; know it’s home. Choose that this day.

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